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Ruby and Carla's initial ideas for our A2 media music video unit.


  • 1. Our MusicVideo

2. Our song which we is using in our video with music in itWe Intertwined - The hush sound 3. The narrative structure So a basic overview of what we want to do: Starts with split screen shot of a laptop playing weintertwined,(one boy scenario, one girl scenario) thenintercutting between boy and girl scenario (1st shot: boy inbed, lip synching) as they leave the house. (daily routinesetc, not too much detail) Main body of the video is the two people walking. Splitscreen of the boy and girl walking, boy walking forwardstowards the camera and girl walking away from the camera.Audience sees boy lip synching and back of girls head. Throughout the walk, things appear behind them and in thebackground of the camera shot, stuff like music notes,bubbles, confetti etc. Finishes with split screen dissolving into a shot of them bothtogether, people lift them up, duvet over them, goes back toshot at beginning of boy in bed. 4. Using and challenging music video conventions Links between lyrics and visuals; we plan to have quite a few links between the lyricsand whats going on on screen, there are lyrics which we feel would fit in nicely with thestoryline the whole way through. However were not fitting every single shot to thelyrics. Links between music and visuals; During the song the bridge and certain parts of thesong change in dynamics, we would like to pick up on some of these and link them withwhats going on on screen. It will be a performance video with a vague narrative these two are often puttogether however In ours, the characters who are taking part in the narrative will alsobe lip syncing. We plan to follow a lot of the music video conventions however we are not having aband in the video at all. 5. Tone of our video Basically, we want our video to have an overall positive tone to it.We want the audience to be uplifted and feel postive about lifeand relationships. We plan to do this by adding in props that people associate withhappiness such as hearts, music notes and confetti, all linking touplifted occasions. Also, the fact that the song is very upbeat,warrants us to do a happy video, rather than a tragic or sad video. We wanted to do a happy video so that we can make ouraudience feel happy! We didnt want our audience going awayfrom our video not being impressed and feeling down, we wantedthem to go away from the video feeling at ease and finding ourvideo entertaining. We want to use our actors to portray the happy emotions,especially the male actor, as we want the video to be as happy aspossible, we need very good acting skills from our male actorwho is constantly facing the camera at all times. 6. Our audience Both genders equally Teens, going from perhaps 12 20 mainly No specific class or status. The genre of music weve used appeals to a wide variety of peopletherefore we can plan to aim our music video at a good range ofpeople. The actors we planned to use will be our age, therefore our targetaudience can relate to them due to age similarity. The colours that we plan to use will be bright and varied this will fitin with the genre and mood of the song and so will fit in withappealing to our target audience. The setting and storyline will be one that any teenager will be able torelate to easily, were setting it in a stereotypical bedroom and in aconventional area where teenagers would live. 7. How our research has helped We think that our research has helped a lot in choosing our video.Mostly, by the use of analysing different music videos such as in yourarms by Kina Grannis and weapon of choice by Fatboy slim, both ofwhich appeal to our generation. This has helped us in making ourdecision because as we our teenagers, these are the videos that we findinteresting and appealing to watch, and so we want to make our videoas interesting, upbeat and entertaining as possible. Also the use of looking into different directors has helped us a lotbecause its given us a lot of different ideas, such as one shot wonders,green screen, split screen etc. Also its helped to see how directors havefitted different genres f music into a likable video for most ages. Also our research into goodwins six helped us to establish our linkbetween lyrics and visuals idea. As this is one of goodwins six rules ofmusic videos, we decided to focus on this as one of the main aspects ofour videos, by incorporating the objects appearing behind thecharacters. 8. Audience feedback Any feedback, positive or negative? (we can take criticism!) Did you like our idea? Would it make you want to watch it? Let us know so we can write a blog/essay next lesson....hooray... 9. THE END LOVE YOU BYE.