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ADMISSION: ADMISSION: IMPOSSIBLE ADMISSION: INTERNATIONAL ADMISSIONS PROCEDURES – This is your mission should you choose to accept it. This message will

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  • ADMISSION: INTERNATIONAL ADMISSIONS PROCEDURES This is your mission should you choose to accept it. This message will self destruct in 60 minutes Special Agent in Charge: Toni R. Perez Assistant Special Agent in Charge: Shelby L. Cearley Texas Tech University
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  • ADMISSION: ADMISSION: IMPOSSIBLE Do you ever feel that international admissions is detective work? Constantly updating admission procedures, & searching for policies, regulations, and rules Keeping up with sponsored student program relations, tracking down exchange agreements Determine whether a degree is acceptable or not, investigate whether a school is accredited International Admissions can sometimes feel like an IMPOSSIBLE MISSION but by teaming up a network of agents, together we can make our mission of admissions successful.
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  • ADMISSION: ADMISSION: IMPOSSIBLE International Departments, staff, job duties: Office of International Affairs Lori Romero, Special Projects Coordinator Bob Crosier, PDSO Mike Murphy, DSO, Immigration Counselor Sharon Hale, DSO, Immigration Counselor Leslie Gardner, DSO, Immigration Counselor Graduate Admissions Toni Rocha Perez, DSO, Senior International Admissions Advisor (process admissions decisions, initial attendance I-20s, reviews, evaluates/recommends University policy updates for international student) Shelby L. Cearley, DSO, International Admissions Advisor (evaluates credentials, process admission decision worksheets for departments, initial attendance I-20s, reviews, evaluates/recommends University policy updates for international student) Undergraduate Admissions Jessie Rangel, International Admissions & Residency Assistant Director
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  • ADMISSION: ADMISSION: IMPOSSIBLE Student Applies: Paper application TTU online application Texas Common Application Department Requirements (Requirements vary from department to department: Letters of recommendation Statement of purpose Resume/Vitae Graduate Admission Requirements: GRE/GMAT TOEFL Transcripts/Diplomas Credentials Evaluated: Determine if credentials meet the Graduate Schools minimum requirements If so Worksheet sent to Depart.: Department (individual or committee) reviews credentials Sends decision to GA and financial Assist. Info. Rejection Process: Rejection code is entered in the database and status is viewable on the Online Application Status Check Rejection letter sent Acceptance Process: Verify that there is enough financial support from either the depart/student/family or sponsor to issue the I-20 If there is not enough $$, code the application status FI and email student cont. Cont. Acceptance Process: Nothing else is done with the I-20 until the financial information is provided The international application process
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  • ADMISSION: ADMISSION: IMPOSSIBLE I-20 Process: Notify student via email that the I-20 is ready to be prepared. In the email include two forms that request: Cont... I-20 Process cont.: Name as it will appear on passport Address in which the I-20 should be sent Express mail option of $30 Dependent info. (if needed) I-20 Process cont.: Once forms are received, update information Process I-20 and the admission letter Send I-20 or Reasons for a new I-20: Students visa appoint. is close to or later than report date (student will need to get approval to come later than report date from the depart. Lost/stolen I-20 Visa Rejected: If visa is rejected student may request a letter to the Consulate A letter is sent via email or fax This as worked in getting it approved in some cases Visa Rejected cont.: If visa is rejected again students request to defer admission to next term Reasons for Late Letter: Student has received visa but was not able to get a flight out in time to arrive by the report date on I-20 Late Letter cont.: Late letter is scanned and emailed to student And/or express mailed to student The international application process
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  • ADMISSION: ADMISSION: IMPOSSIBLE Know your international sections of the OP Manual Know state education codes Know your immigration rules Stay in the Know Zone
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  • ADMISSION: ADMISSION: IMPOSSIBLE Map out your procedures 2 ways to map out your procedures Flow Chart and Procedures List Flowcharts can be easily done in most Microsoft Office programs such as: PowerPoint, Excel and Word but the ideal program is Visio. Procedures lists can also be easily produced In most Microsoft Office programs.
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  • ADMISSION: ADMISSION: IMPOSSIBLE Mapping out your office procedures are beneficial to: You and your Co-Workers Advisors and Advisors assistants Other Departments who assist international students
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  • ADMISSION: ADMISSION: IMPOSSIBLE Workshops are also beneficial Types suggested of workshops: Advisor Roundtable International Admissions Procedures Presentation
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  • ADMISSION: ADMISSION: IMPOSSIBLE Periodic Meetings are also beneficial Types of suggested meetings: DSO meetings Departmental meetings (ITA staff, sponsored student staff) Staff meetings
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  • ADMISSION: ADMISSION: IMPOSSIBLE Subscribe to Credential Evaluation Newsletters: WES- ECE- Join an organization or listserv: Texas International Education Specialists NAFSA ( network with Recruitment, Admission, Preparation )
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  • ADMISSION: ADMISSION: IMPOSSIBLE This concludes the briefing of your Admission Mission. This message will self destruct in 5 seconds.
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