Migrate Drupal to WordPress Within a Few Minutes

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Don't miss this step-by step tutorial, which describes how you can migrate from Drupal to WordPress with no pain. Find more details here: http://www.cms2cms.com/supported-cms/drupal-to-wordpress-migration/


<ul><li>1. HowtoMigratefromDrupalto WordPressFreeofCoding </li></ul> <p>2. Migrate to 3. 4. What is the formula of the perfect CMS platform? That is easy to devise! Flexible and rich tech side + ease of use =your true CMS. This mixture will be a heady brew for your website successful management. Drawing near the root of this post, lets look through Drupal and WordPress CMS platforms that become a bone of discord for website owners as the most powerful and popular website builders. Its like a cold warwherethetopCMSsoftwarepositionisthemainvictory. You should know that Drupal is the developerfriendly CMS platform, thus the practice shows only tech savvy users are able to turn it to good account. Usually, when you run your web project on Drupal, you pay more attention to the technical side of management. You should be more dedicated to writing the proper code rather than to being concentrated on theprocessofcreationitself. Considering WordPress CMS software, it is distinguished as the useroriented CMS platform that allows its users to be plunged in the content creation process. You dont have to fumble with the codes and scripts,itsfunctionalityismoreplainandcatchable. Passing on to the migration process itself, we would like to present you the tutorial on how to migrate from Drupal to WordPress with no coding and needtobeaprogrammer.So,letsstart. 5. StepbyStepGuidetoDrupalto WordPressMigration 1. The first step you have to do is create your new WordPress site. Also, its recommended to install all the necessary plugins and theme to proceed with the further export from Drupal to WordPress. Then, visit www.cms2cms.com and create your account provide your name, email, andpassword. 6. 2. After that, specify the URLs of your Drupal and WordPress website in the provided fields and select your CMS platforms types Drupal and WordPressrespectfully. However, in case you dont have your new WordPress installed, you still have the option to try the migration with the automated service. All you need to do is check the corresponding field in your migration wizard and then,youwillbeabletomigrateapartofyourdatatothetestsite. 3. Now, you should download the connection bridge file to your PC, that is needed for data exchange between your websites. It will be saved as cms2cms.zip: Extractcms2cmsfolderfromthezipfiletoyourcomputer. 7. ThefurtheractionswillbedoneviaFTP.Youmaychooseanytype ofFTPclientsoftwarewhetheritisWinSCP,FileFTP,FileZilla, CuteFTP,etc. WithinyourFTPdashboard,copycms2cmsfolderthatyouhave extractedfromthezipfileandpasteittotherootdirectory(topfolder withtheindex.php)ofyourcurrentwebsiteandnewWordPress site. Now,yourCMSplatformsareconnected,soyoumayproceedwiththe furtheractionsofDrupaltoWordPressmigration. 8. 4. The connection bridge is already installed, so the next step will be to verify the connection between your sites by pressing the corresponding button. 6.Now,youmaychoosetheadditionaloptionstomakeyourmigration evenmorecompleteandadvanced. Theyare: migrationofmediafilesallyourpostpictureswillbemigrated fromDrupaltoWordPress. migrationofinternallinksalltheinternallinkswillbeformed accordingtotheSEOURLsstructureofyourWordPresssite. 9. cleartesteddataonWordPresssiteifyouhavesometested dataonyournewWordPressandyouwanttoerasethem,justcheck thebox. 7. After that you may try free Demo Migration of 10 pages with all the relatedentities. 10. You will be able to see the service in action and check how your new WordPress will be look like and complete your website conversion by pressingStartFullMigration. That is all! To migrate from Drupal to WordPress you will spend from a few minutes to several hours in accordance to the amount of your website entities. 11. WhatYouCanMigratefromDrupalto WordPresswithCMS2CMS So, dont put your Drupal to WordPress migration on the long finger, set up your free Demo migration and youll be in one step to enjoy your new WordPresswebsite. </p>