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  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual




    Operator's Manual

    S 500S 600

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    Product informationKindly observe the following in your own best interest:

    We recommend using Mercedes-Benz original parts as well as conversion parts and accessories explicitly approved by us foryour vehicle model. We have tested these parts to determine their reliability, safety and their special suitability for Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

    We are unable to make an assessment for other products and therefore cannot be held responsible for them, even if in individual casesan official approval or authorization by governmental or other agencies should exist. Use of such parts and accessories couldadversely affect the safety, performance or reliability of your vehicle. Please do not use them. Mercedes-Benz original parts as well as

    conversion parts and accessories approved by us are available at your authorized Mercedes-Benz Center where you will receivecomprehensive information, also on permissible technical modifications, and where proper installation will be performed.

    Our company and staff congratulate you on the purchase of your new Mercedes-Benz.

    Your selection of our product is a demonstration of your trust in our company name. Further, it exemplifies your desire to own anautomobile that will be as easy as possible to operate and provide years of service.

    Your Mercedes-Benz represents the efforts of many skilled engineers and craftsmen. To ensure your pleasure of ownership, andfor your safety and that of your passengers, we ask you to make a small investment of your time:

    Please read this manual carefully before putting it aside. Then return it to your vehicle where it will be handy foryour reference.

    Please abide by the recommendations contained in this manual. They are designed to acquaint you with the

    operation of your Mercedes-Benz.

    Please abide by the warnings and cautions contained in this manual. They are designed to help improve the safetyof the vehicle operator and occupants.

    We extend our best wishes for many miles of safe, pleasurable driving.

    DaimlerChrysler AG

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    Operator's manual

    This Operator's Manual contains a great deal of useful information. We urge you to read it carefully and familiarize yourself with thevehicle before driving.

    For your own safety and longer service life of the vehicle, we urge you to follow the instructions and warnings contained in thismanual. Ignoring them could result in damage to the vehicle or personal injury to you or others. Vehicle damage caused by failure tofollow instructions is not covered by the Mercedes-Benz Limited Warranty.

    Your vehicle may have some or all of the equipment described in this manual. Therefore, you may find explanations for optionalequipment not installed in your vehicle. If you have any questions about the operation of any equipment, your authorized Mercedes-Benz Center will be glad to demonstrate the proper procedures.

    Owners Service and Warranty Policy

    The Owners Service and Warranty Information Booklet contains detailed information about the warranties covering yourMercedes-Benz, including:

    New Car Limited Warranty,

    Emission System Warranty,

    Emission Performance Warranty,

    State Warranty Enforcement Laws (Lemon Laws).

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    Important notice for California retail buyers of Mercedes-Benz automobiles

    Under California law you may be entitled to a replacement of your vehicle or a refund of the purchase price, if Mercedes-Benz USA,LLCor its authorized Mercedes-Benz Center fails to conform the vehicle to its express warranties after a reasonable number of repair attempts

    during the period of one year or 12 000 miles from original delivery of the vehicle. A reasonable number of repair attempts is presumed fora retail buyer (1) if the vehicle is out of service by reason of repair of substantial nonconformities for a cumulative total of more than 30calendar days or (2) the same substantial non-conformity has been subject to repair four or more times and you have at least oncedirectly notified us in writing of the need to repair the non-conformity and have given us an opportunity to perform the repairourselves. Notifications should be sent to the nearest Mercedes-Benz Regional Office listed in the Service and WarrantyInformation Booklet.


    The Service Booklet describes all the necessary maintenance work which should be performed at regular intervals.

    Always have the Service Booklet with you when you take the vehicle to your authorized Mercedes-Benz Center for service.The service advisor will record each service in the booklet for you.

    Roadside assistance

    The Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assistance Program provides factory trained technical help in the event of a breakdown. Calls to thetoll-free Roadside Assistance number:

    1-800-222-0100 (in the USA) only

    will be answered by Mercedes-Benz Client Assistance Representatives 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    For additional information refer to the Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assistance Program brochure in your glove box.

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    Change of address or ownership

    If you change your address, be sure to send in the "Change of Address Notice" found in the Owner's Serviceand Warranty Policy Booklet. It is in your own interest that we can contact you should the need arise.

    If you sell your Mercedes, please leave all owner's literature with the vehicle to make it available to the next owner.If you bought this vehicle used, be sure to send in the "Notice of Purchase of Used Car" found in the Owner'sService and Warranty Policy Booklet.

    Operating your vehicle outside the USA or Canada

    If you plan to operate your vehicle in foreign countries, please be aware that service facilities or replacementparts may not be readily available.

    Certain Mercedes-Benz models are available for delivery in Europe under our European Delivery Program.For details, consult your authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer or write to:

    In the USA: In Canada:Mercedes-Benz USA, Mercedes-Benz Canada, Inc.LLC European Delivery Department European Delivery Department

    One Mercedes Drive 849 Eglinton Avenue East

    Montvale, NJ 07645 Toronto, Ontario M4G 2L5

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    We continuously strive to improve our product, and ask for your understanding that we reserve the right to make changes in design andequipment. Therefore, information, illustrations and descriptions in this Operator's Manual might differ from your vehicle.

    Optional equipment is also described in this manual, including operating instructions wherever necessary. Since they are special-order

    items, the descriptions and illustrations herein may vary slightly from the actual equipment of your vehicle.If there are any equipment details that are not shown or described in this Operator's Manual, your authorized Mercedes-Benz Center will be glad to inform you of correct care and operating procedures.

    The Operator's Manual and Service Booklet are important documents and should be kept with the vehicle.

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    Check Regularly and Before a Long TripSee Index

    The First 1000 Miles (1500 km)

    The more cautiously you treat your vehicle during the break-in period, the more satisfied you will be with itsperformance later on. Therefore, drive your vehicle during the first 1500 km (1000 miles) at moderate vehicle andengine-speeds.During this period, avoid heavy loads (full throttle driving) and high RPM (no more than 2/3 of maximum

    permissible speed in each gear as indicated on the speedometer).Avoid accelerating by kickdown. It is not recommended to brake the vehicle by manually shifting to a lower gear.We recommend to select positions "3" or "2"only at moderate speeds (for hill driving).After 1000 miles (1500 km) speeds may be gradually increased to the permissible maximum


    We strongly recommend that you have your vehicle serviced by your authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer, in accordance with theMaintenance Booklet.

    Failure to have the vehicle maintained in accordance with the Maintenance Booklet may result in vehicle damage not covered bythe Mercedes-Benz Limited Warranty.

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    Introduction Trunk 33 Storage Compartments 64Power Windows and Ashtrays 65

    Product information 2 Sliding/Pop-Up Roof 34 Lighter 65

    Operator's manual 3 Power Closing Assist for Sliding Roof with Rear

    Consumer Information 135 Doors and Trunk Lid 35 Pop-Up Feature 66Problems with your vehicle 136 Anti-Theft Alarm System 36 Power Windows 67

    Reporting Safety Defects 137 Power Seats, Front 37 Rear Window Sunshade 68Index 139 Lumbar Support 40 Rear Window Defroster 69

    Multicontour Backrest 40 Setting Clock 69

    Instruments and Controls Heated Seats 41 Shelf below Rear Window 70

    Power Head Restrains, Rear 42 Antenna 70Instruments and Controls 10 Armrest, Front 43 Cellular Telephone 70Instrument Cluster 12 Armrest, Rear

    Indicator Lamp Symbols 13 Adjustable Steering Wheel 43 DrivingStarting and Turning Off the Engine 15 Seat Belts and Supplemental 44Driving Instructions 16 Restrain System (SRS) Drinking and Driving 72

    Seat Belts 45 Parking Brake 72

    Operation Emergency Tensioning 49 Driving Off 72Retractor (ETR) Automatic Transmissions 73

    Air Outlets 22 Airbags 50 Rear Fender Indicators 76

    Automatic Climate Control 23 Steering Lock 55 Cruise Control 76Rear Passenger Compartment: Combination Switch 56 Charge Indicator Lamp 78

    Adjustable Air Outlet 27 Exterior Lamp Switch 58 Engine Oil Pressure Gauge with Oil

    Active Charcoal Filter 27 Inside and Exterior Pressure Warning Lamp 78Car Keys 28 Rear View Mirrors 59 Low Engine Oil Level

    Infrared Remote Control 29 Sun Visors 62 Warning Lamp 79Central Locking System 32 Vanity Mirrors 62 Engine Oil Consumption 79

    Doors 32 Interior Lighting 63 Fuel Consumption Gauge 79

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    Fuel Reserve Warning Lamp 80 Adding Coolant 93 Emergency Operation of SlidingOutside Temperature Checking Engine Oil Level 94 Roof 120

    Indicator 80 Checking Automatic Manual Release of Fuel Filler Flap 121Coolant Temperature Gauge 80 Transmission Fluid Level 95 Layout of Poly-V-Belt Drive 120

    Low Engine Coolant Level Trunk Lamp 96 Roof Rack 122Warning Lamp 81 Spare Wheel, Lug Wrench 96 Mercedes-Benz

    Low Windshield and Headlamp First Aid Kit 96 Spare Parts Service 122Washer System Fluid Level Stowing Things in the Vehicle 96Warning Lamp 81 Vehicle Jack 97 Technical Data. Fuels, Coolants,

    Exterior Lamp Failure Vehicle Tools 97 Lubricants etc. Consumer Info.

