Your Brand Online - Engage today with the customers of tomorrow

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Engage today with the customers of tomorrow. Discover how to talk to Generation z.Bluwspace can help you realize your potential online and activate your brand.


  • 1. Your Brand Online
    Engage today with the customers of tomorrow
    Giorgio Olivari
    Nick Rothwell

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3. 4. Who Are your Customers of Tomorrow?
5. The Generation Z
Born at the end of the '80s
Personal brand aware
Product passionate
Brand indifferent
Digitally native
Integrated social behavior
6. The Context:
More than 800 million active users (approx 1 every 8 people on earth)
More than 50% of active users log on to facebook in any given day
Average user has 130 friends
48% of users between 18 and 34 check facebook before getting out of bed
7. From Users to Curators
8. Enhance the Brand Experience
Product Excellence
Empower the User
Facilitate Product Experience
Promote Sharing
Be Transparent
9. How to Measure Your Success
10. Page Insights
See how posts you put on your Page reach people on facebook beyond your fans.
See Total Likes, number of Friends of Fans of a Page, the new public and internal pages metric, People Talking About This, and Weekly Total Reach of a Page
Optimize content for posts -whether they are photos, videos, questions, etc. see whats working best at reaching the most people, and how to increase the viral nature of these posts.
11. 12. People Talking About This
Counts 'stories' structured content that people choose to share through facebook that is eligible to appear in a users news feed:
liking your Page
posting to your Pages Wall
liking, commenting or sharing one of your Page posts (or other content on your page like photos, videos, albums)
answering a Question you posted, RSVP-ing to one of your Events
mentioning your Page, phototagging your Page
liking or sharing a check-in deal, or checking in at your Place.
13. 14. Conversation on Pages
Conversations on Pages let you reach more than just your Fans which is important in increasing awareness, finding new customers, and even driving sales.
Friends of Fans represent a larger set of consumers than just a brands Fans 34x larger, on average for the top 100 brand Pages, and 81x larger for the top 1000 (comScore).
Friends of Fans are also much more likely to visit a store, website, and even purchase a product or service (comScore).
Starbucks Fans & Friends of Fans spend 8% more in stores and are transacted 11% more frequently than average Starbucks customer (comScore)
Bing Fans conduct 68% more searches on Bing than average Bing searcher. Friends of Fans conduct 27% more searches on Bing (comScore)
15. 16. In Conclusion
Create Amazing Products
Give them the ability to experience it
Let them talk about it
Win new clients
17. Can help you create amazing content and activate your Online Identity
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