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  • 1. Successful Strategies forcutting recruitment costswithin the FE sector Jim Shaw & Alica MorganMonster AOC Human Resource Conference , May 2011

2. 1 Current Challenges we will review.. Recruitment cost -advertisement & management How to do more with Less or different with less Katie Langham - Acer Reaching efficiencies in-house Adopting a shared services model within HR/Recruitment Working collaboratively - collaborate to save OR compete to spend 3. 2Case studies we will cover How to migrate advertising away from traditional methods, and work moreeffectively to reduce overall recruitment spend? (Monster / Acer case study) How to improve back end processes, through the use of technology byimplementing eRecruitment solutions to automate manual tasks. (CCN case study) 4. 3 Migrating Advertising away from Traditional methodsACER/Monster case studyBackground/ Overview Preferential rates on Media Capacity to migrate towards on-line media Ability to widen the reach of talent attraction for collegesPreferential packageUnlimited Job Posting over 12 monthsCV search licence for 12 monthsTotal cost - 3500 per College which is a 70% discount on rate card costWho is currently using this?Great Yarmouth College, SEEVIC college, City College Norwich, Amersham & Wycombe, Peterborough RegionalCollege, West Hertfordshire College, Barnfield College, New College Stamford, and West Suffolk College 5. 4ACER continued ...Results so far....By March 31st 2009, 11 colleges had agreed to sign up to the annual media package, and to date wehave 11 Colleges on board as part of this framework.Key Stats from Last year... 1,883 adverts were placed Attracting over 153,181 views Generating 10,857 clicks to applyIn total 1098 CVs were downloaded by the member colleges over twelve months, an average of 99 percollege.The Average cost per advert was 31, compared to the average cost of 800-1000 per recruitmentadvert in traditional regional press 6. 5ACER continued ...Overall Savings? 11 colleges saved approx 20,000 each Over the last 2 years overall savings 440,000Examples of Success within the Framework:Peterborough regional College joined the framework in January 2011 and were able to fillboth an Academic and Support role within the 1st 2 months of utilising the package.Oaklands College advertised a campaign to increase their hourly paid Lecturing bank.From this campaign 198 people applied directly to register their interest.They have also been able to fill 2 vocational lecturing positions over the last few months,by utilising CV search and Job Posting inventory. 7. 6eRecruitment solution with Monster City College Norwich Case StudyStrategic objectives for this project:Introduce a simple application process which is structured and specific to the colleges needs.Establish an internal careers siteCost / time savings.Automate the job approval process to save timeProving a ROIImproving customer experienceChanging mindsets to process applicants as they arise rather than in batches.Creation of Talent Pools to fast track recruitment reduce need to recruitment agencies 8. 7 Migrate colleges to on-line e-recruitment applicant tracking 9. 8 Key Benefits City College Norwich found with Monster TMSOnline Application formsAllows candidates to apply online - data is captured in the applicant tracking system and managers can track the status of applications atthe click of a buttonImproved candidate experience / Maintain College BrandCandidates can find jobs easily and the application process is smooth and seamless . Career page in line with the College BrandCross Posting / Job advert distribution:Ability to upload jobs to your career site once and then send to any other external sites without having to re-type the jobHRIS Integration:Integrate hired candidates data into our existing HR and Payroll system (CHRIS 21), which will avoid rekeying for the HR team.Talent Pool:Use previous bank of applications to recommend new vacancies to prior to advertising the vacancy again.Register for future vacancies:Enable your candidates to register for future vacancies through your career site talent poolLetters:Bulk interview invites and reject correspondence (send bulk letters/emails), and manage offer management and on-boardingelectronicallyReporting:The ability to review the source where the hired applicants found the advert, which guides future advertising spend 10. 6 Quote for City College Norwich ...Monsters TMS ticked all the boxes for the College and offered aflexible e-Recruitment approach that is the next logical step in thedevelopment of the service we provide to Managers and Applicants.The partnership with Monster gives the College the opportunity tocreate real efficiency savings within the HR teamSarah SneapHuman Resources Business PartnerCity College Norwich 11. 7 What is your current process?1. Does your HR team use Excel / Outlook to manage applications? (time)2. Can candidates start and application form and complete at a later date? (talent pool)3. Do your candidates need to research for your job adverts more than once in order to apply for a role? (missing out on talent)4. Do you still have a paper based approval process between managers and HR? (time / efficiencies)5. How do you indentify key talent available through your existing talent pool? (cost / improving efficiencies)6. Does your HR team need to upload job postings more than once to external sites, internal sites? (time/cost)7. What is the overall experience that candidates have when applying to your college? (brand)8. Does your HR team need to re-key data to your HR system once you make a hire? (time/cost) 12. 8 Checklist for Colleges when researching e-Recruitmentsolutions1.Implementation time - no longer than 8-12 weeks2.No hidden Training should be included in the overall cost3. Is it a Web-based solution?4.Job distribution?5.Accessible remotely6.The solution should be mapped to any current process/workflow7. Application forms are printable some systems do not allow this such as HR select8.Candidates can register for future vacancies Talent pool9.Ability to integrate to your existing HR/Payroll system10. Option to collaborate with other colleges and share the cost Hub effect11. Has the option to customise reports within the core package A typical college with 800 FTE should be paying no more than 10,000 per year for core solution like this. On a collaborative purchase model a system could cost as little as 5,000 per college 13. 9 Source Matching Managing JOBSEEKER & TALENT MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONPlan for Future Needs Develop your own Map CurrentEmployees Talents Performance Metrics Educational Job Fit CourseAssessments CareerProvidersInformationEmployeeEmployee Self Center Referral Service PortalPersonalized VendorEmployee JobPerformance Candidate CareerSkillsHelp Menus Management BoardManagement Communication DevelopmentAssessmentJob Job Seeker PortalOut PlacementSeamless Applicant Tracking OffMonsterDistributionSolutions OnBoardingPost Hire Solutions Boarding Integration SolutionsEvolutionsMedia Social OnBoardingOffer SuccessionPersonality SolutionsNetworkingLearning Management ManagementPlanning Assessment ManagementCareerRecruitment Fair Metrics Compensation OtherOtherVendorsVendors Professional ServicesRetainAnalyse FeedbackHRIS / HRMS / Payroll Interfacing 14. 10LSIS Preferential Offer to the SectorMonster is one of the worlds leading on line recruitment and talentmanagement companies and through this discount service colleges andother providers will have access to its main candidatedatabases, recruitment and cost saving systems As a result, any sector provider taking advantage of this exclusive offer willnot only be able to reduce the costs associated with more traditionalrecruitment and talent management activities, but will also be able toenhance their efficiency and effectiveness across these critical areas. It also offers the opportunity for providers in local areas to implement acollaborative HR hub across several colleges in order to reduce costseven further.Paul Calkin, LSIS Programme Development Manager explained. 15. Thank youQ&A