    Indicator Lamp 82 Storage Compartment belowSeat Belt Warning Lamp 82 Vehicle Tool Box 97 Identification Plates 124Brake Pad Wear Indicator lamp 82 Wheels 98 Vehicle Data Card 125Brake Warning Lamp 83 Changing Wheels 100 Warranty Coverage 125Antilock Brake System (ABS) 84 Tire Inflation Pressure 103 Technical DataAcceleration Slip Control (ASR) 85 Battery 104 S 500 126Driving with Snow Chains 86 Exterior Lamps 105 S 600 128

    Adaptive Damping System (ADS) 87 Fuses 109 Fuels, Coolants, Lubricants etc. 130Emission Control 88 Jump Starting 110 Capacities 132On-Board Diagnostic System 88 Towing the Vehicle 112 Engine Oils 132Traveling Abroad 89 Cleaning and Care of the Vehicle 113 Engine Oils Additives 132Winter Driving 89 Testing Infrared Remote Control 116 Air Conditioner Refrigerant 131Snow Chains 88 Front Head Restrains 117 Brake Fluid 132

    Rear Seat Cushion 118 Premium Unleaded Gasoline 132Practical Hints Manual Closing of Trunk Lid 118 Fuels Requirements 133Manual Retraction of Gasoline Additives 133

    Hood 92 Trunk Lid Handle 117 Coolants 134Checking Coolant Level 93 Replacing Wiper Blades 119 Check Regularly and before

    a long trip 143

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    Instruments and Controls

    For more detailed descriptions see Index.

    1 Adjustable air outlet

    19 Telephone control unit compartment

    2 Exterior lamp switch

    20 Lock for telephone control unit compartment and glove box

    3 Parking brake release

    21 Glove box (illuminated with key in steering lock position 2)

    4 Hood lock release 22 Rear window defroster switch

    5 Parking brake pedal 23 Switch for rear seat head restrains6 Steering wheel adjustment switch 24 Active charcoal filter switch

    7 Combination switch 25 Central locking switch, Indicator lamp for anti-theft alarm system

    8 Cruise control switch 26 Hazard warning flasher switch

    9 Horn, airbag 27 Automatic climate control

    10 Instrument cluster 28 Radio

    11 Steering lock with preglow / starter switch 29 Snow chain switch

    12 Adjustable air outlet 30 Ashtray with lighter

    13 Heated air supply button center air outlet 31 Adaptive damping system adjustment switch

    14 Non heated /coolant air supply button center air outlet 32 Seat heater switch

    15 Air volume control for left air outlet 33 Mirror adjustment switch

    16 Air volume control for left center air outlet 34 Switch for rear window sunshade

    17 Air volume control for right center air outlet 35 Power window switch

    18 Air volume control for right air outlet 36 Seat belt extender

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    Instrument Cluster

    1 Fuel au e with reserve warnin lam ellow . See Index. Index. 9 Tri odometer.

    2 Coolant temperature gauge. See Index. 10 Main odometer

    3 Fuel consumption gauge. See Index. 11 Outside temperature indicator. See Index.

    4 Engine oil pressure gauge (bar) with warning lamp (red). See Index. 12 Right turn signal indicator lamp (green)

    5 Left turn si nal indicator lam reen 13 Knob for settin clock to ad ust ull knob out .6 Knob for instrument lamps and trip odometer. See Index. 14 Tachometer.

    7 S eedometer 15 Red markin on tachometer: Excessive en ine

    8 ASR function indicator lamp (yellow). See Index. 16 Clock. See Index

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    Indicator Lamp SymbolsFunction Indicator Lamp

    High beam

    ABS malfunction

    Warning Lamps

    (should go out with the engine running unless)Brake pads worn down. See Index.

    Battery not being charged properly. See Index Brake fluid low (except Canada).Parking brake engaged. See Index.

    Fluid level for windshield and headlamp washersystem low. See Index.

    Brake fluid low (Canada only).Parking brake engaged. See Index.

    Coolant level low. See Index. SRS malfunction. See Index.

    Engine oil level low. See Index. Fasten seat belts. See Index.

    Exterior lamp failure. See Index.

    ADS malfunction. See Index.

    ASR malfunction. See Index.

    Engine malfunction (California only). If thelamp comes on when the engine is running, it

    indicates a malfunction of the fuel injection systemor emission control system. In either case, werecommend that you have the malfunction checkedas soon as possible. See Index.

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    Catalytic Converter

    Your Mercedes-Benz is equipped withmonolithic type catalytic converters, an

    important element in conjunction withthe O2 sensor to achieve substantialcontrol of the pollutants in the exhaustemissions. Keep your vehicle in properoperating condition by following ourrecommended maintenance instructionsas outlined in your MaintenanceBooklet.


    To prevent damage to the catalyticconverters, use only premium unleaded

    gasoline in this vehicle.

    Any noticeable irregularities in engineoperation should be repaired promptly.Otherwise, excessive unburned fuelmay reach the catalytic convertercausing it to overheat.


    As with any vehicle, do not idle, parkor operate this vehicle in areas where

    combustible materials such as grass,hay or leaves can come into contactwith the hot exhaust system, as thesematerials could be ignited.

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    Starting and Turning Off the Engine

    Before Starting

    Engage parking brake and ensureselector lever is in position "P" or "N".Turn key in steering lock to position 2.The charge indicator lamp should comeon.

    Cold Engine

    Do not depress accelerator. Turn keyin steering lock clockwise to the stop.Release key only when the engine isfiring regularly.

    Hot Engine

    Do not depress accelerator. Turn key insteering lock clockwise to the stop.If the engine has not fired after approx.4 seconds, depress accelerator andcontinue cranking until the engine isfiring regularly. Release key and backoff accelerator.

    At very high coolant temperatures theengine starting time can be shortened ifthe accelerator is depressed slowly atthe beginning of the starting process.

    Turning Off

    Turn the key in the steering lock toposition 0 to stop the engine.

    The key can only be removed with theselector lever in position "P".

    If the coolant temperature is very high(e.g. after hard driving on mountainroads), do not shut off the engineimmediately, but allow it to run for 1 -

    2 minutes at increased idle speed withselector lever in position "P" or "N".


    Due to the installed starter non-repeatfeature, the key must be turned

    completely to the left before attemptingto start the engine again.

    Observe the oil pressure gaugeimmediately after starting the engine.In a very cold engine the oil pressurewill rise slowly after the engine hasstarted. Do not speed up the engine

    before pressure is registered on thepressure gauge. If you do not see thegauge register oil pressure, stop theengine and have it checked.

    The charge indicator lamp should goout as soon as the engine has started.

    In areas where temperatures frequentlydrop below -4F (-20C) werecommend that an engine block heater

    be installed. Your authorizedMercedes-Benz dealer will advise youon this subject.

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    Driving Instructions

    Power Assistance


    When the engine is not running, thebrake and steering systems arewithout power assistance. Underthese circumstances, a much greatereffort is necessary to stop or steer thevehicle.



    When driving down long and steepgrades, relieve the load on the brakes

    by shifting into "3", "2" or "B". Thishelps prevent overheating of the brakesand reduces brake pad wear. Do notexceed engine speed limits. Refer toTechnical Data for downshift points.

    After hard braking, it is advisable todrive on for some time, rather thanimmediately parking, so the air streamwill cool down the brakes faster.


    After driving in heavy rain for sometime without applying the brakes or

    through water deep enough to wetbrake components, the first brakingaction may be somewhat reducedand increased pedal pressure may benecessary. Be sure to maintain a safedistance from vehicles in front.

    The condition of the parking brake

    system is checked each time the car isin the shop for the requiredmaintenance.

    Between maintenance checks, it is agood practice to apply the parking

    brake once or twice while driving at

    approximately 30 mph (50 km/h) on adry straight road. Apply parking brakelightly while pulling the release handleout until a slight drag on the wheels isfelt. Keep applying the brake for about10 seconds while pulling the releasehandle out before releasing the parking

    brake completely. This practice willkeep the parking brake at maximumefficiency


    The stop lamps will not come onwhen applying the parking brake

    only. Perform the procedure in theprevious paragraph only when theroad is clear of other traffic.

    Resting your foot on the brake pedalwill cause excessive and prematurewear of the brake pads.

    It can also result in the brakesoverheating thereby significantlyreducing their effectiveness. It maynot be possible to stop the car insufficient time to avoid an accident.

