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  • 1. Time to take CNet Promoter Score

2. Time to take C 3. Time to take CSurveys are sent in 3 phases to every customer: -Matched: For all the EPs currently matched on the system. -Realized: For EPs who are realized. This is sent while the EP is still doing the internship. -Completed: For EPs who have completed their internships 4. Time to take CUSING NPS 5. Time to take CNet Promoter Score 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.Home Page NPS Responses Comment Summary Task Details Export Data 6. Time to take CHome PageInferences on responses Inferences on different parametersInferences on overall NPS 7. Time to take C Options to analyze Data Comments made by a EP or a Member. 8. Time to take CCustomize your Search. Click on advance options to get specifications.Use graphs to make inferences. Green line is NPS scoreAnalyze data through tables. NPS 1 is average NPS. 9. Time to take CResponses An individual received as NPS survey. He/she also is sent a reminder mail. Hence in total, there are 6 NPS mails.Responses after 2nd email Responses after 1st email 10. Time to take CSelfSelect Issues It helps us understand the +ve and ve pointsrelated to your product. The objective is the maximize the +ves and minimize the ves. This helps in process improvement and product innovation. 11. Time to take CSelfSelect IssuesIt broadens the search. You can get programme and L.C wise data through this. to SelectPreferably use sent date. Click to goNumber of Respondents Percentage of Respondentsunderstand the positives and Choose of the negatives programme your LC forOGX InferencesLevel 1 Issues are generalGeneral IssuesChoose your LC for ICX inferences 12. Time to take CLevel 2: IssuesLevel 2 Issues are more specific. 13. Time to take CIMPLEMEN TING NPS 14. Time to take CNet Promoter Score 15. Time to take CNet Promoter ScoreMeasure of Success Reporting Incentives Education & Training 16. Time to take CIncreasing Response Rates 17. Time to take CIncreasing Response Promotions & Education for E.Ps/ Members. Rates Incentives Follow-up 18. Provides an excel sheet with the names/contact details of all the people to whom the surveys went. Helps improve response rate.Answers questions like: Who all received the surveys? When did they receive it? Have they replied? What are their email id? 19. Time to take CCustomer Experience 20. Time to take CSelf-Select Issues 21. Time to take CSelf-Select IssuesVice Presidents Role: The Executives Creating/Improving :Strategies/Processes. 22. Time to take CSelf-Select IssuesTeam Leaders Role: The Managers Improving/Implementing :Strategies/ Processes 23. Time to take CSelf-Select IssuesTeam Members Role: The Front Desk Implementing :Strategies/ Processes 24. Time to take CQuality Planning Process 25. Time to take C The project I was working with didn't follow any of the topics of the contract. They as well earn money out of our work. The project always talked about creating an impact on the society but actually I didn't give any lessons to people that really needed them, that couldn't afford an english course. Also they give contradictory advertisement, making us part of the add campaigns. After this experience I don't believe I created an impact on the society, and I didn't had the time (because all of the hours I had to work) to know about the culture or to travel around Brazil. Lucia Salamancajob-description: in most of the cases in Padang Indonesia the job description differed extremely from the activities that should be done! For example: intern who wanted to teach french should now teach german and english. Or like in my case: i only signed up for english but than i should also teach german. other interns should also take part in complete other projects that had nothing to do with their actual internship. Regine Mueller 26. Time to take CAnaly ze Data 1. CustomerGauge See comments See self-select issues2. Talk to EPs / Team members and team leaders 3. Talk to Partners and TN takersDraw conclus ions 1. Which value proposition needs to be strengthened? 2. What are the customer concerns? 3. How to solve / address customer concerns? 4. What will I focus on?Create goals and plans!1. Set goals (% promoters) 2. Create an enhanced product 3. Set checkpoints to track progress 4. Review your products at least twice a year 27. Time to take CWhat to improve? Personal development Opportunity to create positive societal impact* (GCDP) Cross-cultural understanding & awareness AIESEC support during the experience 28. Time to take CProduct Development & Process Improvement StructuresProceduresCommunicationPoliciesInitiatives 29. Time to take CWhat actions can be taken? New JDs / Project focusEnhance partners role in the internshipCultural involvement for internsTMP/TLP on exchange inducting & managing EPs (GCDP)Enhance interns professional development (GIP) 30. Time to take CFire fighting 31. Time to take CFire Fightin NPS survey fillers can request for a troubleshooting response. Open case is when a problem is filed. When the person is connected and the g initiative to solve the issue is taken, the case is in progress. The Case is closed when the problem is solvedFast and Effective problem solving 32. Task DetailsClick here to open 33. EP Information 34. Time to take CFlow for Fire Fighting Check Task Details Contact the EP/Member Change the status to in-progress Respond and React Fast Solve the Issue & send a follow-up mail to the EPChange the Status to Closed 35. Time to take CPointers for Fire Fighting The mails sent to the EP to set the case in progress and close status are to be CCed the NCB. ncb.aiesecindia@gmail.com The ideal time to solve a problem is 3 days. Upper Limit is 1 week. If the E.P doesnt reply within 1 week. You can close the case after notifying them about the same. Respond to every problem within 36 hours. 36. Time to take CGeneral Pointers The NPS is viewed by the MCPs, International AIESEC entities and National Control Board Regularly. Never force any member/EP to fill false NPS. Any such revelations could lead to strong action being taken by NCB. The Measure of Success Delivery is a) Net Promoter Score b) %Promoters c) Response Rate d) % of Cases in progress and closed. If you have any queries please write at adhiraj.singh@aiesec.net/dhruv.gupta@aiesec.net 37. 2013 Time to take Ch NPS: 80 responses:8 0