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A Few Minutes with ImageNow™ Department of Records Management

A Few Minutes with ImageNow™

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A Few Minutes with ImageNow™. Department of Records Management. What is ImageNow™. A document management software platform Virtual File Cabinet Links directly to a host application such as: PeopleSoft RMS ACT EMAS Workflow manager Allows documents to be routed to different employees - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Few Minutes with ImageNow

A Few Minutes with ImageNowDepartment of Records Management

1What is ImageNowA document management software platformVirtual File CabinetLinks directly to a host application such as:PeopleSoftRMSACTEMAS

Workflow managerAllows documents to be routed to different employeesControls versions to eliminate duplicate copies

Allows for easy destruction/deletion of documentsContains a virtual time clock for retention and dispositionMatched up directly with University Records Retention Schedule2Desktop Application

Loaded on the desktop

Uses Campus Connection credentials

Available as a Webapplication


Basic Concepts

Document loaded in ScannerImage imported into ImageNowPaper copy is shreddedCapture Profile Images Document

Images can be created from:ScannersExisting files (W:\ drive, desktop, etc.)Fax Machines & other peripherals

Quality Assurance Multiple Options

All images can/should be reviewed for quality assuranceCatches scanning errorsAllows for easy re-scan/re-import

Batch Ready for Linking

Link to a host applicationPeopleSoft, RMS, ACT, etc.Open program with ImageNow, side-by-side

Link Document to Host Record

Extracts key data elements from host programStores elements on the document in ImageNow

Linked Keys & Custom Properties

Can use drop-down fields for ease in selectionCan store custom data fields

Search for Documents

For More InformationContact Department of Records Management

Erin Vandenberg, Director of Records [email protected] Kleine, Assistant Director of Records [email protected]