    All checks and maintenance work on

    the brake system should be carried outby an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    If the parking brake is released and thebrake warning lamp in the instrumentcluster stays on, the brake fluid level inthe reservoir is too low.

    Brake pad wear or a leak in the systemmay be the reason for low brake fluidin the reservoir.

    Have the brake system inspected at anauthorized Mercedes-Benz dealerimmediately.

    Install only brake pads and brake fluidrecommended by Mercedes-Benz.


    If other than recommended brake

    pads are installed, the brakingproperties of the vehicle can bedegraded to an extent that safebraking is substantially impaired.


    Tread wear indicators (TWI) are

    required by law. These indicators arelocated in six places on the treadcircumference and become visible at adepth of approximately


    (1.5 mm), at which point the tire isconsidered worn and should bereplaced.

    The tread wear indicator appears as asolid band across the tread.


    Do not allow your tires to wear downtoo far. With less than

    1/16in (1.5

    mm) of tread, the adhesionproperties on a wet road are sharplyreduced.

    Depending upon the weather and/orroad surface (conditions), the tiretraction varies widely.

    Specified tire pressures must bemaintained. This applies particularly ifthe tires are subjected to high loads(e.g. high speeds, heavy loads, highambient temperatures).


    Do not drive with a flat tire. A flattire affects the ability to steer orbrake the vehicle. You may losecontrol of the car. Continued drivingwith a flat tire or driving at highspeed with a flat tire will causeexcessive heat build-up and possibly

    a fire.

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual




    Depending on the depth of the waterlayer on the road, aquaplaning may

    occur, even at low speeds and with newtires. Reduce vehicle speed, avoid trackgrooves in the road and apply brakescautiously in the rain.

    Tire Traction

    The safe speed on a wet, snow covered

    or icy road is always lower than on adry road.

    You should pay particular attention tothe condition of the road whenever theoutside temperatures are close to thefreezing point.


    If ice has formed on the road, tiretraction will be substantiallyreduced. Under such weatherconditions, drive, steer and brakewith extreme caution.

    We recommend M + S radial-ply tiresfor the winter season for all four wheelsto insure normal balanced handlingcharacteristics.

    On packed snow, they can reduceyour stopping distance as com-paredwith summer tires. Stopping distance,however, is still considerably greater

    than when the road is wet or dry.Tire Speed Rating

    Your vehicle is factory equipped with an"H"-rated tire, which has a speed ratingof 130 mph (210 km/h). An electronicspeed limiter prevents your vehicle from

    exceeding the speed resting.

    Notwithstanding tire speed rating, localspeed limits should be obeyed, and

    prudent driving speeds appropriate toprevailing conditions should beemployed.


    Never operate a vehicle at speedsgreater than the maximum speedrating of the tires with which it isequipped. Exceeding the maximumspeed for which tires are rated canlead to sudden tire failure, causingloss of vehicle control, andresulting in personal injury andpossible death.



    To reduce the risk of personal injuryas a result of vehicle movement,before turning off the engine andleaving the vehicle always:

    1. Keep right foot on brakepedal.

    2. Firmly depress parking brake

    pedal.3. Move the selector lever to

    position "P".4. Slowly release brake pedal.5. Turn front wheels towards

    the road curb.6. Turn the key to steering

    lock position 0 and remove.


    It is advisable to set the parking brakewhenever parking or leaving thevehicle. In addition, move selectorlever to position "P".

    When parking on hills, always set theparking brake.

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    Winter Driving Instructions

    The most important rule for slippery oricy roads is to drive sensibly and to

    avoid abrupt acceleration, braking andsteering maneuvers. Do not use thecruise control system under suchconditions.

    When the vehicle is in danger ofskidding, move selector lever to

    position "N". Try to keep the vehicle

    under control by corrective steeringaction.

    Road salts and chemicals can adverselyaffect braking efficiency. Increased

    pedal force may become necessary toproduce the normal brake effect. We

    therefore recommend depressing thebrake pedal periodically when travelingat length on salt-strewn roads. This can

    bring road salt impaired brakingefficiency back to normal.A prerequisite is, however, that this isdone without endangering other driverson the road.

    If the vehicle is parked after beingdriven on salt treated roads, the brakingefficiency should be tested as soon as

    possible after driving is resumed while

    observing the safety rules in theprevious paragraph.


    If the vehicle becomes stuck in snow,make sure that snow is kept clear ofthe exhaust pipe and from around

    the vehicle with engine running.Otherwise, deadly carbon monoxide(CO) gases may enter vehicle interiorresulting in unconsciousness anddeath.

    To assure sufficient fresh air

    ventilation, open a window slightlyon the side of the car that is out ofthe wind

    Passenger Compartment


    Always fasten items being carried assecurely as possible.

    In an accident, during hard brakingor sudden maneuvers, loose itemswill be thrown around inside thevehicle, and cause injury to vehicleoccupants unless the items are

    securely fastened in the vehicle.

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual




  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    Air Outlets 5 Left center air outlet, adjustable Dust Filter

    1 Air volume control for left air 6 Right center air outlet, adjustable

    outlet, turn left open 7 Side air outlet, left and right, Dust particles ( down to a2 Air volume control for left center adjustable Certain and pollen are filtered

    air outlet, turn left open Out before outside air enters

    3 Air volume control for right center Push-button for center air outlets the passenger compartment

    outlet, turn left open 8 Heated air supply ( red indicator) through the air distribution

    4 Air volume control for right air 9 Non-heated/cooled air supply (blue indicator) system.

    outlet, turn left to open Basic mode:

    None of the push-buttons (8 or 9) is pressed.

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    Automatic Climate Control

    Left side passenger compartment

    Right side passenger


    5 Defrost

    1 Temperature selector 6 Residual engine heat utilization 12 Temperature selector

    2 Temperature display 7 Air recirculation 13 Temperature display

    3 Automatic mode 8 Air volume selector 14 Automatic mode

    4 Air distribution buttons 9 Economy 15 Air distribution buttons

    10 Selection switch

    11 Off

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    The temperature selected with thetemperature selector is reached asquickly as possible.

    The temperature selector should be leftat the desired temperature setting.

    With the center air outlets open and thesystem in heating mode, switch theoutlets to non-heated/ cooled air by

    pressing the blue button (indicator lamplights up).

    With the center air outlets open and thesystem in cooling mode, switch theoutlets to non-heated/ fresh air by

    pressing the red button (indicator lamplights up).

    The system will not heat or cool anyquicker by setting a higher or lowertemperature.

    The automatic climate control onlyoperates with the engine running.

    The automatic climate control removesconsiderable moisture from the airduring operation in the cooling mode.It is normal for water to drip on theground through ducts in the underbody

    1, 12 Temperature Selector

    The desired interior temperature can beselected separately for the left and rightside of the passenger compartment.

    A basic setting in the white field of theselector is recommended, and can beused for driving year round.

    The selected temperature can be shownin the display window (2) in either F

    or C.

    3, 14 Automatic Mode

    This is the normal setting.

    Air volume and distribution are

    controlled automatically.

    To select: Press button(indicator lamp lights up)

    To change selection:

    Press or button (indicator lamp of selected

    button lights up). The indicator lampfor button goes out.


    If the Automatic Climate Control is inthe "Diagnosis Mode", turn key insteering lock to position 0 to return it toits normal operation.

    5 Defrost

    Maximum heated and automaticallycontrolled amount of air is directed tothe windshield and side windows.

    As the engine coolant temperatureincreases, the air volume is auto-matically increased, thereby defrostingas quickly as possible.Open and direct air outlets (7) towardsthe side windows.

    Note:Press once again to return toprevious setting.

    Defogging Windows

    Switch off , or switch on(left and right side), or switch on

    Note:To quickly defog the inside of thewindshield, select the largest airvolume and air distribution button

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    6 Residual Engine HeatUtilization

    With the engine switched off, it ispossible to continue heating the interiorfor a short while. The rear passengercompartment air outlet must be closed.

    Air volume and distribution arecontrolled automatically.

    To select:

    Turn key in steering lock to position 1or 0 or remove key.

    Press button (indicator lamplights up). This function selection willnot activate if the engine coolant

    temperature is below 122F (50C) orif the battery charge level is insufficient.

    To cancel: Press button

    (indicator lamp goes out). Turn key in steering lock to

    position 2.

    The system will automaticallyshut off

    after approx. 30 minutes, if the engine coolant temperature

    drops below 122F (50C), if the battery voltage drops.

    7 Air Recirculation

    Outside air is not supplied to the car'sinterior.

    This mode can be selected to preventannoying odors or dust from enteringthe car's interior.

    To select:Press button (indicator

    lamp lights up).

    To cancel:Press button(indicator lamp goes out

    The system will automatically switchfrom recirculated air to fresh air if

    button is pressed

    after approx. 5 minutes atoutside temperatures belowapprox. 40F(5C),

    after approx. 20 minutes, atoutside temperatures aboveapprox. 40F (5C),

    If button is pressed after approx.5 minutes.


