6th Grade Summer Reading List

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6th Grade Summer Reading List. 2014 Book Blurbs. Crash Jerry Spinelli. Realistic Fiction. **This book is required for ALL students**. Crash Jerry Spinelli. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • 6th Grade Summer Reading List2014Book Blurbs

  • CrashJerry Spinelli

    Realistic Fiction**This book is required for ALL students**

  • CrashJerry SpinelliSeventh grader John Crash Coogan has always been comfortable with his tough, aggressive behavior. Then his friendship with a Quaker boy and his grandfathers stroke make Crash think more about the meaning of friendship and the importance of family.

  • Choose from the following titles for your second summer book selection.

  • On My HonorMarion Dane Bauer

    Realistic Fiction

  • On My HonorMarion Dane BauerTragedy strikes when Joel and his best friend Tony go swimming in the forbidden, treacherous Vermilion River. Joel is terrified at having to tell of his disobedience and overwhelmed by his feelings of guilt.

  • Running Out of TimeMargaret Peterson Haddix

    Realistic, Adventure Fiction

  • Running Out of TimeMargaret Peterson HaddixThirteen year old Jessie Keyser, lives with her family in a town called Clifton; the year is 1840. The truth is that Jesse, her family, and a few other families live in a model village that is really observed by tourists and run by unethical scientists. When a deadly disease breaks out in the village, Jesse learns the truth about Clifton when she is asked to leave the village to seek medical help for the sick children in the community. Jesse is suddenly in the real world coping with cars and other inventions she has never seen.

  • Esperanza RisingPam Munez Ryan

    Historical,Multicultural Fiction

  • Esperanza RisingPam Munez RyanEsperanza's Papa, a wealthy land owner and grape farmer, is murdered by bandits the evening before her thirteenth birthday celebration. Esperanzas expectations for an elaborate birthday celebration are shattered, and Papas mean, powerful stepbrothers burn down the family farm in an attempt to claim the familys influence and land. Esperanza, her mother, and their servants flee to the United States to work in the farms in California. Esperanza, once considered a child princess, is unwillingly forced into a world of hard work where daily survival is very difficult.

  • The CaptureKathryn Lasky


  • The CaptureKathryn LaskyWhen Soren, a barn owl, arrives at St. Aggies, a school for orphaned owls, he suspects trouble. With his elf owl friend named Gylfie, he begins a dangerous journey to save all owls from the danger at St. Aggies.

  • Summer BooksRead the one book required for all 6th grade students. Then choose one book from the remaining titles for your summer reading assignment. The books can be purchased at the summer book sale coming soon to your school!

  • Summer Book Reading Suggestions

    If you read the book early in the summer, reread it in August to refresh your memory of the story and its details.If you own the book, you can mark it up, talking to the text, as you read. If you dont own the book, record notes separately on Post Its.Note the setting componentsNote characters names and personality traitsNote the conflictNote the resolutionNote plot detailsKeep notes for review in August. Bring handwritten notes to class when you return to school. Books and notes may used for the test.