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  • SCHOLASTIC ! 1431 Greenway Drive, Suite 350 ! Irving, Texas 75038 ! 800-221-5312 ! FAX 972-550-0577

    The following pages include Scholastic materials for K-3 that will meet the objectives

    for Accelerated Reading Initiative funding.

    Accelerated Reading Initiative Funding

    Materials List

    Meeting the needs of America’s Schools

  • Meeting the needs of America’s Schools SCHOLASTIC ! 1431 Greenway Drive, Suite 350 ! Irving, Texas 75038 ! 800-221-5312 ! FAX 972-550-0577

    At Scholastic, research means action. Research tells us that children need to be actively engaged in developing phonemic awareness and phonics skills. Scholastic has developed specific materials to meet early readers’ needs.

    • PHONEMIC AWARENESS KIT- (English or Spanish) A complete Phonemic Awareness Assessment & Training Program. • MY FIRST PHONICS READERS- Twelve 4-color decodable books offer intentional and sequential phonics instruction. • DECODABLE READERS- Complete library of 88 decodable readers (4 copies each) with tightly controlled practice in decoding text. • PHONICS READERS- These readers provide decoding practice with consonants in initial and final positions as well as short and long vowels. Two levels-1A and 1B. Choose either the 4-copy set or the single set - 36 readers, pocket chart, take-home book, transparencies, and teacher’s guide. Also available on CDROM. • CUENTOS FONÉTICOS- These readers provide systematic phonics instruction in Spanish, decodable and sound- controlled text, high-frequency words, and authentic literature. 36 titles-4 copies each, plus take-home book, transparencies, syllable cards, pocket chart, vowels poster, ABC strip, and teacher’s guide. • PHONICS CHAPTER BOOKS- Each 32-page chapter book is controlled for both phonics sounds and common sight words, which are then continually reviewed and applied in succeeding stories. 3 levels, 36 books per level. Level 1 contains 6 titles (6 copies) plus activity cards, bags, and teacher’s guide. Levels 2A and 2B contain 9 titles (4 copies) and teacher’s guide. • PHONICS BOOSTER BOOKS- Complete 360-Book Library (36 titles, 10 copies) provides additional phonics practice and support. Follows a comprehensive phonics scope & sequence that will give students a solid foundation for reading success. Also available on CDROM.

    HIGH-FREQUENCY READERS provide a solid start for beginning readers by systematically introducing a basic vocabulary of high-frequency words in simple, patterned texts that children will be able to read. These readers help children develop important emergent reading skills and fluency.

    $ 650.00LAH929764Decodable Reader Library

    $ 125.00LAH911861My First Phonics Readers Library

    $ 149.95LAH51011Reconcimiento Fonético Kit – Spanish

    $ 149.95LAH37372Phonemic Awareness Kit – English

    PriceOrder #Title

    $ 299.00LAH919323Phonics Readers Stage A – Interactive CDROM

    $ 299.00LAH919324Phonics Readers Stage B – Interactive CDROM

    High-Frequency Readers Take-Home Books-English

    $ 399.00LAH933376

    High-Frequency Readers Lap Books -English

    High-Frequency Readers Lap Books - Spanish

    $ 399.00LAH933374Phonics Booster Books Stage A-Interactive CDROM

    $ 159.95LAH04384Phonics Chapter Book Library Level 2B

    $ 159.95LAH02943Phonics Chapter Book Library Level 2A

    $ 159.95LAH76465Phonics Chapter Book Library Level 1

    $ 680.00LAH81851Cuentos Fonéticos Library Set

    $ 136.00LAH13619Phonics Readers 1B Single-copy Set

    $ 419.95LAH95633Phonics Readers 1B Multi-copy Set

    $ 136.00LAH13618Phonics Readers 1A Single-copy Set

    $ 419.95LAH54593Phonics Readers 1A Multi-copy Set

    Decodable Readers Take-Home Blacklines LAH931642 $ 59.95

    Phonics Booster Books Stage B-Interactive CDROM

    Phonics Booster Books 1 (36 titles, 10 copies)

    Phonics Booster Books 2 (24 titles, 10 copies)



    $ 949.00

    $ 800.00

    High-Frequency Readers Take Home Books-Spanish

    High-Frequency Readers Little Book Library-English

    $ 234.00

    $ 234.00

    $ 52.45

    $ 62.00

    $ 165.00






  • Meeting the needs of America’s Schools SCHOLASTIC ! 1431 Greenway Drive, Suite 350 ! Irving, Texas 75038 ! 800-221-5312 ! FAX 972-550-0577

    All children should experience the joy of reading and read successfully every day. That’s why Scholastic published Dr. Gay Su Pinnell’s Guided Reading Program and Colección Amanecer. These two programs represent a collection

    of leveled books that are categorized by the kind and level of challenge they offer. Each level includes multiple copies of trade books, activities to develop fluency and comprehension, and a teacher’s guide written by Dr. Pinnell.

