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FAA release · PDF file faa_release 65c25730-1 forging 65c25769-17 forging 65c25769-18 forging 65c25765-7 forging 252t1172-4 link, forged 65c25761-3 forging 65c25763-3 forging

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  • FAA_release

    P/N Name 344T0066-8 TUBE ASSY 69-1580-2 CAP-FORGING 69-1580-2 CAP-FORGING 69-1580-2 CAP-FORGING 69-1580-2 CAP-FORGING 65C21146-2 FORGING 65-85369-18 CONE-OUTER 65-85369-6 CONE-INNER 65-85369-8 RING 315A1078-3 SUPPORT BRACKET 311U2213-3 FITTING 321U2243-3 UPPER FITTING 321U2243-4 UPPER FITTING 162N1189-1 FORGING-METERING PIN 162N3102-1 LINK 162T3004-1 LOCK LINK FORGING 162N3101-4 LOCK LINK 182N5041-1 UPPER CHORD 65B03567-5 CHORD 65B03567-6 CHORD 65B03568-5 CHORD 65B03568-6 CHORD 65B03568-7 CHORD 65B03568-8 CHORD 182N5041-1 UPPER CHORD 182N5042-1 LOWER CHORD 65B03567-5 CHORD 65B03567-6 CHORD 65B03568-1 CHORD 149N7731-1 FORGING-ATTACH 145T2644-1 CHORD, LWR 145T2644-2 CHORD, LWR 65-46447-31 RIB CHORD UPPER 113T1497-3 FORGING 252T1273-3 TRUNNION FORGING

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  • FAA_release

    65C25730-1 FORGING 65C25769-17 FORGING 65C25769-18 FORGING 65C25765-7 FORGING 252T1172-4 LINK, FORGED 65C25761-3 FORGING 65C25763-3 FORGING 252T1270-3 LINK FORGING 65C31349-1 FORGING 65C31361-1 FORGING 69-76409-3 FORGING 69-76419-3 FORGING 65B16460-23 LOWER STRAP 65B01726-49 ANGLE 141N8814-1 SPLICE FTG FORGING 141N8819-1 POST SPLICE FORGING 65B12454-6 FITTING, FORGING 65B13383-3 SPLICE, FTG-FORGING 141N8806-10 SPLICE - FORGING 65-47980-1 OUTER CHORD 65B15087-227 STRINGER 14 146U8040-2 SPLICE-INNER 146U8040-3 SPLICE-INNER 146U8040-4 SPLICE-INNER 65-46568-75 SPLICE ANGLE 65-46568-75 SPLICE ANGLE 65-46568-76 SPLICE ANGLE 65-46568-76 SPLICE ANGLE 69-37489-6 STIFFENER ANGLE 69-37489-7 STIFFENER ANGLE 65B01726-1009 OUTER CHORD 65B01726-1010 OUTER CHORD 65B01849-51 CHORD 65B26345-10 CLIP 65B26345-23 CLIP 65B01720-1169 ANGLE

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  • FAA_release

    65B01720-652 CHORD 65B01721-245 ANGLE 65B01721-674 ANGLE 65B01722-1134 ANGLE 65B01723-1204 ANGLE 65B01724-691 ANGLE 65B01725-689 SPLICE ANGLE 65B01726-1014 INNER CHORD 65B01726-348 SPLICE ANGLE 65B01726-650 FAIL SAFE CHORD 65B01728-681 ANGLE 65B01729-663 FAIL SAFE CHORD 65B01730-679 INNER CHORD 65B01730-680 INNER CHORD 65B01730-693 ANGLE 65B01731-157 CHORD 65B01731-158 CHORD 65B01731-676 ANGLE CHORD-INNER 65B01739-124 FAILSAFE CHORD 65B01739-125 INNER CHORD 65B01739-126 INNER CHORD 65B01849-35 ANGLE 65B01849-36 ANGLE 65B01849-52 CHORD 65B04177-17 CHORD ANGLE 65B04177-18 CHORD ANGLE 65B04177-19 CHORD ANGLE 65B04177-21 CHORD ANGLE 65B04177-22 CHORD ANGLE 65B04177-23 CHORD ANGLE 65B04177-24 CHORD ANGLE 65B04177-43 CHORD ANGLE 65B04177-44 CHORD ANGLE 65B04177-71 CHORD ANGLE 65B04177-72 CHORD ANGLE 65B15447-30 STRAP

