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I Love Photography. Amber Gregson. World’s Greatest Dad. Dave Enlgedow. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Amber GregsonI Love Photography

  • Dave Enlgedow I always loved the idea of taking pictures while growing up. I havent known any other way. I like looking back at things and digging through old photo albums. His daughter, Alice Bee, is really going to get a kick out of these when she grows up, everyone will. This guy has got to be one of the coolest artists ever in my eyes. Hes so creative. This picture is from his series called Worlds Best Father. You can watch his daughter get older throughout the photos. I also think it is really cool that he incorporates his coffee cup into every photograph.Worlds Greatest Dad

  • Maia FloreSleep ElevationThis is a beautiful picture. It is from a whole collection called Sleep Elevations. I like everything about this picture. The places Maia sets up are like dreamlands. The background is so serene. Everything is oddly calming. It makes me want to fly.

  • Hiding LimbsKyle ThompsonI really like how delightfully morbid this is. The boat is a nice touch. This is from a series by Kyle Thompson called Hiding Limbs. I was always inclined to be drawn more towards the more morbid things in life.

  • Ansel AdamsClearing Winter Storm,Yosemite National Park1942 or earlierI love photography because you dont need the most high-tech, expensive camera to take really amazing shots. This sure wasnt taken with a Cannon Rebel, but it doesnt matter because the scene is absolutely breath taking no matter what. Landscapes are so cool to me because you can take a photo of the same thing every single day and chances are, no two photos will be the exact same

  • 1930sFrida Kahlo in Manuel Alvarez Bravo's StudioManuel Alvarez BravoI love when artists come together and make things. In my opinion, Frida Kahlo was an amazing artist and an inspirational person. Manuel captures a part of her that other photographers dont. If you didnt know her story you would think she was just an average woman. She doesnt look like she is in pain or anything. This picture has little details that I really enjoy, like the little stone face. I also like how you can make out the other side of the room through the shiny ball. Everything about this photograph is interesting.

  • 1945Taking PoisonMargaret Bourke-WhiteDr. Kurt Lisso, Leipzig's city treasurer,and his wife and daughter after taking poison to avoid surrender to U.S. troops, LeipzigAs morbid as this photo is, I think it still manages to have a few graceful aspects. The bodies are not mangled or deformed, simply slumped over in a chair. Everything is neatly arranged, except for that single piece of paper on the floor. It is also very strange to me that the windows are open. It makes you wonder just exactly they were doing right before they died. Casual conversations about the weather maybe?

  • 1908-09Lewis HineHandicapped - Crippled SteelworkerDifferent pictures convey different things. When I see this I immediately think of Battleship Potempkin and the man with no legs. It is about how everyone should be treated equal. You cant exactly tell how the man is feeling and I think that is what makes the picture so amazing. Even though it is of something most of us would consider a hardship, the man doesnt look like he is struggling.

  • This photograph makes me think of something from Alice in Wonderland. It is so simple, but it still managed to catch my eye. Eugene AtgetSaint Cloud1921-22

  • Frederick Sommer1939ChickenWhat makes a decapitated chicken head so interesting to look at? Is it the raised skin on the stub of its neck or is it the way its beak is slightly ajar? Its eyes are closed and it would appear as if it were sleeping. The still intact organs are a nice touch, so are the minuscule drops of blood. Who would ever think of photographing something as disturbing as this? Frederick Sommer would.

  • Arno Rafael MinkkinenPictures give you a whole new perspective on things. Everything about this picture is so amazing. It reminds me of something Escher would do. You dont necessarily need Photoshop to put illusions into photos. You also dont need color to make pictures interesting. I really like this photo.