    If the windows should fog up from theinside, switch from recirculated air

    back to fresh air.

    At high outside temperatures, thesystem automatically engages therecirculated air mode therebyincreasing the cooling capacity

    performance, switching to partiallyfresh air within 20 minutes.

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    8 Air Volume Selector

    The air volume is automaticallyregulated in

    AUTO = Normal settingand all intermediate positions, exceptwhen selecting

    MIN = minimum air flow,MAX = maximum air flow.

    9 Economy

    The function of this settingcorresponds to the automatic mode.However, because the air conditioningcompressor will not engage (fuelsavings), it is not possible to aircondition in this setting.

    11 Off

    The fresh air supply to the car interioris shut off.

    While driving, use this setting onlytemporarily, otherwise the windshieldcould fog up.


    This vehicle is equipped with an air

    conditioner system that uses HFC-134a(ozone-friendly hydro-fluorocarbon) asa refrigerant.

    Repairs should always be performed bya qualified technician, and refrigerantshould be collected in a recovery

    system for recycling.

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    Rear Passenger CompartmentAdjustable Air Outlet

    Vehicles without rear passenger

    compartment climate control.

    Slide switch (1) up to open outlet forfresh/cooled air only.

    Active Charcoal Filter

    1 Switch on2 Switch off

    An active charcoal filter markedlyreduces bad odors and removes

    pollutants from the air entering thepassenger compartment.

    When pressing button or , thefilter is automatically switched off.


    The active charcoal filter should beswitched off when windows fog up on

    the inside, or if the passengercompartment needs to be quicklyheated up or cooled down.

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    Car Keys

    Included with your vehicle are:

    2 Master keys with infraredremote control,

    1 Master key, 1 Valet key, 1 Flat key.

    Infrared Remote Control withFoldering Master Key

    The master key fits all locks on the car.

    The transmitter for the infrared remotecontrol is located in the key holder, thereceivers are located in the doorhandles and next to the trunk lock.

    Master Key

    The master key fits all locks on the car.

    Valet Key

    The valet key fits only the door locksand the steering lock.

    The valet key will not fit the trunk lockor storage compartments lock in thedashboard.

    Flat Key

    The flat key fits all locks on the car.

    Notes:Do not give the master key to anunauthorized person.

    We recommend that you carry the flatkey with you and keep it in a safe place(e.g. your wallet) so that it is alwayshandy. Never leave the flat key in thevehicle.


    When leaving the vehicle alwaysremove the key from the steeringlock. Do not leave childrenunattended in the vehicle.Unsupervised use of vehicleequipment may cause seriouspersonal injury.

    Obtaining Replacement Keys

    Your vehicle is equipped with a theftdeterrent locking system requiring aspecial key manufacturing process. Forsecurity reasons, replacement keys canonly be obtained from your authorized

    Mercedes-Benz dealer.

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    Master Key in Key Holder

    1 Release button for master key

    Releasing: press release button (1). Thekey unfolds from the holder by itself.

    Storing: press release button (1) andfold key back into holder.

    Infrared Remote Control

    1 Transmit button

    Transmitter eye and battery check

    The vehicle can be centrally locked andunlocked, as well as the windows andsliding roof closed with infrared remotecontrol.

    The transmitter is located in the keyholder, the receivers are located in the

    door handles and next to the trunk lock.

    3 Receiver in door handle


    Aim transmitter eye (2) at a receiver(3) and press transmit button (1).Distance to receiver max. 20 ft (6 m).

    The green indicator lamps on thereceivers should blink. They stop

    blinking when the vehicle is unlocked.

    Note:If the trunk was previously locked

    separately, it will remain locked

    (see Index).

    L ki N t

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    3 Receiver next to trunk lock


    Aim transmitter eye (2) at a receiver(3) and press transmit button (1).Distance to receiver max. 20 ft (6 m).

    The red indicator lamps on thereceivers should blink. They stop

    blinking after approximately 3 secondswhen the vehicle is properly locked.


    If a door or the trunk is not properlyclosed after you attempt to lock the car

    by remote control, the red indicatorlamps will continue to blink (max. 10seconds). Open the door or trunk lid,close it properly, and lock the caragain.

    If the vehicle cannot be locked orunlocked by pressing the transmit

    button (1), then it may be necessary tochange the batteries in the transmitter(if ok, battery indicator lamp intransmitter will light briefly whentransmitting) or to synchronize thesystem, seeRemote Control, Infraredin Index

    Closing Windows and Sliding/ Warning! Note:

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    Closing Windows and Sliding/Pop-Up Roof from Outside

    Continue to press transmit button (1)after locking car. Distance to receivermax. 10 ft. (3 m).

    The windows and sliding/pop-up roofbegin to close after approx. 1 second.


    Never close the windows orsliding/pop-up roof if there is thepossibility of anyone being harmedby the closing procedure.

    In case the closing procedurecauses potential danger, the closingprocedure can be immediatelyreversed by releasing and pressingthe remote control button again

    until the green indicator lamp at thereceiver blinks. The sliding/pop-uproof and windows will open again.The sliding/pop-up roof will onlyopen if it was not fully closed.


    If the side windows and sliding/ pop-up roof cannot be closedautomatically by using the key or by

    pressing the transmit button of theinfrared remote control (e.g. after a

    battery change), press side ofpower window switch in centerconsole until the window iscompletely closed and hold foradditional 2 seconds. Repeat

    procedure for each window.

    The automatic closing procedure ofthe windows and sliding/pop-up roofshould now be restored.

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    Central Locking System

    The entire vehicle may be locked orunlocked by either using the master key

    in the door or trunk locks, or centrallocking switch located in driver's door.The central locking system also locks orunlocks the fuel filler flap.


    If the fuel filler flap cannot be opened,refer toFuel Filler Flap, ManualRelease(see Index).


    1 Opening - pull handle2 Unlocking

    3 Locking4 Individual door from inside:

    Push lock button down to lock.

    Pull lock button up to unlock.

    Central locking switch

    When you lock the car, all door lockbuttons should move down. If any one

    stays up, the respective door is notproperly closed.

    You should then unlock the car, openand reclose this door, and lock thecar again. Each individual door can belocked with door lock button - the

    driver's door can only be locked whenit is closed.

    The doors can only be locked with the Notes:

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    The doors can only be locked with thecentral locking switch, if the frontdoors are closed.

    The doors cannot be unlocked with the

    central locking switch, if car waspreviously locked from outside.

    When opening a front door, the entirecar is unlocked, if it was previouslylocked with the central locking switch.

    If the car has previously been lockedfrom the outside, only the door beingopened from the inside will unlock, theremaining doors, the trunk lid and fuelfiller flap remain locked. Trunk

    1 Neutral position - push to open2 Unlocking3 Locking (detent)4 Separate locking of trunk -

    remove key in this position.

    When the trunk is separately locked, itremains locked when unlocking anydoor.

    To deny any unauthorized personaccess to the trunk, lock it separately.Leave only the valet key with thevehicle.


    In case of a malfunction in the centrallocking system the doors and trunk can

    be locked and unlocked individually.

    To lock, turn key to position 3 or pushdown lock buttons.

    To unlock, turn key to position 2 orpull up lock buttons.

    The trunk lid can be lowered by usingthe recessed grips in the trunk lid liner,and closed with the dirt-free retractinghandle.

    If the trunk lid cannot be closed, refertoTrunk Lid, Manual Closing

    (see Index).


  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    Door lock, leftand trunk lock

    Power Windows and Sliding/Pop-Up Roof

    1 Closing2 Interrupting3 Opening

    Door lock, right

    When locking doors or trunk, turn key

    in door lock or trunk lock to position 1and hold. The windows and thesliding/pop-up roof begin to closeautomatically after approximately 1second.

    To interrupt the closing procedure,turn key to position 2.


    Never close the windows or sliding/pop-up roof if there is the possibilityof anyone being harmed by the

    closing procedure.

    In case the closing procedurecauses potential danger, the closingprocedure can be immediatelyreversed by turning the key to theunlocking position (3) within 10

    seconds. The sliding/pop-up roofand windows will open again. Thesliding/pop-up roof will only openif it was not fully closed.


    If the closing procedure is interrupted, itcan only be continued by first turningthe key to the unlocked position (3) andthen again to the locking position (1)and hold.

    Power Closing Assist for Doors and Note: Warning!

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    owe C os g ss s o oo s dTrunk Lid

    The doors and trunk lid closeautomatically if:

    doors are pushed against the lock,

    trunk lid is lowered against the lock,

    It is not necessary to slam doors ortrunk lid closed, a pneumatic power-

    assisted mechanism will latch doorsand trunk lid quietly and automaticallyonce the lid or door has been broughtto a close. When the pneumatic power-assisted mechanism has stopped, doorsand/or trunk can be reopened.