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  • FAA_release

    65B16460-24 LOWER STRAP 65B26319-10 STRAP 65B26319-9 STRAP 65B11181-22 FRAME SPLICE 148A2215-2 FRAME CHORD 148A2215-3 FRAME CHORD 148N2116-001 FORGING 141T2920-184 CHORD-OUTER 182T5202-1 PLUS CHORD 182T5202-2 PLUS CHORD 182T5203-1 PLUS CHORD 182T5203-2 PLUS CHORD 65B17843-2 CHORD-OUTER 182T5202-1 PLUS CHORD 182T5202-2 PLUS CHORD 182T5203-1 PLUS CHORD 182T5203-2 PLUS CHORD 65B04610-17 BULKHEAD 65B04610-18 BULKHEAD 65B07191-5 BULKHEAD 182T5203-2 PLUS CHORD 65B04426-21 CASTING 65B04426-22 CASTING 65B04349-185 STIFFENER 65B04353-27 STIFFENER 65B04950-4 INTERCOSTAL 65B04950-7 CLIP 65B05000-112 ANGLE 65B06778-21 SPLICE CHANNEL 65B07177-5 WEB 65B07177-6 WEB 65B07177-7 WEB 65B07177-8 WEB 143N6124-2 CLIP 143T1078-50 WEB SPLICE 143T1079-26 CHORD SPLICE

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  • FAA_release

    146T1033-145 SPLICE WEB 146U8042-16 CLIP, STRINGER 146U8042-5 CLIP, STRINGER 65B01858-101 STIFFENER 65B01858-114 STIFFENER 65B01858-12 STIFFENER 65B04337-33 CLIP SHEAR 65B04337-48 CLIP SHEAR 65B04338-166 ANGLE 65B04338-92 SHEAR TIE 65B04339-114 TEE 65B04339-138 SHEAR TIE 65B04339-141 TEE 65B04339-153 TEE 65B04339-158 TEE 65B04339-159 STIFFENER 65B04339-16 ANGLE 65B04339-163 TEE 65B04339-165 TEE 65B04339-181 TEE 65B04339-182 TEE 65B04339-183 TEE 65B04339-42 TEE 65B04339-44 TEE 65B04339-63 TEE 65B04339-70 TEE 65B04339-71 ANGLE 65B04339-79 SHEAR CLIP 65B04339-81 TEE 65B04340-147 ANGLE SPLICE 65B04340-184 TEE 65B04340-185 TEE 65B04340-186 TEE 65B04340-223 WEB 65B04340-241 ANGLE 65B04340-600 CLIP

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  • FAA_release

    65B04340-88 SHEAR TIE 65B04341-103 SHEAR CLIP 65B04341-106 CLIP 65B04341-107 CLIP 65B04341-142 TEE 65B04341-143 TEE 65B04341-145 TEE 65B04341-146 SHEAR TIE 65B04341-148 TEE 65B04341-150 TEE 65B04341-159 CLIP 65B04341-160 CLIP 65B04341-208 DOUBLER 65B04341-219 SHEAR TIE 65B04341-221 SHEAR TIE 65B04341-606 FRAME REINFORCEMENT 65B04341-70 SHEAR CLIP 65B04342-140 TEE 65B04342-142 TEE 65B04342-143 TEE 65B04342-146 TEE 65B04342-203 TEE 65B04342-204 TEE 65B04342-205 TEE 65B04342-206 TEE 65B04342-207 TEE 65B04342-208 TEE 65B04342-212 TEE 65B04342-215 TEE 65B04342-47 TEE 65B04349-196 STIFFENER 65B04351-26 STIFFENER 65B04950-3 INTERCOSTAL 65B04950-4 INTERCOSTAL 65B04950-5 CLIP 65B04950-6 CLIP

