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 Friction Management Solutions Timken® isa registered trademarkof TheTimkenCompany ©2008 TheTimkenCompany Printed inU.S.A. 10M 01-09-29Order No.5841 BearingsSteel  PrecisionComponents LubricationSeals RemanufactureandRepair  IndustrialServices www.timken.com What do More Products, More Support and More Solutions Mean for You? Less friction and more success for your organization. With Timken as your supplier, you can boost your protability by serving end users with a wide array of quality products and services. You can choose—and we can recommend—the combination of bearings, seals, lub ricants, training and ongoing support that is best suited for industrial applications. With Timken, you have access to the right products at the right price at the right time. We are your one-stop source for the best bearings and complimentary services in the world. But it doesn’t stop there. We’re prepared to give you more of the programs and products you need in the future. 7

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  • FrictionManagement Solutions

    Timken is a registered trademark of The Timken Company

    2008 The Timken CompanyPrinted in U.S.A.10M 01-09-29 Order No. 5841

    Bearings Steel Precision Components Lubrication Seals Remanufacture and Repair Industrial Services


    What do More Products, More Support and More Solutions Mean for You?Less friction and more success for your organization.With Timken as your supplier, you can boost your profitability by serving end users with a wide array of quality products and services. You can chooseand we can recommendthe combination of bearings, seals, lubricants, training and ongoing support that is best suited for industrial applications. With Timken, you have access to the right products at the right price at the right time. We are your one-stop source for the best bearings and complimentary services in the world. But it doesnt stop there. Were prepared to give you more of the programs and products you need in the future.


  • www.timken.comTimkens Web site is a valuable

    resource that incorporates user-friendly features and

    enables customers to learn more about our broad portfolio of

    products and services.


    Single- and Multi-point Lubricators Timken lubricators are available in single- and multi-point units to ensure consistent, regular lubrication to bearings, gears and conveyors, helping to improve component life and reduce maintenance labor costs.

    Engineered SurfacesWith more than 50 years invested in the study of surface finishes, Timken offers a selection of topographical modifications and hard coatings that enhance the wear, fatigue and frictional performance of many precision components. Timken Engineered Surfaces technology is applicable in rolling, sliding or mixed contact systems where fatigue spalling, inadequate lubrication, pitting, false brinelling or peeling damage modes may exist. Common applications include engine components, bearings, hydrostatics and gears.

    Condition Monitoring DevicesFrom wireless units to online systems, conditioning monitoring devices give you powerful diagnostic tools to help detect potential bearing failure, maximize machine uptime and lower maintenance costs.

    Repair and Replacement OptionsBy choosing to have bearings and other mill elements re-manufactured, customers save money in replace-ment costs and maintain a steady supply of parts instead of purchasing new parts during downtimes.

    Lubrication Delivery DevicesFor a Timken bearing to operate properly it is essential for it to receive proper lubrication. Timken grease guns and pumps are high-quality maintenance products that help decrease both machinery downtime and operating costs.

    Seals and Bearing IsolatorsBearing seals and isolators protect the bearing from contaminants to enhance performance and bearing life.

    LubricantsIndustrial lubricant formulas have been specifically developed by our lubrication experts. These lubricants keep bearings running smoothly in a variety of industrial conditions, including high heat, food processing and high speed.

    Spindle Rebuild and Management Service

    Our single-source service includes spindle repair as well as predictive

    maintenance programs, failure mode analysis and spindle performance

    tracking to help improve operation and reduce downtime.

    Installation and Removal ToolsConvenient, easy-to-carry kits give technicians the tools they need to install, remove, and service bearings, gears and rings. Products include: impact fitting tools, induction heaters and mechanical pullers.

    Knowledgeable Sales ProfessionalsWorking with you as a team, Timken sales representatives are extensively trained in the specification and application of bearings, related products and value-added services. From bearing basics to highly technical matters, you can rely on your salesperson to help you make your business even more successful.

    Safety End CapsThese easily installed caps offer a high degree of protection to maintenance personnel as well as to the bearings integrated within a housing.

    Infrared ThermometersTimken non-contact infrared thermometers are portable, lightweight solutions for safely measuring temperature from a distance.

    Why Timken?At Timken, our strategy is to become the company Where You Turn for the solutions that reduce friction in not only mechanical applications but in your day to day business with us. Our commitment lies in becoming your first choice for friction management solutions. Extending beyond bearings, these solutions include related products and accessories, expert sales and service support, integrated logistics, and a host of other programs to keep your business rolling smoothly.

    Simply put, its our goal to make Timken the easiest, most responsive supplier with which to do business. And when you experience less friction, we believe youll have more success, more profits, and more satisfied customers.

    Friction isnt good for moving parts. And its not good for business relation-ships either. With Timken friction management solutions, youll find less of both. Give us a chance and youll see why Timken is Where You Turn.


  • Designed to performTimken is able to provide you with an expanding line of bearings and related products to meet nearly all of your needs. In addition to our standard products, we offer a wide range of specially designed high-performance bearings that meet the requirements of challenging operating environments. All of our products are made to the same exacting quality standards youve come to expect from Timken.

    Our commitment to quality extends more than 100 years and provides assurance that our products are backed by an industry leader in both bearing and steel technology. For users, it provides confidence that products will deliver the highest levels of value and performance.

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    Added ValueWhen looking to add value choose Timkens products to help increase uptime, reduce maintenance costs and improve productivity. From integrated bearing packages, which combine advanced bearing designs with sensors and seals, to lubricators that automatically deliver grease, you can provide solutions that make sense.

