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  • 1.Clinical and Community Action to Address Post Partum Hemorrhage Dr. Abdelhadi Eltahir, Senior Advisor for Maternal and Newborn Health CORE Group Fall Meeting, Sept 14-15_20101 AED Conference Center, Washington, DCInspiration, Integration, and Impact

2. Pathfinder nonprofit organization Mission

  • .Pathfinder is committed t o :
    • ensure that people everywhere have the right and opportunity to live a healthy reproductive life ; and to provide women, men, and adolescents with a range of quality health care services

3. Why addressing PPH is a top priority Issue? Source: WHO. The World Health Report 2005. Make Every Mother and Child Count.Geneva: World Health Organization, 2005.

  • PPHs contribution to maternal mortality
  • The urgency of PPH as a killer (2 hrs onset to death)
  • Challenges facing Intl Community to achieve MDG 5
  • Other socio-economic consequences

4. Clinical and Community Action to Address PPHModel 5. Accurate Estimation of Blood Loss

  • Blood Collection Drape
  • Visual estimation
  • Calibrated Jugs - Nigeria
  • Kellys Pad - India
  • Cloth Matt - Bangladesh
  • Kanga - Tanzania

6. Blood Collection Dape and Kellys Pad for EBL Change if well managed can strengthen an organization and lead to sustainability 7. 4 Delays Rakshas H2Happroach 1 st -Delayin earlyrecognition at Home 3 rd - Delayin Accessing the Health Facility4 th -Delay in receiving care at the health facility 2 nd-Delayin taking decision & action 8. India:Maharashtra, Rajathstan, Bihar, Tamil NaduNigeria:Katsina, Kano, Lagos, Nassarawa, Oyo, Borno, Ebonyi, Cross RiverBangladesh: Kishoreganj District Peru: Piura, Lima & Ayacucho States Where the CC-PPH Model is being Implemented? Tanzania:Refugee & hostcommunity settings in Kigoma State 9. The Non-Pneumatic Anti-shock Garment (NASG)

  • The NASG is a temporary first aid device to stabilize a woman who is in shock until blood and surgery can be provided
  • NASG shunts blood that accumulates in the lower extremities of the body to vital organs:the brain, heart and lungs

Please pick your DVD entitled: Clinical and Community Action to Address Post-Partum Hemorrhage 10. Lives saved by NASG 11. Kano Borno Katsina Nigeria Project States

  • States: Kano, Katsina, Lagos, Oyo, Nassarawa, Cross River, Borno
  • 53healthfacilities:
      • 21 PHC,
      • 24 Sec HC
      • 8 Tertiary hospitals
  • Implement model Clinical and Community Action to address PPH:
  • Government advocacy on NASG and use of misoprostol
  • 2,022 providers trained
  • 32 communities sensitized
  • Total of 70, 951 deliveries for 2009
  • 339 referral cases

12. India Pathfinder PPH Projects: A focus on Health System StrengtheningMaharashtraRajasthan Tamil NaduBihar 13. India Pathfinder PPH Project sites Example of AMTSL Component 14.

  • Lima State:
    • Maternal Perinatal Institute
    • San Bartolome Hospital
    • Cayetano Heredia Hospital
  • 08 health centers
  • 128 health providers trained
  • 10 meeting for 147health providers
  • Ayacucho State:
    • Facilities of Vilcashuaman
    • Coracora Hospital
    • Regional Hospital of Ayacucho
  • Piura State:
    • Chulucanas Hospital
    • Facilities of Morropon Chulucanas

Peru PPH Project Sites 15. Tanzania

  • Facilities at 3 Refugee Camps
  • Plus 8 MOH facilities from hosting community
  • Refugees total of 90,000 Congolese and Burundians
  • Health providers trained include (doctors, nurses, clinical officers and midwives)

Kigoma State:Nargusu, Mtablia I & II Refugee Camps Plus MOH facilities 16. Bangladesh

  • The model is being impemented at all its 3 levels
  • A community based intervention to enable the women and their family members to recognize PPH and ensure referral to an appropriate referral center with emergency readiness and skilled management.

Kishoreganj District 17. Acknowledgment

  • MacArthur Foundation
  • Pathfinder HQ:Cathy Solter, Susan Collins, Julio Pacca, Ellen Israel, Kali Drake, Graciela, Mayra Nicolaa & others Pathfinder country teams:
    • Nigeria:Murtala Mai, Farouk Jega and team India:Rema Nanda, Amit Shah and teamBangladesh:Shabnam Shahnaz and Team Peru:Miguel Gutierrez and Elizabeth
    • Tanzania:Jayne Lyons, Mapunda Pasiens, Mustafa and Tanzania Red Cross Society

18. Thank You Lets make the Lives of every mother and child count 19. The preceding slides were presented at the CORE Group 2010 Fall Meeting Washington, DC To see similar presentations, please visit: www.coregroup.org/resources/meetingreports