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  • FAA_release

    65B04996-17 FITTING 65B04996-18 FITTING 65B04996-19 FITTING 65B04996-20 FITTING 65B04996-21 FITTING 65B04996-22 FITTING 65B05000-111 ANGLE 65B05000-112 ANGLE 65B05000-161 WEB STOP NO. 9 65B05000-162 WEB STOP NO. 9 65B05000-51 WEB-STOP NO. 8 65B05000-52 WEB-STOP NO. 8 65B05000-87 CLIP 65B05000-88 CLIP 65B05015-10 CLIP 65B05015-5 CLIP 65B05015-6 CLIP 65B05015-7 CLIP 65B05015-8 CLIP 65B05015-9 CLIP 65B06778-20 SPLICE CHANNEL 65B06778-21 SPLICE CHANNEL 65B07491-33 INTERCOSTAL 65B07492-27 CLIP 65B07492-36 CLIP 65B07492-7 CLIP 69B02666-3 STIFFENER 69B02666-4 STIFFENER 69B02666-5 STIFFENER 69B02666-6 STIFFENER 69B03092-1 CLIP 69B03092-2 CLIP 69B03299-1 CLIP 69B03299-2 CLIP 69B03299-3 CLIP 69B03299-4 CLIP

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  • FAA_release

    69B03299-5 CLIP 69B03299-6 CLIP 69B03306-3 SHEAR CLIP 69B03306-5 SHEAR CLIP 140T2630-17 FORGING 140T2630-18 FORGING 140T2631-33 FORGING 140T2631-34 FORGING 141N6291-6 FORGING 141N8372-2 FORGING 141N8377-2 FORGING 141N8472-2 FORGING 141T2925-1 LOCK BRACE SUPPORT 141T2925-2 LOCK BRACE SUPPORT 141W2929-11 LOCK LINK FORGING 141W2929-12 LOCK LINK FORGING 143N6107-16 FORGING 143N6110-43 STOPFITTING(FORGING) 143N6149-5 FORGING 143N6149-6 FORGING 146N6120-10 STOP FITTING 146N6120-11 FORGING 146N6120-12 FORGING 146N6120-9 STOP FITTING 146N6126-11 FORGING 146N6126-12 FORGING 146N6127-8 STOP FITTING ASSY 146N6146-11 FORGING 146N6146-12 FORGING 148N2114-1 FORGING 182N1502-1 FORGING 182N1503-1 FORGING 182N9006-2 DIE FORGING 182N9006-2 FORGING - JACKSCREW SUPPORT 182T1311-2 INBD PIVOT FORGING 182T1311-2 PIVOT FORGING

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  • FAA_release

    183N1307-1 FORGING 183N1311-1 FORGING 183T2014-1 FORGING 183T2015-1 FORGING 183T2016-1 FORGING 183T2016-2 FORGING 183T2017-1 FORGING 183T3014-1 FORGING 183T3018-1 FORGING 183T3019-1 FORGING 183T3020-1 FORGING 183T3026-1 FORGING- 315T1561-8 DIE FORGING 315T3308-5 PAD 315T3308-5 PAD 315T3308-6 PAD 315T3308-6 PAD 315T3561-3 FORGING 315T3561-3 FORGING 315W1217-14 FRAME 315W3207-5 PRECISION FORGING 65-54489-505 STOP FTG FORGING 65-54489-505 STOP FTG FORGING 65B02728-601 SUPPORT FORGING-FIN 65B02728-602 SUPPORT FORGING-FIN 65B02730-601 SUPPORT FORGING 65B02730-602 SUPPORT FORGING 65B02925-600 SPLICE FORGING 65B02925-601 SPLICE FORGING 65B04420-5 STOP FITTING FORGING 65B04420-6 STOP FITTING FORGING 65B04694-4 SHEAR FORGING 65B04963-17 STOP FORGING 65B04963-18 STOP FORGING 65B05031-13 STOP FTG 65B05031-14 STOP FTG