    No e:

    If the trunk lid does not close, refer toTrunk Lid, Manual Closing in Index.

    W g!

    To prevent possible personal injury,always keep hands and fingers awayfrom the door or trunk opening

    when closing a door or the trunk lid.Be especially careful when smallchildren are around.

    The pneumatic power closing assistmechanism cannot be interruptedonce it has been engaged.

    To prevent personal injury, neveractivate the closing assist mechanismby tampering with the door or trunklid latch.

    Anti-Theft Alarm System The alarm will last approximately 150

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    1 Indicator lamp in switch locatedin center console


    The anti-theft alarm is automaticallyarmed or disarmed with any of yourvehicle's keys or infrared remote

    control by locking or unlocking eitherfront door or the trunk.

    A blinking lamp (1) indicates that thealarm is armed. Now the enginecannot be started.

    The anti-theft alarm is disarmed whenunlocking either front door or the trunkwith any of your vehicle's keys orinfrared remote control.


    Once the alarm system has beenarmed, the exterior vehicle lamps willflash and the horn will soundintermittently when someone:

    opens a door, opens the trunk, opens the hood,

    removes the radio, switches on or bridges the ignition

    circuit, steps on the brake pedal.

    pp yseconds in the form of blinking exteriorlamps. At the same time an additionalhorn will sound intermittently for 60seconds, pause for 30 seconds, and

    repeat for another 60 seconds. Thealarm will stay on even if the activatingelement (a door, for example) isimmediately closed.


    Do not give the master key to anunauthorized person. We recommendthat you carry the flat key safely withyou so that it is always handy. The flatkey has the same functions as themaster key.

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    The slide switches are located in eachfront door.

    Turn key in steering lock to position 1or 2 (with the driver's or front

    passenger's door open, the power seatscan also be operated with the keyremoved or in steering lock position 0).

    Seat and head restraint adjustment:

    A Seat, fore/aft, up/down

    B Seat tiltC Seat cushion depthD Backrest tiltE Head restraint

    Adjust head restraint to support theback of the head approximately atear level. The head restraintinclination can also be adjusted



    Your car is equipped with powerhead restraints, do not try to raise orlower them manually.

    Power Seats, Front


    Do not adjust the driver's seat whiledriving. Adjusting the seat whiledriving could cause the driver tolose control of the vehicle.

    Never ride in a moving vehicle withthe seat back reclined. Sitting in an

    excessively reclined position can bedangerous. You could slide underthese at belt in a collision. If youslide under it, the belt would applyforce at the abdomen or neck. Thatcould cause serious or even fatalinjuries. The seat back and seat

    belts provide the best restraintwhen the wearer is in an uprightposition and belts are properlypositioned on the body.

    Never place hands under or nearany moving parts while a seat isbeing adjusted.

    Storing seat/head restraint/ steeringh l/ i d i id i

    Recalling seat/head restraint/ steeringh l/ i d i id i

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    F Memory buttonG Position buttons

    wheel/exterior and inside rear viewmirror positions in memory:

    Three sets of seat/head restraint/

    steering wheel/exterior and inside rearview mirror positions may be

    programmed into memory. After theseat/head restraint/steering wheel/exterior and inside rear view mirrorsare positioned, push memory button F,release, and within 3 seconds push

    position button "1". A second and thirdset of positions for the same seat/ headrestraint/steering wheel/ exterior andinside rear view mirrors can be

    programmed into memory by pushingfirst button "F" and then "2",respectively "3".


    See Index for instructions onadjustment of steering wheel andmirrors.

    wheel/exterior and inside rear viewmirror positions stored in memory:

    To recall a seat/head restraint/ steering

    wheel/exterior and inside rear viewmirror position, push and hold position

    button "1", "2" or "3" until seat/headrestraint/ steering wheel/exterior andinside rear view mirror movement hasstopped. The seat/head restraint/steering wheel/exterior and inside rear

    view mirror movement stops when theposition button is released.


    Do not remove head restraints exceptwhen mounting seat covers. Forremoval and installation refer to Head

    Restraints, Removalin Index.Whenever restraints have beenremoved be sure to reinstall them

    before driving.

    Important! Entering Rear Passenger

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual




    Bring seat backrest to upright positionbefore recalling a stored seat/head

    restraint/steering wheel/exterior andinside rear view mirror position,otherwise the front seats could getforced against a rear seat and bedamaged.

    Prior to operating the vehicle, thedriver should adjust the seat height for

    proper vision as well as fore/aftplacement and seat back angle to insureadequate control, reach, operation, andcomfort. The head restraint should also

    be adjusted for proper height.

    Both the inside and outside rear view

    mirrors should be adjusted for adequaterearward vision.

    Fasten seat belts. Infants and smallchildren should be seated in a properlysecured restraint system that complieswith U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle SafetyStandard 213 and CanadianMotor Vehicle Safety Standard 213.1.

    All seat, head restraint, and rear viewmirror adjustments as well asfastening of seat belts should be done

    before the vehicle is put into motion.

    Backrest lock

    1 Release button

    When a door is open, the backrests canbe folded forward without pushing thebutton.

    With doors closed and key in steeringlock position 2 the backrests arelocked.

    The lock can be released by pushingbutton (1).

    g gCompartment

    With the door open, fold front seat

    backrest forward. Automatically the seatwill slide forward and the head restraintmove down.

    When folding the seat backrest back,seat and head restraint return to their

    previous positions.

    To interrupt the automatic process,activate the power seat switch.


    Never place hands under seat ornear any moving parts during the

    seat adjustment procedure.

    The amount of cushion height andc r at re ma be adj sted after t rning

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    Lumbar Support

    1 Pressure regulator

    The seats have an inflatable air cushionbuilt into the backrest to provideadditional lumbar support.

    The inflation pressure of the aircushion can be continuously varied

    between position "0" = without

    pressure, and position "5" = maximumpressure, by changing the pressureregulator (1) setting.

    Multicontour Backrest

    1 Bottom2 Center

    3 Top4 Pressure regulator5 Side bolster adjustment

    Some models may be equipped withorthopedic seats. These seats haveinflatable air cushions built into the

    backrest to provide additional lumbarand side support.

    curvature may be adjusted after turningthe key in steering lock to position 2.

    The center section (2) can be selected

    together with bottom section (1) or topsection (3).

    The inflation pressure of the air cushioncan be continuously varied between

    position "0" = without pressure, andposition "5" = maximum pressure, by

    changing the pressure regulator (4)setting.

    The side bolsters of the backrest canbe adjusted with push button (5):

    pushing forward -increase side support,

    pushing backward -decrease side support.

    If the engine is turned off, the lastcushion setting is retained in memory,and automatically adjusts the cushionto this setting when the engine is


    The front seat heaters can be switchedon with the key in steering lock


  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    Heated Seats

    The front seat heater switches arelocated to the left and right side of the

    center console ashtray.

    on with the key in steering lockpositions 1 or 2, the rear seat heatersonly in steering lock position 2.

    Press switch to turn on heater:

    1 Normal heating mode. Oneindicator lamp in the switchlights up.

    2 Rapid heating mode. Both

    indicator lamps in the switchlight up.After approximately 5 minutes inthe rapid heating mode, the heaterautomatically switches to normaloperation and only one indicatorlamp will stay on.

    Turning off heater:

    If one indicator lamp is on, press upperhalf of switch.

    If both indicator lamps are on, presslower half of switch.

    If left on, the heater automaticallyturns off after approximately 30minutes of operation

    When in operation, the seat heaterconsumes a large amount of power. It isadvisable not to use the seat heater

    longer than necessary.

    The seat heaters may automaticallyswitch off if too many powerconsumers are switched on at the sametime, or if the battery charge is low.When this occurs, the indicator lamp in

    the switch will blink (both indicatorlamps blink during rapid seat heating).The seat heaters will switch on againautomatically as soon as sufficientvoltage is available.

    If the blinking of the indicator lamps isdistracting to you, the seat heaters can

    be switched off.


  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    Switches in center consoles

    Power Head Restraints, Rear

    Turn key in steering lock to position 1or 2 (with the driver's or passenger'sdoor open, the power head restraintscan also be operated with the keyremoved or in steering lock position 0).Activate switch:

    1 Place head restraint upright.2 Fold head restraint backward.

    Switch in front center console:

    Both head restraints together can beplaced in either upright or fold-down


    Switches in rear center console:

    The head restraints can be placedindividually in either upright or fold-down position.

    Inclination of head restraints:

    The head restraint inclination can beadjusted manually.

    For safety reasons, always drive withthe rear head restraints in the upright

    position when the rear seats are


    Keep area around head restraints clearof articles (e.g. clothing) to not obstructthe folding operation of the headrestraints.

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    Armrest with Compartment forTelephone Handset(Front Seats)

    1 Armrest folded down2 Normal use (3 comfort positions)3 Armrest folded up

    Folding down:

    Raise armrest past top comfort position

    and push down.

