Before and ater power point examples

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Inspired by Garr Reynolds' Presentation Zen, some examples of PowerPoint slides redesigned for greater visual impact and simplicity

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  • 1. PowerPoint Makeovers:Before and AfterDr. Marilyn Herie PhD
  • 2. Four Fundamental Processes of MI(Miller, 2010)1. Engaging: The relational foundation2. Focusing: Strategic centering(1 and 2 occur in all types of psychotherapy)3. Evoking: A conscious choice4. Planning: Implementation intention(combination of a specific plan and astated intention to do it = highlypredictive of change)
  • 3. EngagingFocusingEvokingPlanningFour Processes in MIAdapted from Miller and Rollnick, 2013, p. 26
  • 4. Elicit/Provide/ElicitSequenceElicit the patientsunderstanding of the problemProvide informationElicit patients response toyour information
  • 5. Ask/ReflectTellAsk/Reflect
  • 6. A-C-EAutonomyCollaborationEvocationAuthorityCoercionEducationVERSUS
  • 7. AutonomyCollaborationEvocationAuthorityCoercionEducation
  • 8. He really hurt you,but you dont knowhow youd survivefinancially if you left.If you had someresources to fall backon, it would make iteasier to leave him but there are otherthings too that arekeeping you with him.I know that Rick really lost his temper thistime, but what can I do? I dont even have acredit card in my own name!
  • 9. Simple ReflectionComplex ReflectionHe really hurt you, but youdont know how youdsurvive financially if youleft.If you had some resourcesto fall back on, it wouldmake it easier to leave him but there are other thingstoo that are keeping youwith him.I know that Rick really lost his temper this time, but whatcan I do? I dont even have a credit card in my own name!
  • 10. Seven changes anyonecan make:1. Smile2. Get close to the audience3. Learn (and use!) peoples names4. Ask questions5. Acknowledge to yourself thatyou dont have all the answers6. Get there early7. End on time
  • 11. 8 changesanyone canmake
  • 12. X
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