    We can even help end users in detecting bearing failures and other equipment issues before they happen. Timken condition monitoring systems track multiple operating parameters to alert maintenance teams before potentially catastrophic damage occurs.

    All Timken products are grounded in our knowledge of motion, lubrication, friction and metallurgy. The result: More bearing configurations from which to choose. More alternatives to improve productivity. More ways to extend bearing life in your customers applications. More system solutions.

    Timken Integrated Packages Timken

    Mechanical Pullers

    Timken Condition Monitoring Systems

    Timken Lubricants

    Timken Battery

    Operated Grease


    Timken InductionHeaters

    Timken EngineeredSolutions

    Timken Infrared Thermometers

    Timken Single- andMulti-Point Lubricators

    More Support for Your Continued SuccessTimken wants to be your supplier of choice. Weve simplified ordering and logistics. We have developed tailored training programs that enable distributors and original equipment manufacturers to solve end users friction management problems to improve performance and uptime.

    Weve created reconditioning and replacement programs that offer economical solutions without compromising quality. All of these demonstrate our commitment to providing you more support in more ways.

    Speedy Access to Information Timken.com offers valuable information on products and services and an interactive tool to help end users locate your distributor location. Our customer service team is ready to respond to urgent requests, while our consolidated warehousing and logistics deliver products when and where you need them. Our online stores at PTplace.com and TimkenStore.com make it easy for our distributors to access information about our complete line of bearings, lubricants, and accessories. Our sites provide real-time product availability, order entry, and order tracking anytime 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    Valuable TrainingTimken teaches you how bearings work, equipping you with

    the tools to sell the right solutions into the appropriate applications. Our distributor training school, end-user

    maintenance seminars and bearing certification program provide you the knowledge needed to help with bearing

    selection and optimize system performance.

    Our field service engineering organization is strategically placed throughout the world to provide onsite analysis, recommendations

    and tailored training. Rely on our engineers, who reflect more than a century of field experience and bearing innovation.

    Economical and Time-Saving AlternativesBearing replacement can be costly and time consuming. Timken has developed several programs that offer economical alternatives while reducing downtime to your customer base. Our repair programs restore products to like-new condition for a fraction of the cost of new. Bearing remanufacturing is available for any bearing type or brandeven competitor productsand is ideal for paper, metals, mining, power generation, cement and other heavy industrial applications.


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    Quality Bearings Timken bearings are made from the cleanest bearing steel in the industry. Tapered, spherical, cylindrical, needle and ball bearings that bear the Timken name are known for quality, durability and performance.

    Performance BearingsTimken super precision products as well as Timken Spexx high-performance bearings move traditional tapered, spherical, cylindrical and ball bearings to a new level. Through enhanced steel, changes in geometry and advanced surface finishes on rollers and raceways that resist debris contamination, bearing life can be extended.

    Heres a Quick View of our Friction Management Solutions

    Housed UnitsSpherical roller bearing and ball bearing housed units, available with shaft guard technology, feature a unique sealing system. These units are easily installed and maintained in heavy-duty environments.

    IsoClass BearingsFor markets that require metric dimensions, Timkens broad line of IsoClass bearings bring high-quality performance to applications requiring conformance to ISO and DIN requirements.

    Solid Lube BearingsSolid lube bearings combine a mixture of polymers, oils and other additives that can be customized for your specific bearing lubrication requirements. Primary metals, mining, power generation and automotive MRO are some typical industries where solid lube bearings are used successfully.

    Integrated Bearing PackagesSelf-contained, bundled bearing packages ease installation in automotive, rail, wind power and other applications. Timkens sensor technology can track critical data.

    Hub Unit BearingsThese pre-sealed, pre-lubricated and pre-set integrated hub and bearing units can be bolted direct- ly onto passenger car and light truck wheel corners, eliminating the need for conventional components like washers, spacers and nuts. They can incorporate sensor technology for traction control, anti-lock braking systems and other vehicle systems.

    Making it Easy to SucceedWe provide the products and support necessary to meet your goals by providing tailored solutions that offer performance and convenience.

    From breadth of product to product quality, our friction management solutions satisfy a wide range of needs, giving you the ability to add lasting value for your customers.

    Timken Reliability Services Timken offers integrated maintenance and training services and diagnostic analysis to help customers gain an advantage. We approach maintenance from multiple fronts to give you the customized solution you need to improve performance and maximize uptime.


    Where You Turn for Support

    When you select Timken, you gain access to worldwide customer service and integrated logistics capabilities. In addition, Timken offers product and technical training and ongoing support from

    the industrys most experienced team. From hands-on classroom instruction to application engineering training, well provide you

    with knowledge that can be put to use immediately. You will also benefit from a global network of research design facilities that help

    end users achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Timkens commitment to support is one way we add value to our products and

    build strong, lasting relationships with our customers.

    Where You Turn for SuccessBe more successful by taking advantage of Timkens total friction management solutions. Our goal is to make life easier for our customersfrom speedy delivery of products to creating a one-stop resource to order and track inventory online. Weve integrated logistics, packaging, support materials and training to make it easier to buy Timken products.

    One source for quality products and extended services means more success for your operation. Turn to Timken for less friction and more products, support and service solutions. Your success is our goal.

    Where You Turn for ProductsWith Timken you receive one uncompromising standard of quality across the broadest range of bearings and related products available. The Timken name means much more than tapered roller bearings. Our brand reflects an extensive line of tapered, needle, spherical, cylindrical, ball bearings and mounted units ideal for virtually every industrial application. Complementing our core products is an ever-growing line of friction management solutions including lubricants, single- and multi-point lubricators, maintenance tools and safety equipment, condition monitoring systems and surface finishes that keep systems running smoothly.