    $ 230.00LAH908930Guided Reading Level T

    $ 230.00LAH908929Guided Reading Level S

    $ 230.00LAH908928Guided Reading Level R

    $ 230.00LAH908927Guided Reading Level Q

    $ 230.00LAH908926Guided Reading Level P

    $ 230.00LAH908925Guided Reading Level O

    $ 230.00LAH908924Guided Reading Level N

    $ 220.00LAH908923Guided Reading Level M

    $ 220.00LAH908922Guided Reading Level L

    $ 220.00LAH908921Guided Reading Level K

    $ 220.00LAH908920Guided Reading Level J

    $ 220.00LAH908919Guided Reading Level I

    $ 220.00LAH908918Guided Reading Level H

    $ 220.00LAH908917Guided Reading Level G

    $ 220.00LAH908916Guided Reading Level F

    $ 220.00LAH908915Guided Reading Level E

    $ 220.00LAH908914Guided Reading Level D

    $ 220.00LAH908913Guided Reading Level C

    $ 220.00LAH908912Guided Reading Level B

    $ 220.00LAH908911Guided Reading Level A

    PriceOrder #Title

    $ 125.00LAH03701Colección Amanecer Level 12

    $ 125.00LAH03697Colección Amanecer Level 11

    $ 125.00LAH03696Colección Amanecer Level 10

    $ 125.00LAH03694Colección Amanecer Level 9

    $ 125.00LAH03692Colección Amanecer Level 8

    $ 125.00LAH03689Colección Amanecer Level 7

    $ 125.00LAH03688Colección Amanecer Level 6

    $ 125.00LAH03680Colección Amanecer Level 5

    $ 125.00LAH03678Colección Amanecer Level 4

    $ 125.00LAH03676Colección Amanecer Level 3

    $ 125.00LAH03674Colección Amanecer Level 2

    $ 125.00LAH03672Colección Amanecer Level 1

    PriceOrder #Title

    Grade Level Equivalency Chart

    Grade K Levels A, B, C, D Grade 1 Levels A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I Grade 2 Levels E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M Grade 3 Levels J, K, L, M, N, O, P

    Grade Level Equivalency Chart

    Grade K-1 Levels 1, 2, 3 Grade 1-2 Levels 4, 5, 6 Grade 2 Levels 7, 8, 9 Grade 3 Levels 10, 11, 12

  • Meeting the needs of America’s Schools SCHOLASTIC ! 1431 Greenway Drive, Suite 350 ! Irving, Texas 75038 ! 800-221-5312 ! FAX 972-550-0577

    Why Classroom Libraries? Because children… • need to read a lot to practice and polish their reading skills. • read up to 50% more if they have immediate access to books. • need choice in selecting books to meet their independent reading levels. • need to read for a variety of purposes everyday:

    -for information -for pleasure -to perform tasks.

    • need anywhere, anytime access to engaging books.

    $ 59.00LAH9916220Lexile Paperback Classroom Library: Level 500-600 (Grade 3)















    Number of Books

    $ 59.00LAH99163Lexile Paperback Classroom Library: Level 600-700 (Grade 3)

    $ 59.00LAH99161Lexile Paperback Classroom Library: Level 400-500 (Grade 2)

    $ 59.00LAH99160Lexile Paperback Classroom Library: Level 300-400 (Grade 1)

    $ 59.00LAH99159Lexile Paperback Classroom Library: Level 200-300 (Grade 1)

    $ 150.00LAH940160READY-TO-GO Nonfiction Classroom Library: Grade 3

    $ 150.00LAH940159READY-TO-GO Nonfiction Classroom Library: Grade 2

    $ 150.00LAH940158READY-TO-GO Nonfiction Classroom Library: Grade 1

    $ 150.00LAH940157READY-TO-GO Nonfiction Classroom Library: Grade K

    $ 225.00LAH929531READY-TO-GO Classroom Library: Grade K-3 Spanish

    $ 225.00LAH929539READY-TO-GO Classroom Library: Grade K-3 English

    $ 225.00LAH929535READY-TO-GO Classroom Library: Grade 3

    $ 225.00LAH929534READY-TO-GO Classroom Library: Grade 2

    $ 225.00LAH929533READY-TO-GO Classroom Library: Grade 1

    $ 225.00LAH929532READY-TO-GO Classroom Library: Grade K

    PriceOrder #Title

    For a complete list of the titles in each library, consult your Scholastic Catalog or call 1-800-Scholastic.

    Did you also know that Scholastic will customize paperback libraries to meet school or individual class needs? Just send an email request to

    and in no time, you’ll have a listing of high-quality books to fit the way you teach.

  • Meeting the needs of America’s Schools SCHOLASTIC ! 1431 Greenway Drive, Suite 350 ! Irving, Texas 75038 ! 800-221-5312 ! FAX 972-550-0577

    The Scholastic Reading Inventory is a reading assessment program that provides educators with a reliable way to measure reading comprehension

    and match students to books. Available in both English and Spanish.