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  • FAA_release

    65B08934-9 DRAFTLESS FORGING 65B08935-9 DIE FORGING 65B09788-5 FITTING 65B09788-6 FITTING 65B10986-6 STOP FORGING 65B15252-3 FORGING BATHTUB 65B15252-4 FORGING BATHTUB 65B38511-10 FORGING 65B38511-9 FORGING 65C16139-3 STOP FTG FORGING 65C16142-3 STOP FTG FORGING 65C16145-6 STOP FITTING FORGING 65C16145-6 STOP FITTING FORGING 65C16147-3 STOP FTG FORGING 65C16148-501 STOP FITTING FORGING 015U0069-20 ANGLE 015U0069-22 ANGLE 015U0069-67 STRAP 015U0069-68 STRAP 65B05000-263 FRAME-LOWER 65B05000-263 FRAME-LOWER 65B05000-264 FRAME-LOWER 65B05000-63 FRAME-UPPER 65B05000-64 FRAME-UPPER 65B05000-65 FRAME-CENTER 65B05000-66 FRAME-CENTER 141N6126-10 FORGING-STOP FITTING 141N6126-9 FORGING-STOP FITTING 141N6140-10 FORGING-STOP FITTING 141N6140-9 FORGING-STOP FITTING 141N6212-9 FORGING-STOP FITTING 141N6292-5 FITTING 141N6294-3 FORGING 146N6129-12 FORGING 148N2116-1 FORGING 148N2116-1 FORGING

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  • FAA_release

    65B08932-3 FORGING-DRAFTLESS 65B08932-4 FORGING-DRAFTLESS 65B08933-7 FORGING 65B08938-11 DIE FORGING 65B08944-3 STOP FITTING 65B08944-4 STOP FITTING 65B08946-601 DRAFTLESS FORGING 65B08946-602 DRAFTLESS FORGING 65B01737-233 REINFORCING ANGLE 65B01737-234 REINFORCING ANGLE 65B01887-10 FILLER 65B04344-114 ANGLE CAP 65B38856-1 FRAME -REINFORCEMENT 141N8371-2 FORGING 146N6109-29 FORGING 146T1046-1 SPLICE CHORD 315N3579-5 FORGING 315N3612-2 FORGING 315N3634-5 FORGING 315T3634-5 FORGING 315T3634-5 FORGING 65B04586-5 DIE FORGING 65B04587-15 DIE FORGING 65B12445-8 SPLICE FITTING 015U0069-20 ANGLE 015U0069-22 ANGLE 146U8042-16 CLIP, STRINGER 65B04996-17 FITTING 65B04996-18 FITTING 146T3004-1 SPLICE CHANNEL 65B04334-664 TEE-INBD CHORD 146T0838-3 SPLICE BRACKET 146T0838-4 SPLICE BRACKET 146T1033-100 SPLICE WEB 146T1033-105 SPLICE WEB 146T1033-106 SPLICE WEB

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  • FAA_release

    146T1033-115 SPLICE WEB 146T1033-126 SPLICE WEB 146T1033-128 SPLICE WEB 146T1033-13 SPLICE WEB 146T1033-131 SPLICE WEB 146T1033-135 SPLICE WEB 146T1033-136 SPLICE WEB 146T1033-138 SPLICE WEB 146T1033-14 SPLICE WEB 146T1033-17 SPLICE WEB 146T1033-173 SPLICE WEB 146T1033-177 SPLICE WEB 146T1033-18 SPLICE WEB 146T1033-19 SPLICE WEB 146T1033-20 SPLICE WEB 146T1033-27 SPLICE WEB 146T1033-3 SPLICE WEB 146T1033-4 SPLICE WEB 146T1033-7 SPLICE WEB 146T1033-78 SPLICE WEB 146T1033-8 SPLICE WEB 146T1033-83 SPLICE WEB 146T1034-11 SPLICE CHORD 146T1034-22 SPLICE CHORD 146T1034-7 SPLICE CHORD 352A1120-2 CROSSBEAM ASSY 65B00300-13 CHANNEL-STR SPLICE 65B00

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