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<ul><li> 1. Net Promoter Score Presented by Masood Ali 1 </li> <li> 2. Why Customer Loyalty? 2 </li> <li> 3. 3 </li> <li> 4. 4 </li> <li> 5. Four Loyalty Behaviors Repurchase Buy additional lines Referrals Feedback 5 </li> <li> 6. Why Do You Become PromotersCompany you are a promoter, why? Head Heart Product features Knows me Quality Appreciates Price Listens 6 </li> <li> 7. 7 </li> <li> 8. The Golden Rule CreatesFoundation for Loyalty Relationships 8 </li> <li> 9. Bad ProfitsMobile: Reconnection fee 100 Hotel phone bill higher than room billMobile: Best plan for new customers 9 </li> <li> 10. The Ultimate Question Of Customer LoyaltyHow likely are you to recommend Dhiraagu to a friend or colleague? 10 </li> <li> 11. Its More Than A Question A Disciple Enable to create more promoters Reduce detractors Understand which practices creates more promoters and few detractors Enable quick service recovery etc 11 </li> <li> 12. Requirements For True NPS System Trust worth data Create closed-loop process Executives make the creation of more promoters and fewer detractors a top priory 12 </li> <li> 13. Trust Worthy DataRight Customers Right Questions Right Time 13 </li> <li> 14. Evaluate Performance In The Context 14 </li> <li> 15. You Dont Fatten A Pig By Weighing It 15 </li> <li> 16. Closing the Loop Executive Management Front line 16 </li> <li> 17. Closing the Loop Process 17 </li> <li> 18. Closing the LoopWhich customer ?When to follow up?Who will follow up?How to contactWhat happens 18 </li> <li> 19. What Happens After the Process Resolve issue or unresolved issue escalated Coach for performanceCustomer Follow Up Identify improvement opportunity 19 </li> <li> 20. Thank You 20 </li> </ul>