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Amber is our English assistant and this is her presentation :)

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  • 1. Hello! I am Amber.I am from the United States of America.

2. I speak English. Here are some othercountries where people speak English. 3. The United States is very far from Spain.I had to come to Spain in an airplane.SPAIN 4. I used to live a big city in America called Philadelphia. 5. These are foods that are popular in Philadelphia. 6. Philadelphia is known for its sports teams.footballbaseballbasketballhockey 7. In the United States, the game we call football is differentthan ftbol in the rest of the world. In the U.S.A., we callftbol, soccer.In the U.S.A., this is football and this is soccer.+ = footballIn the rest of the world, this is football or ftbol.+ = football 8. Some people in the United States live in cities.Some people live Some people live in thein small towns. the country. 9. I lived in a big city for many years, but I am from a small town.I am from a state called SouthCarolina. It is in the Southernpart of the U.S.A.. 10. South Carolina is located north of Florida. It is knownfor its beaches. It does not have very large cities, but it hasunique flora and fauna. 11. This is my family. I have a mom, dad, and one sister. 12. I also have cousins, uncles, aunts, and of course my grandmother! 13. I have 2 pets. I have a dog and a cat.My dog's name is Pumpkin and my cat's name is Whiskey. 14. These are some things I like to do in my free time. 15. I love to travel! Here are places I have been. 16. ? ? ? ?? Any Questions?What is your favorite_____?Are there _____ in America?How is _______ in America?What do you think of ____?