- My seven wonders

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- My seven wonders. By: Gilda Sotelo. The Epcot Center. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


-My seven wonders

-My seven wondersBy: Gilda SoteloThe Epcot CenterThe Epcot center in Walt Disney is this one nice place that many people visit and go to have fun and also to spend time with there family. The Epcot center is located in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. It is one of 4 Theme Parks at Walt Disney World Resort near Orlando, Florida, offers attractions and entertainment. The second park built at the resort, it opened on October 1, 1982 and was initially named Epcot Center. In 1994, the "Center" was dropped from the park's name, and by 1996, the park was simply named Epcot. In 2010, Epcot hosted approximately 10.83million guests, ranking it the third most visited theme park in the United States, and fifth most visited theme park in the world. The Epcot Center was constructed for an estimated $800million to $1.4billion and took three years to build The Epcot Center is a wonder to me because it is on of the most visited place in the world.


The great wall of china is a big wall that was built by men or as some people may say by the Emperor Qin Shihuang. The wall extends from Lintao (present Lintao County in Dingxi City in Gansu Province) in the west and ended at Liaodong (present the eastern and southern parts of Liaoning Province) in the east. Before the use of bricks, the Great Wall was mainly built from earth, stones and wood. Due to the large quantity of materials required to construct the Great Wall, the builders always tried to use local sources. When building over the mountain ranges, the stones of the mountain were exploited and used; while in the plains, earth was rammed into solid blocks to be used in construction. In the desert, even the sanded reeds and juniper tamarisks were used to build the Great Wall. As early as the Warring States Periods (476 BC - 221 BC), the ruling powers began to build walls as a defense against the northern nomadic tribes and other potential enemies. I think that the great wall of china is a wonder because it is the largest stretched out wall of China that you could actually see from space.the Eiffel towerFacts of the Eiffel tower

The Eiffel Tower was the inspiration for the Blackpool in Blackpool, England. After visiting the Great Paris Exhibition in 1889, the town's mayor John Bickerstaffe commissioned the building of the tower, which has a very similar design and was completed 1894. The main differences are that the Blackpool Tower is approximately half the height of the Eiffel Tower and is not freestanding, the base being contained within buildings which house the Tower Circuis. Both the Eiffel Tower and Blackpool Tower feature on the list of the World Federation of Great Towers. The tower is composed of composed of pudding iron. 7,000 metric tons of pudding iron was used to build the Eiffel Tower. I think that the Eiffel Tower is a wonder because it is really huge and it is the winning design of Gustave Eiffel.THE STATUE OF LIBERTY