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    2019/20 Trekking Program Patagonia • Iceland • Norway • Sweden • Nepal

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    Trekking Patagonia • Iceland • Norway • Sweden • Nepal

    Patagonia offers a wild and expansive landscape that is a treat for the senses and trekking is an ideal way to take it all in. Trek to glaciers, encounter guanacos and condors, photograph shimmering granite spires, piercing azure skies and feel the immensity of nature.

    Formed about 25 million years ago, Iceland is one of the youngest landmasses on the planet and consequently home to some of the world's most active volcanoes. With almost 80 per cent of the country uninhabited, much of Iceland's terrain consists of plateaux, mountain peaks and fertile lowlands. The landscape is characterised by waterfalls, geysers, volcanoes, black sand beaches, and other-worldly steaming lava fields.

    With fascinating Viking history, staggering natural beauty and world-class cuisine, Norway will leave an indelible impression on your mind and soul. Whether you choose the mountains inland or prefer to hug the fjord-filled coastline, Norway promises to reward you with some of the most spectacular natural scenery to be found anywhere in the world.

    Sweden is a nature-loving country and rewards outdoor adventurers with astounding natural scenery. It’s a hub for hikers and we feature just a taste of hiking opportunities in Sweden, visiting the more rugged wilderness in the north.

    Nepal is synonymous with trekking. With numerous trails to choose from, the Himalayan mountains of Nepal present great challenges for both novice trekkers and the world’s most experienced climbers challenges that Greg Mortimer, co-founder of Aurora Expeditions was able to successfully overcome.

    Browse through the pages ahead and discover our range of exciting trekking itineraries and for more information visit auroraexpeditions.com.au/trekking

    Cover: Hiker trekking through Jotunheimen, Norway; Visit Norway


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    View of Annapurna and Machapuchare peak at sunrise from Tadapani ,Nepal

    Our Trekking Legacy 04 Our Trekking Style 05 Aurora’s Trekking Regions 08 Patagonia Discovery Trek 10 Torres del Paine Explorer 11 Land of Fire and Ice 12 Jotunheimen Explorer 13

    Mountains and Fjords 14 Swedish Trails 15 Classic Everest 16 Annapurna Base Camp 17 2019/20 Expedition Calendar 18 Talk to us 20 Terms and conditions 22

    Cover: Hiker trekking through Jotunheimen, Norway; Visit Norway

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    • Least demanding • Relatively flat terrain, or easy to traverse • No more than two 'long' hiking days in a row ('long' hiking day is considered

    5+ hours)

    • High altitude not likely • Use of support vehicle for luggage • No hiking experience necessary; however, good health and fitness are

    strongly advised

    • Medical form signed by your doctor is required


    • Some difficult terrain • Can have multiple 'long' hiking days in a row ('long' hiking day is considered

    5+ hours)

    • May be impacted by high altitude • Use of support vehicle for luggage • Hiking experience necessary and good health and fitness are strongly advised

    • Medical form signed by your doctor is required


    • Most demanding trek • Challenging terrain • Can have multiple 'long' trekking days in a row ('long' trekking day is considered

    5+ hours)

    • Likely to be impacted by high altitude • Will be required to carry luggage, Sherpa-assisted

    • Extensive hiking/trekking experience necessary

    • Very good health and fitness necessary • Medical form signed by your doctor is required

    Trekking and mountaineering are part of Aurora Expeditions' DNA. Co-founder Greg Mortimer has a long history in mountaineering. Some of his many climbing achievements include being one of the first two Australians to climb Mount Everest without the aid of oxygen, one of the first two Australians to climb K2, and part of the first Australian expedition to climb the south face of Annapurna II. He and Mike McDowell were the first Australians to climb Vinson Massif, Antarctica's highest peak, and with Mortimer leading the first expedition to climb Mount Minto in the Admiralty Mountains of Antarctica. Aurora Expeditions honours Greg Mortimer’s adventurous pioneering spirit by naming our first purpose-built expedition vessel after him and we continue his mountaineering legacy by reintroducing our Nepal trekking program, with his blessing.