    Adjusting height:Raise armrest to desired position

    Press button (4) to open cover.


    The armrest does not suffice as achild restraint system. In case of a

    frontal collision a child can be

    catapulted forward over the locked

    armrest. Infants and small children

    should always be seated in a

    properly secured restraint systemthat complies with U.S. Federal

    Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213

    and Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety

    Standard 213.1.

    Armrest with integrated StorageCompartment (Rear Seats)

    Pull down the armrest by its strap.

    Before storing the armrest in thebackrest, close its storage compartmentlid.

    For the removal of theRear SeatCushion,see Index.

    Adjustable Steering Wheel ote:

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    Turn key in steering lock to position 1or 2 (with the driver's or front

    passenger's door open, the steeringwheel can also be operated with thekey removed or in steering lock

    position 0).

    To lengthen or shorten the steeringcolumn, push in or pull out switch (1).

    To raise or lower steering wheel, pushswitch (1) up or down.

    The steering wheel position can bestored in memory together with theseat/head restraint/exterior and insiderear view mirror positions, see Index.


    Do not adjust the steering wheelwhile driving. Adjusting the steeringwheel while driving could cause the

    driver to lose control of the vehicle.

    Seat Belts and SupplementalRestraint System (SRS)

    Warning! Seat Belt Warning System

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    y ( )

    Your vehicle is equipped with seatbelts for all seats, emergency

    tensioning retractors for the front seats,as well as airbags and knee bolsters fordriver and front passenger.

    Seat Belts


    Laws in most states and all Canadianprovinces require seat belt use.

    All states and provinces require use ofchild restraints that comply with U.S.Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard213 and Canadian Motor VehicleSafety Standard 213.1.

    We strongly recommend their use

    Never ride in a moving vehicle withthe seat back reclined. Sitting in anexcessively reclined position can be

    dangerous. You could slide under theseat belt in a collision. If you slideunder it, the belt would apply forceat the abdomen or neck. That couldcause serious or even fatal injuries.The seat back and seat belts providethe best restraint when the wearer is

    in an upright position and belts areproperly positioned on the body.

    With the key in steering lock position2, an audible warning sounds for ashort time if the driver's seat belt is not



    Failure to wear and properly fastenand position your seat belt greatlyincreases your risk of injuries and

    their likely severity in an accident.You and your passengers shouldalways wear seat belts.


    If you are ever in an accident, yourinjuries can be considerably moresevere without your seat beltproperly buckled. Without your seatbelt buckled, you can hit the interiorof the vehicle or be ejected from it.You can be seriously injured orkilled.

    In the same crash, the possibility forinjury or death is lessened with yourseat belt buckled.

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    Seat Belt Extender

    When the respective door is closed andthe key is in steering lock position 1 or2, the seat belt extender brings the beltforward within easy reach of theoccupant.

    The seat belt extender also brings thebelt forward, if the seat is not occupied.

    Switch on center console

    With the doors closed and seat belt notbuckled, the seat belt extender can alsobe brought forward by using theswitch.

    If the seat belt is not buckled within 30

    seconds, the seat belt extender willreturn to its rest position.

    This is also the case if the key is turnedto steering lock position 1 or if a dooris opened.


    The seat belt extender must be in itsrest position for the seat belt toprovide proper protection. If the

    electrical system fails, forcibly pushthe extender back to its rest position.

    If the seat belt extender cannot bebrought to its rest position, the seatbelt cannot provide properprotection in case of an accident.

    In this case have the system checkedat your authorized Mercedes-Benzdealer.

    Unfastening of Seat Belts

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    1 Latch plate2 Buckle3 Release button

    Fastening of Seat Belts

    Push latch plate (1) into buckle (2)until it clicks.

    The lap belt should be positioned as lowas possible on your hips and not acrossthe abdomen.

    Tighten the lap portion to a snug fit bypulling shoulder portion up.

    Tighten to a snug fit by feeding belttoward retractor.

    Adjust seat belt so that shoulderportion is located as close as possibleto the middle of your shoulder. Do nottwist the belt. A twisted seat belt may

    cause injury.

    The shoulder portion of the seat beltmust be pulled snug and checked forsnugness immediately after engagingit. The height setting for the shoulder

    portion of the front seat belts areautomatically adjusted by the fore/aftmovement of the front seat.

    For safety reasons, avoid adjusting theseat or seat back into positions whichcould affect the correct seat belt


    Push the release button (3) in the beltbuckle (2).

    Allow the retractor to completelyrewind the seat belt by guiding thelatch plate (1).



    The inertia reel stops the belt fromunwinding during sudden vehicle stopsor when quickly pulling on the belt.

    The locking function of the reel may bechecked by quickly pulling out the belt.



    That would increase the chance ofhead and neck injuries. The belt

    ld l l t h f

    Pregnant women should also use alap-shoulder belt. The lap belt

    ti h ld b iti d

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual




    Each occupant should wear their

    seat belt at all times, because seatbelts help reduce the likelihood ofand potential severity of injuriesin accidents, including rollovers."SRS" (driver airbag, passengerairbag), "ETR"(seat beltemergency tensioning retractors),

    and knee bolsters are designed toenhance the protection offered toproperly belted occupants incertain frontal impacts whichexceed preset deploymenttresholds.

    Improperly positioned seat belts do

    not provide maximum protectionand may cause serious injuries incase of an accident.

    Never wear the shoulder belt underyour arm, against your neck or offyour shoulder. In a crash, your

    body would move too far forward.

    would also apply top much forceto the ribs, which could severelyinjure internal organs such as

    your liver or spleen

    Position the lap belt as low aspossible on your hips and notacross the abdomen. If the belt ispositioned across your abdomen,it could cause serious injuries in a


    Each seat belt should never beused for more than one person ata time. Do not fasten a seat beltaround a person and objects.

    Belts should not be worn twisted.

    In a crash, you wouldn't have thefull width of the belt to takeimpact forces. The twisted beltagainst your body could causeinjuries.

    portion should be positioned aslow as possible on the hips toavoid any possible pressure on the



    Infants and small children must beseated in an infant or child

    restraint system, which is properlysecured by a lap belt or lap beltportion of a lap-shoulder belt.Children could be endangered inan accident if their child restraintsare not properly secured in thevehicle.

    Rear-facing child restraints mustnot be used in the front seat witha passenger side airbag. Theycould be struck by the airbagwhen it inflates in a crash. If thishappens, a child in the restraintcould be seriously injured.

    According to accident statistics,children are safer when properly

    t i d i th ti

    Supplemental Restraint System(SRS)

    Emergency Tensioning Retractor(ETR)

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    restrained in the rear seatingpositions than in the front seatingpositions.

    Children too big for child restraintsystems should ride in rear seatsusing regular seat belts. Positionshoulder belt across chest andshoulder, not face or neck. Abooster seat may be necessary to

    achieve proper belt positioning.

    Adjust the front passenger seat asfar as possible rearward from thedashboard when a child restraintis installed.

    The SRS uses two crash severity levels(thresholds) to activate either the ETR

    or airbag or both. Activation dependson exceeding the thresholds andfastening of the seat belt.

    Seat belt fastened

    first threshold exceeded:

    ETR activates

    second threshold exceeded:airbag also activates

    Seat belt not fastened

    first threshold exceeded:

    airbag activates, but not ETR

    Driver and front passenger systemsoperate independently from each other.

    The seat belts for the front seats areequipped with emergency tensioning

    retractors. These tensioning retractorsare located in each belt's inertia reel and

    become operationally ready with thekey in steering lock position 1 or 2.

    The emergency tensioning retractorsare designed to activate only when the

    seat belts are fastened during frontaland front-angled impacts exceeding thefirst threshold of the SRS. They removeslack from the belts in such a way thatthe seat belts fit more snugly againstthe body restricting its forwardmovement as much as possible.

    In cases of other frontal impacts,roll-overs, certain side impacts, rearcollisions, or other accidents withoutfrontal forces, the emergencytensioning retractors will not beactivated. The driver and passengerswill then be protected by the fastened

    seat belts and inertia reel in the usualmanner.

    For seat belt and emergency tensioningretractor safety guidelines seeSafetyGuidelinesin Index.


    The most effective occupant restraint

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    The most effective occupant restraintsystem yet developed for use in

    production vehicles is the seat belt. In

    some cases, however, the protectiveeffect of a seat belt can be furtherenhanced by an airbag.

    The driver airbag (1) is located in thesteering wheel hub. The passengerairbag (2) is located in the dashboard

    ahead of the passenger. In conjunctionwith wearing the seat belts withemergency tensioning retractors (4),they provide increased protection forthe driver and passenger in certainmajor frontal and front angled impacts.

