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New parents presentation Year 1fluencycontent2- · PDF file Phonics Phonics Phonics Phonics Phonics 10.45 –11.45 PE (Aries) English/Maths English/Maths English/Maths English/Maths

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  • Welcome Year 1


  • Meet the year 1 team…

    Aries Class Columba Class

    Miss Lees

    Columba Class


    Miss Johnston

    Student Teacher

    Mrs Merryweather

    Learning Support


    Mrs Ashford

    Class Teacher

    Mrs Searle

    Learning Support


  • Typical School Day in Year 1

    8.30-8.50: Registration & Early morning activities

    8.50-9.10: Worship (Class/Whole School/Phase)

    9.10am-10.10: Maths/English

    10.10-10.25: KS1 Break

    10:25-10:45: Phonics (differentiated groups)

    10.45-11.45: Maths/English

    11.45-12.45: Lunch

    12:45-1:00: Whole class handwriting (cursive)

    1:00-3.10: Topic/PE/Forest school

    3:10: Home time

  • Typical Weekly Timetable Year 1 Weekly Timetable

    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 8.30 –8.50 Morning Activities Morning Activities Morning Activities Morning Activities Morning Activities

    8.50 –9.10 Whole school worship Class Worship KS1 worship Singing worship Celebration assembly


    PE (Columba)


    English/Maths English/Maths English/Maths English/Maths


    10.10-10.25 B R E A K

    10.25-10.45 Phonics Phonics Phonics Phonics Phonics

    10.45–11.45 PE (Aries)

    English/Maths English/Maths English/Maths English/Maths English/Maths

    11.45–12.45 L U N C H

    12.45–1.00 Handwriting Handwriting Handwriting Handwriting Handwriting

    1.00 –3.00 Topic Topic Outdoor PE Topic Forest School

    3.10 H O M E

  • Coming into School

    Your child will be expected to come into the classroom, put their things away and start their morning jobs. The children choose their own lunches at this time.

    This is the time when your child will need to change their reading books.

    As the year progresses the children will have morning activities.

  • Expectations

    Each day, we expect the children to come into school wearing the Bramley School Uniform.

    We advise them to bring in a named water bottle. This will be brought home each evening and will need to be returned the next day.

    All jumpers/cardigans should be named.

    No toys or pencil cases.

    Please ensure planners are in school every day.

  • PE kits need to be named and these will stay in school for a half term.

    PE kits

    Indoor: Navy/black shorts with school light blue PE Shirt

    Outdoor: As indoor, together with a change of socks, training shoes/ plimsolls.

    In winter, the children may well become cold, wet and muddy. A complete change of clothing is essential. Plain navy or black tracksuits (without obviou logos) may be worn in cold weather. Also a carrier bag to put dirty shoes in is useful.


  • Homework English and Maths homework is set alternately every fortnight. It is set and handed i

    on a Friday. The children will be given spelling words each week linked to their phonics learning and they will be informally assessed within these sessions.

    All homework is stuck into an English or Maths homework book and spellings will be stuck into their planners.

    We ask that children complete their homework in pencil in their book unless otherwise stated.

    Year 1

    English Task – given 1 week to


    Maths Task – given 1 week to


  • Homework Guidance

    Homework should take no more 30 minutes.

    We expect all children to complete the work but provide opportunities for children to move their learning forward with challenges if they finish the first

    task quickly.

    Spellings will start week commencing 18th September and they will go out every Monday.

    If you are unsure about any homework. Please ask your child’s teacher. We are happy to help explain!

  • Year 1 Autumn 1 Topic

    How are our toys different from those in

    the past?

  • Outcome events

    Over the year the children will have outcome events based on the topics they have been learning about.

    Parents are invited in so that children can share their work. We may also have additional activities that parents can help their child with.

    These events usually take place at 2.30pm.

    We will be holding outcome events in Autumn 2, Spring 2 and Summer 1.

  • Planners Planner have been adapted following feedback from this year. Key Stage One planners are red.

    Your child’s planner is expected to be

    used every day.

    Planners will include:

    A weekly reading record

    Star Charts

    Space for children to stick their spellings

    A Maths section

    An English section

    Parent information


  • Website

    Bramley now has a new website.

    All termly topic synopsis will be put on the website for you to access.

    Any important letters will also be on the website for you to have a look at.

  • Forest School We will be carrying out Forest Fridays every Friday afternoon.

    Forest school will carry on no matter the weather so please ensure you child is prepared. If children do not have appropriate clothing it will be down to the teacher’s discretion as to whether they think the child will be safe in forest school with the clothing that they have.

    It is really important that children have adequate clothing for Forest school. This is to protect the children from ticks, stings, bites or in some cases rashes. We advise that children wear long sleeve tops and bottoms to every forest school. If the weather is warm the children still need long sleeves tops and trousers. Please be assured the children will not over heat as the forest area is all under cover and it is very nice and cool. When the weather is wet the children need to have waterproof clothing.

    Forest School will not be able to run if we do not have enough adults to ensure safety and county ratios are being met. If you are available on a Friday afternoon we would really appreciate volunteers to enable us to run Forest School.

  • Phonics Phonics is carried out daily for 20 minutes. Children will be split into 4 differentiated groups based on phonics assessments.

    We follow the letters and sounds programme which has an order of how and when to teach each sound.

    In June the children will all take part in the Governments Year 1 Phonics screening. This test has 40 words for the children to read, half being real words and half being fake “alien” words.

    We will be holding a phonics workshop after Christmas which you will be invited to. This will give you ideas on how to assist your child with phonics at home. Date to be confirmed.

  • We are really looking forward to this year!