1 Aims and Methods of Scouting. Learning Objectives Participants will be able to - understand the underlying principles of Scouting realize how the aims

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  • *Aims and Methodsof Scouting

  • Learning ObjectivesParticipants will be able to -understand the underlying principles of Scoutingrealize how the aims of Scouting apply to Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, Varsity Scouting, and Venturingrelate the aims of Scouting to their own lives and BSA responsibilities*

  • An ExerciseThink about young people you know currently in ScoutingImagine them 10 years from now (Where will they be? What will they be doing?)Write down on the back of the Aims of Scouting work sheet some qualities they may possess that they gained from their Scouting experience*

  • Could The Qualities Includeself-motivationhigh expectationsfocusinterest in the outdoorstechnical skillsleadership abilitycitizenship*

  • Discuss: What Is Scouting?Baden-Powell called it a game with a purposePurpose = Aims of Scouting: to help youthbecome better peoplefully realize their potentialGame = Methods of Scouting: eg, service, outdoor adventure, meetings, advancement*

  • Specific AimsCharacter Development: personal qualities, values, and outlookCitizenship Training: living and working among others with rules based on the common goodMental and Physical Fitness*

  • Specific Methods*

    CubBoy/VarsityVenturing Instilling the IdealsInstilling the IdealsInstilling the IdealsDenPatrol/SquadCrewAdvancementAdvancementRecognitionFamily InvolvementAdult AssociationAdult AssociationActivitiesOutdoor ActivitiesHigh AdventureHome/NeighborhoodPersonal GrowthTeaching OthersUniformUniformLeadership DevelopmentLeadership

  • Why Similar, Yet Different, Methods?Learn and experience in age-appropriate waysOpportunities for increasing responsibilities and leadership developmentAllow youth to progress from dependence on adults for direction to independence*

  • The Foundation:Instilling the IdealsUnderlying the Aims and Methods of Scouting is a foundation of values the idealsCub Scout Promise and Law of the PackBoy Scout Oath and Boy Scout LawVarsity Scout OathVenturing Oath*

  • An ExerciseList on your work sheet specific ways that the BSA program has brought to life the aims, ideals, and methods of Scouting in the various programs, especially your ownDiscuss how do your ideas about aims, values, and methods relate back to youthin the programnot in the program*

  • Do You / Can You . . .understand the underlying principles of Scouting?realize how the aims of Scouting apply to Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, Varsity Scouting, and Venturing?relate the aims of Scouting to your own life and BSA responsibilities?




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