    The operational readiness of the airbag

    system is verified by the indicator lamp"SRS" (3) in the instrument cluster. Ifno fault is detected, the lamp will go outafter approximately 4 seconds; after thelamp goes out, the system continues tomonitor the components and circuitry ofthe airbag system and will indicate a

    malfunction by coming on again.

    The following system components aremonitored or undergo a self-check:crash sensor airbag ignition circuits

    In the event a malfunction of the "SRS"is indicated as outlined above, the"SRS" may not be operational We


    The airbags are designed to activate

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    crash-sensor, airbag ignition circuits,driver and passenger seat belt buckles.Initially, when the key is turned from

    steering lock position 0 to positions 1or 2, malfunctions in the crash-sensorare detected and indicated (the "SRS"indicator lamp stays on longer than 4seconds).

    In the operational mode, after the

    indicator lamp has gone out followingthe initial check, interruptions and shortcircuits in the airbag ignition circuitand in the driver and passenger seat

    belt buckle harnesses, and low voltagein the entire system are detected andindicated.

    SRS may not be operational. Westrongly recommend that you visit anauthorized Mercedes-Benz dealer

    immediately to have the systemchecked; otherwise the "SRS" may not

    be activated when needed.

    The airbags are designed to activateonly in certain frontal and front-angled impacts (within the shaded

    area shown in the illustration onpage 48). Only during these types ofimpacts will they provide theirsupplemental protection. The driverand passenger should always wearthe seat belts, otherwise it is notpossible for the airbags to provide

    their intended supplementalprotection.

    In cases of other frontal impacts,roll-overs, certain side impacts, rearcollisions, or other accidents withoutsufficient frontal forces, the airbagwill not be activated. The driver and

    passengers will then be protected bythe fastened seat belts.

    We caution you not to rely on thepresence of an airbag in order toavoid wearing your seat belt.

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual




    The "SRS" is designed to reduce thepotential of injury in certain frontaland front-angled impacts which maycause injuries, however, no systemavailable today can totally eliminateinjuries and fatalities.

    The activation of the "SRS"temporarily releases a small amountof dust from the air-bags. This dust,however, is neither injurious to yourhealth, nor does it indicate a fire in thevehicle.

    The service life of the airbags extendsto the date indicated on the labellocated on the driver-side door latchpost. To provide continued reliabilityafter that date, they should beinspected by an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer at that time and replacedwhen necessary.


    It is very important for your safetyto always be in a properly seatedposition and to wear your seat belt.

    For maximum protection in theevent of a collision always be innormal seated position with your

    back against the seat back. Fastenyour seat belt and ensure that it isproperly positioned on the body.

    Since the airbag inflates withconsiderable speed and force, aproper seating position will keep you

    in a safe distance from the airbag:

    Sit properly belted in an uprightposition with your back againstthe seat back.

    Adjust the driver seat as faras possible rearward, still

    permitting proper operationof vehicle controls.

    Do not lean with your head orchest close to the steering wheel

    or dashboard.

    Adjust the passenger seat as faras possible rearward from thedashboard.

    Infants and small children should

    only be seated in a rear seat andbe properly secured in a childrestraint system.

    Rear-facing child restraints mustnot be used in a front seat with apassenger side airbag.

    Failure to follow these instructionscan result in severe injuries to you orother occupants.

    Safety Guidelines for the Seat Belt,Emergency Tensioning Retractorand Airbag

    The "SRS" is designed to functionon a one-time-only basis. Anairbag or emergency tensioning

    Improper work on the system,including incorrect installationand removal, can lead to possible

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    and Airbag


    Damaged belts or belts that werehighly stressed in an accident mustbe replaced and their anchoringpoints must also be checked. Useonly belts installed or supplied byan authorized Mercedes-Benz


    Do not pass belts over sharp edges.

    Do not make any modification thatcould change the effectiveness ofthe belts.

    airbag or emergency tensioningretractor (ETR) that was activatedmust be replaced.

    No modifications of any kind maybe made to any components orwiring of the "SRS". This includesthe installation of additional trimmaterial, badges etc. over thesteering wheel hub or front

    passenger airbag cover andinstallation of additional electrical/electronic equipment on or near"SRS" components and wiring.

    Several airbag system componentsat the steering wheel get hot afterthe airbag has inflated. Don't try

    to touch them.

    and removal, can lead to possibleinjury through an uncontrolledactivation of the "SRS".

    In addition, through improperwork there is the risk ofrendering the "SRS" inoperative.Work on the "SRS" musttherefore only be performed byan authorized Mercedes-Benz


    When scrapping the airbagunit or emergency tensioningretractor, it is mandatory tofollow our safety instructions.These instructions are availableat your authorized Mercedes-

    Benz dealer.

    When you sell the vehicle we stronglyurge you to give notice to thesubsequent owner that it is equippedwith an "SRS" by alerting him to theapplicable section in the Owner's


    Infant and Child Restraint Systems

    We recommend that all infants and


    According to accident statistics,

    Children too big for child restraintsystems should ride in rear seatsusing regular seat belts. Position

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    children be restrained at all times whilethe vehicle is in motion.


    The use of infant or child restraints isrequired by law in all 50 states and allCanadian provinces.

    Infants and small children should beseated in an infant or child restraintsystem, which is properly secured by alap belt or lap belt portion of a lap-shoulder belt, and that complies withU.S. Federal Motor Vehicle SafetyStandard 213 and Canadian MotorVehicle Safety Standard 213.1. A state-

    ment by the child restraint manufacturerof compliance with this standard can befound on the instruction label on therestraint and in the instruction manual

    provided with the restraint.

    When using any infant or child restraint

    system, be sure to carefully read andfollow all manufacturer's instructionsfor installation and use.

    g ,children are safer when properlyrestrained in the rear seating positions

    than in the front seating positions.

    Rear-facing child restraints must not beused in the front passenger seat. Theycould be struck by the airbag when itinflates in a crash. If this happens, achild in the restraint could be seriouslyinjured.

    Infants and small children should neverbe held on the lap while the vehicle is inmotion. During an accident they wouldbe almost impossible to hold, and couldbe crushed between the adult and thedashboard.

    Infants and small children should nevershare a seat belt with another occupant.During an accident, they could becrushed between the occupant and seatbelt.

    g gshoulder belt across chest andshoulder, not face or neck. A booster

    seat may be necessary to achieveproper belt positioning.

    When the child restraint is not inuse, remove it from the car or secureit with the seat belt to prevent thechild restraint from becoming aprojectile in the event of an accident.

    U.S.A. Models only:

    Since 1986 all U.S. child restraintscomply with U.S. regulations withoutthe use of a tether strap.

    Canada Models only:

    This vehicle can be equipped withtether anchorages for a top tether strap.Consult your authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer for installation of theseanchorages.

    In compliance with Canadian MotorVehicle Safety Standard 210.1, childrestraint tether anchorage hardware isattached to the tool kit located in thetrunk.

    1 Steering is unlocked.(If necessary, move steering wheelslightly to allow the key to be


    A warning will sound when the driver's

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    Steering Lock

    0 The key can be withdrawn in thisposition only. The steering is locked

    with the key removed from thesteering lock. The key can beremoved only with the selector leverin position "P". After removing thekey or with the key in steering lock

    position 0, the selector lever islocked in position "P".

    g y yturned clockwise to position 1.)Most electrical consumers can be

    operated. For detailed informationsee respective subjects.

    2 Driving position.

    3 Starting position.

    Refer to Index forStarting and turningoff the engine.


    When leaving the vehicle alwaysremove the key from the steeringlock. Do not leave children

    unattended in the vehicle.Unsupervised use of vehicleequipment may cause seriouspersonal injury.

    gdoor is opened with the key in steeringlock position 1 or 0.

    With the engine at idle speed, thecharging rate of the alternator (output)is limited.

    It is therefore recommended to turnoff unnecessary electrical consumerswhile driving in stop-and-go traffic.This precaution helps to avoid drainingof the battery.

    Unnecessary strain on the battery andcharging system may be minimized byturning off the following powerconsumers, for example: Heated seats,

    rear window defroster. In addition, theautomatic climate air volume controlshould be set to "MIN"


    To prevent accelerated battery

    discharge and a possible dead battery,always remove the key from thesteering lock.Do notleave the key insteering oock position 0.

    6 Press switch briefly:One wipe without washer water(select only if window is wet

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    Combination Switch

    1 Low beam (exterior lampswitch position )

    2 High beam (exterior lampswitch position )

    3 High beam flasher (high beamavailable independent ofexterior lamp switch position)

    4 Turn signals, right

    5 Turn signals, left

    To signal minor directional changes,such as changing lanes on a highway,move combination switch to the pointof resistance only and hold it there.

    To operate the turn signalscontinuously, move the combinationswitch past the point of resistance (upor down). The switch is automaticallycanceled when the steering wheel isturned to a large enough degree.

    Press switch past resistance point:Windshield washer, windshield

    wiper; headlamp cleaning system(only in exterior lamp switchpositions or ).

