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ImageNow Demonstration Rob Dwyer July 2013

ImageNow Demonstration

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ImageNow Demonstration . Rob Dwyer July 2013. About ImageNow. ImageNow - Flagship p roduct of Perceptive Software Enterprise Content Management (ECM) 2004 - 100 employees Today over 1200 employees Perceptive Software p urchased by Lexmark in 2010 for $280 million - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ImageNow Demonstration Rob DwyerJuly 2013

ImageNow - Flagship product of Perceptive Software Enterprise Content Management (ECM)2004 - 100 employeesToday over 1200 employeesPerceptive Software purchased by Lexmark in 2010 for $280 millionFocus on business processes and less on printersAcquisitions under Lexmark (headed by Perceptive Software Division)Brainware Intelligent CaptureISYS Enterprise SearchNolij Web Based Document ImagingACUO Technologies Clinical Document ManagementTwistage Cloud platform to manage video, audio, and imagesAccessVia Retail Signage/Electronic TagsPalla Athena Business Process Management About ImageNow

Purchased in 2004 by EMASWent Live Registrars Office - January 2005 (15 User Seats)Financial Aid - March 2005Admissions September 2005 (~25 User Seats)ExpandedHonors/Admissions 2006Comptrollers 2008Athletics/Registrar 2009Housing - 2009University College 2013~ Graduate School (Web Services) - 2009Today66 User Seats (over 160 different users connected in June 2013)14 Production ScannersEnterprise Level Application Administered by EMAS IT & AT (Jamie Turner & Dan Taube)History at Illinois State University

Con Money for product and hardwareClient Seats, Scanners, Dual Monitors, etc.Con Setup TimeInitial planning, setup, and TrainingCon Hardware device required to access documentCon Takes time to scan and link a documentPro Time SavingDocument Retrieval / Better Customer ServiceNo more moving paper files from office to office or building to buildingPro Documents accessibility available everywhere and at same timeMore flexible work environmentPro Space Saving/PaperlessNo File CabinetsGreenPro Less likely to lose documentsPro SecurityPro Document AutomationWebsites, faxes, workflow routing, integration with other systems, document retentionPro Disaster RecoveryMultiple layers of redundancy and backupsPros and ConsWhat is a Document? List of pages indexed by fieldsImageNow Indexing FieldsDrawer, Folder, Tab, Field3, Field4, Field5, and Document TypeDrawer and Document Type are fixed values Folder, Tab, Field3, Field4, Field5 are free form Drawers and Document Types are the basis for most securityDocument Type Custom PropertiesData about the DocumentUnlimited Name/Data Type

ImageNow DocumentClientWindows client, Web client, and Mobile clientCurrently we only use the Windows clientNo passwords stored Setup using AD authenticationClients are thin clientsAll requests and data via ImageNow Server Client licenses are concurrent

ImageNow Client

Application Plan Used to retrieve a list of documentsUsed to link documentsManualUser manually enters valueLearnmodeImageNow grabs data from other windows applications SecurityView or Link user access

Application Plans

Capture is used to import pagesCapture Profiles2 Modes Single Document or Batch3 Sources File, Scanner, ImageNow PrinterBatches setup by proposed drawerCan route to WorkflowImageNow PrinterInstalled with clientAllows anything you can print to be imported into ImageNowBatches used to store unlinked pagesSecurity based on proposed drawerUser also has to have access to the Batches3 Steps: Scan, QA, LinkAfter scanning pages show up in Batches at Scan complete stepQA Quality Assurance stepStep through each page and rescan if necessaryLink stepStep through and link each page using an Application PlanDocument then created

Capture & Batches

Documents icon is used to search for documentsSimple Search Usually search on unique index value like UIDAdvanced Search Search on index values and/or document metadataViewsAll Searches done on a viewViews usually drawer specificColumns are customizableProjects (aka Folders in latest release)Used to group documents together that are processed togetherTasksWork assigned to a user for documentWe currently dont implement Projects and TasksIcons are hidden from most users

Document Searches, Tasks, & Projects

Workflow is used to process documentsWorkflow is comprised of queues and routes Workflow Queue is like a virtual inboxRoutes are connections between queuesRouting usually starts with scanning into a system queue or import queue which has routing rules and routes to another queue based on index fieldsWorkflow processing usually ends with a complete queue


Workflow Sample - Scholarships

Workflow Admissions Processing

ImageNow Explorer is used to list related documentsUsed to navigate to documents you want to viewUsed by Application Plans, Document Searches (Views), Workflow Queues, BatchesViews are customizableColumns CustomizableFieldsDocument Metadata (Pages, Dates, Users)Workflow Status

ImageNow Explorer

ImageNow Viewer Displays DocumentUser CustomizableView and manipulate Custom PropertiesThumbnailsAnnotationsSticky NotesOLE AttachmentRelated DocumentsWorkflow Routing

ImageNow Viewer

Live ImageNow Client Demo3 Server-side Components Server, Database, StorageServer is virtualized2 Cores 2 GB RAM16 ImageNow ServicesDatabase - SQL Server 2008 R2 - SYSSQLSERVERHardware mirror Julian/John GreenRun on backend of mirror Storage SANUsed to store images and some annotations

Server Setup

Server Interaction with External Systems

Admissions Scholarships & AcceptanceAdmissions ApplicationPersonal Statement & Reinstatement StatementFinancial Aid FaxesElectronic TranscriptsGraduation ApplicationsHousing EmailsPetition for Graduation ExceptionsTransfer Students Courses in ProgressGraduation DeficienciesAcademic Progress SummariesTeacher Certificate Endorsements

ISU Automated DocumentsImageNow iScript is a scripting language based on JavaScript with access to document imaging objectsiScripts can be fired from a scheduled task or an ImageNow EventExample: Copy Document iScriptFinancial Aid Routes to a SSN/UID Change Queue Queue fires iScripts which then copies the document for the Registrar and routes both documentsExample: Move Admission Documents to Registrar DrawerNightly iScript job moves Admissions documents which are no longer being processed to RegistrarOther nightly jobsUID ChangeName ChangePopulate ACT ScoreDaily ReportsUser usage and page/document creation/Field Validation iScripts & Document AutomationImageNow exposes many document imaging objects via Message Agent (Web Services)Uses SOAP to exchange XML over HTTP/HTTPSSession created with an ImageNow User, so access restricted to that userGraduate School uses to view admissions documentsApply to My Program created by Alex Skorpinski & Brad CableList of Documents on websiteClick document to view PDF of documentServer document imports done with Import AgentWe have 2 Import Agents running; one for TIFs and one for PDFsFilenames store field index valuesADM STUDENT_827099375_Application_Summer 2013_Grad Student-At-Large_DWYER ROB_Default.PDFMost PDFs converted to TIFs before Import Documents routed to Import Agent queueImport Agent queue fires iScript which then routes document based on field values

Web Services & Server ImportsISA is a Server ApplicationShows status of SystemServices (aka Agents)UsersLicense UsageWorkflow QueuesStorage Configuration

ImageNow Server Administration (ISA)

Live ImageNow Server DemoConclusion