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    Greg (on left) with Chairman of the Australian Himalayan Foundation, Simon Balderstone, looking up towards the beautiful Mt Ama Dablam; G.Mortimer

    Expeditioners hike the Kungsleden, Sweden; Michael Jönsson, Visit Sweden

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    LODGE STYLE Patagonia | Iceland | Norway | Sweden

    From comfortable hotels to exquisite trekkers’ lodges, you’ll be

    delighted by our choice of accommodation. Each night you'll relax in

    the base camp perfect for exploring the destination. Refer to pages

    90 – 95 to view itineraries.


    Classic Everest – Our cosy Yeti mountain homes will welcome you at

    the end of each day with delicious fresh cuisine, spacious rooms with

    en suite (and hot running water); even free wi-fi and happy hour in

    the bar. Refer to page 96 to view itinerary.

    Annapurna Base Camp – The traditional tea houses and lodges

    featured on this itinerary vary in standard as you progress through

    your trek. Facilities are basic at high altitude, but you will be warm and

    comfortable with a bed and home-cooked meals. Refer to page 97 to

    view itinerary.


    Patagonia | Iceland | Norway | Sweden

    • Most meals (varies by trek)

    • Standard to superior hotel and lodge accommodation

    throughout (varies by trek)

    • Private transport

    • All guide fees and National Park entrance costs

    • English-speaking local guides

    • Trip accompanied by Aurora Expeditions' leaders


    • All meals during trek days, breakfast in Kathmandu and Pokhara,

    welcome dinner in Kathmandu

    • Yeti Mountain Home, tea house or lodge accommodation

    during trek

    • Hotel accommodation in Kathmandu

    • Classic Everest – helicopter transfers from Kathmandu to Lukla and

    Kongde to Kathmandu

    • Annapurna Base Camp – flights between Kathmandu and Pokhara

    • Sherpa assistance

    • All guide fees and National Park entrance costs

    • English-speaking Aurora Expeditions' trek leader

    For more information speak to our experts or refer to detailed trip notes at auroraexpeditions.com.au

    Time to relax in our comfortable Patagonian lodge; J.Lafferty

    Guanacos stop to graze with Torres de Paine as a backdrop; L.Cataldi

    Expeditioners celebrate arriving at Annapurna base camp, Nepal

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     PATAGONIA Sprawling across the border of Argentina and Chile, Patagonia is one of the planet’s greatest frontiers. Wild and isolated, Patagonia is South America’s playground for intrepid adventurers. Its windswept plains, glaciated mountain ranges and turquoise lakes stretch for thousands of miles and despite its desolation, it holds a wealth of unique flora and fauna. Keep your eyes peeled for Patagonia’s wildlife: flamingos, ibis and swans on the shores of Lake Argentino, or encounter a charismatic guanaco as you cross the Patagonian steppes.

     ICELAND Iceland is known for being rich in beautiful and diverse landscapes, the land of 'Fire and Ice'. Here, you will discover everything from mesmerising volcanoes and hot springs to stunning white glaciers and roaring waterfalls. This makes Iceland a perfect choice for outdoor lovers and hiking enthusiasts.

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     SCANDINAVIA In Norway and Sweden, you will be treated to many natural wonders, from the towering mountains to the fjords that line the coast. Hiking is just part of life up here, where nature is valued, respected and enjoyed. National parks are expansive and hiking trails plentiful. The comfortable hotels and lodges that provide you with a restful sleep are as beautiful and quirky as you will come to expect from Scandinavia.

     NEPAL With eight of the top ten highest summits in the world and some of the most breathtaking landscapes accessible only by foot, trekking and Nepal go hand-in-hand. The variety of trails allows for people of various ages and capabilities to experience a trek in the Himalayas.

    The villages and teahouses dotted throughout the mountains allow ample opportunities for trekkers to rest and recover. Visitors will also encounter the strong culture and unreserved friendliness of the Nepalese people.

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    Discover the wilderness of Chile and Argentina, home to world-famous national parks, pale blue glacial lakes, i