    7 Windshield wiper

    0 Wiper offI Intermittent wipingII Normal wiper speedIII Fast wiper speed

    When coming to a stop or drivingslower than approx. 16 mph (25km/h), the wiper speedautomatically switches to the next

    lower setting.

    In setting "I", the interval betweenwipes is lengthened.

    Upon accelerating again, the wiperspeed returns to the previous


    Note:The windshield washer reservoir,hoses and nozzles are automaticallyheated.

    Windshield Washer Fluid MixingRatio

    F b f i

    Blocked Windshield Wiper

    If the windshield wiper becomesbl k d (f l d )

    Signaling Turns with HazardFlasher in Use

    F l h h hi l i b i

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    For temperatures above freezing:

    MB Windshield WasherConcentrate "S" and water

    1 part "S" to 100 parts water(40 ml "S" to 1 gallon water).For temperature below freezing:

    MB Windshield Washer Concentrate"S" and commercially available

    premixed windshield washersolvent/antifreeze

    1 part "S" to 100 parts solvent(40 ml "S" to 1 gallon solvent).

    Windshield Wiper Smears

    If the windshield wiper smears thewindshield, even during rain, activatethe washer system as often as necessary.The fluid in the washer reservoir should

    be mixed in the correct ratio.

    blocked (for example, due to snow),switch off the wiper motor.

    For safety reasons before removing iceor snow, remove key from steering lock.Remove blockage.

    Activate combination switch again(key in steering lock position 1).

    Emergency Operation ofWindshield Wiper

    In case of windshield wiper malfunctionin switch positions I or III, turncombination switch to wiper setting II.

    Have the system checked at yourauthorized Mercedes-Benz dealer assoon as possible.

    For example, when the vehicle is beingtowed (key in steering lock turned to

    position 2):

    With hazard flasher on, activatecombination switch for left or rightturn signal - only the selected turnsignal will blink.

    Upon canceling the turn signal, thehazard flasher will operate again.

    Turn Signal Failure

    If one of the turn signals fails, the turnsignal indicator system flashes andsounds at a faster than normal rate. In

    addition, the exterior lamp failureindicator will come on.


    Parking lamps (also side

    Standing Lamps

    When the vehicle is parked on thet t th t di l ( i ht l ft

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    Exterior Lamp Switch

    Canada only:

    When the engine is running, the low

    beam (includes parking lamps, sidemarker lamps, tail lamps, license platelamps and instrument panel lamps) areautomatically switched on.


    For nighttime driving the exterior lampswitch should be turned to positionto permit activation of the high beamheadlamps

    g p (

    marker lamps, taillamps,license plate lamps,

    instrument panel lamps)Canada only: When theengine is running, the low

    beam is additionallyswitched on.Parking lamps plus low

    beam or high beam

    headlamps (combinationswitch pushed forward)Standing lamps, right(turn left one stop)Standing lamps, left(turn left two stops)Fog lamps(pull out one stop) with

    parkingand/or headlamps onRear fog lamp (pull out to2nd detent) in addition tofog lamps. Indicator lampin lamp switch comes on.

    street the standing lamps (right or leftside parking lamps) can be turned on,

    making the vehicle more visible topassing vehicles.

    The standing lamps cannot be operatedwith the key in steering lock position 2.


    With the key removed and a front dooropen, an audible warning will sound ifthe vehicle's exterior lamps (exceptstanding lamps) are not switched off.

    Fog lamps will operate with theparking lamps and the low or high

    beam headlamps. Fog lamps shouldonly be used in conjunction with low

    beam headlamps. Consult your stateMotor Vehicle Regulations regardingallowable lamp operation.

    Fog lamps are automatically switched

    off when the exterior lamp switch isturned to position O.

    Inside and Exterior Rear ViewMirrors

    Inside Rear View Mirror

    Turn key in steering lock to position 2(with either front door open, the mirrorcan be operated with key removed or insteering lock position 0 or 1)

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    Inside Rear View Mirror

    The mirror is electrically adjustable.

    Use your inside mirror to determine thesize and distance of objects seen in the

    passenger side convex mirror.

    The switch is located on the centerconsole.

    steering lock position 0 or 1).

    Turn switch to position .

    To adjust, move the switch forward,backward or to either side.

    Antiglare Night Position

    With the key in steering lock position2, the mirror responds to changes inlight sensitivity.

    Exterior Rear View Mirrors

    Turn key in steering lock to position 2(with either front door open the mirrors


    The exterior mirrors have electricallyheated glass The heater switches on

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    Exterior rear view mirror, left

    Exterior rear view mirror, right

    (with either front door open, the mirrorscan be operated with key removed or in

    steering lock position 0 or 1).

    Turn switch to select the mirror to beadjusted.

    To adjust, move the switch forward,backward or to either side.

    heated glass. The heater switches onautomatically, depending on outside


    If an exterior mirror housing is forciblypivoted from its normal position, it mustbe repositioned by applying firmpressure until it snaps into place.


    Exercise care when using thepassenger-side mirror. The passenger-side exterior mirror is convex(outwardly curved surface for a widerfield of view). Objects in mirror arecloser than they appear. Check your

    inside rear view mirror or glance overyour shoulder before changing lanes.

    Exterior Rear View MirrorMultiple Images

    This vehicle is equipped with anti-

    Folding the mirrors out

    Turn switch to point rearward. Pressswitch forward until the mirrors are

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    This vehicle is equipped with anti-fogging dual-pane side windows to

    provide extra insulation against heat,cold and noise. Because of the secondpane of glass, under certain light andweather conditions a multiple imagemay become noticeable, especially whenlooking through the side windows at anoutside rear view mirror.

    Storing Mirror Positions inMemory

    The exterior and inside rear viewmirror positions are stored in memorywith the seat/head restraint/ steeringcolumn position and can be recalled

    when necessary, see Index.


    If the inside rear view mirror wasadjusted separately, the originally stored

    position remains in memory. To recall

    position, press the desired positionbutton.

    Folding the mirrors in

    Turn switch to point rearward. Pressswitch rearward until the mirrors are

    folded in.


    Before running the vehicle through anautomatic car wash, fold mirror in,otherwise they may get damaged.

    switch forward until the mirrors arefolded out.


    Do not fold mirrors out, forcing themby hand. This will damage theoperating mechanism of the mirrors.

    Sun Visors

    Swing sun visors down to protectagainst sun glare

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    against sun glare.

    If sunlight enters through a sidewindow, disengage visor from innermounting and pivot to the side. Fromthis position, the visor can slideforward and backward on its shaft

    Illuminated Vanity Mirrors

    Front seats:

    With the visor engaged in its inner

    mounting, the lamp can be switched onby opening the cover.


    Do not use the vanity mirror whiledriving.

    2 Interior Lamps

    A B

    Entrance Lamps, Exit Lamps

    The lamps are switched on and off bythe door contact switches.

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    Interior Lighting

    1 Interior Lamps(Door contact)

    A B

    A Interior lamps are switched on,and off delayed, when unlockingor locking the vehicle, or whenopening either front door.

    However, there will be no delaywhen the key is in steering lockposition 2.

    BInterior lamps switched off

    AInterior lamps switched off

    BInterior lamps switched on

    3 Rear Courtesy Lamps

    A B

    ACourtesy lamps switched offBCourtesy lamps switched on


    The courtesy lamps cannot beswitched off as long as a rear dooris open.

    4 Reading Lamps, Front



    AReading lamp switched off

    BReading lamp switched on

    the door contact switches.


    To prevent the vehicle battery frombeing discharged, do not leave doorsopen for a long period of time.


    To open: Press button (2).

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    Storage Compartments in theDashboard

    1 Storage/eyeglassescompartment

    2 Button for storage/eyeglasses compartment

    3 Glove box4 Button for glove box5 Lock

    p ( )

    Glove Box

    The glove box lid is equipped with acontainer for coins and small accessories.To open: Press button (4).


    The storage compartments may be lockedand unlocked by using the master key inlock (5).

    Locking:Turn master key in lock (5) to theright and remove.

    Unlocking:Turn master key back to vertical


    Storage Compartment between RearSeats

    Lock only when compartment is fullyclosed, otherwise the lock may getdamaged.

    Storage Compartments in the Door

    6 Button for door pocket

    To open:Press button.


    Keep compartment lids closed. Thiswill prevent stored objects from beingthrown about and injuring vehicle

    occupants during an accident.

  • 7/26/2019 1994 S500 S600 Coupe Owner's Manual



    in center console, front


    By touching the top of the cover lightly,the ashtray opens automatically.

    Prior to removing the ashtray insertmove gear selector lever to position "N".


    With the gear selector lever in position"N", turn off the engine and set. Theparking brake. Otherwise the vehiclemight move unintentionally.

    in rear doors

    To remove ashtray from center console:

    Push sliding knob (1) toward the right toeject the insert.

    To remove ashtray from rear doo