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ULTRASONIC SCALER Definition & Use Types & Parts Difference of Manual Scaler & Ultrasonic Scaler Advantages And Disadvantages 4 Ultrasonic Insert/ Tip Presented By: Lethane Sakiwat

Ultrasonic scaler

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  • 1. ULTRASONIC SCALER Presented By: Lethane Sakiwat Definition & Use Types & Parts Difference of Manual Scaler & Ultrasonic Scaler Advantages And Disadvantages 4 Ultrasonic Insert/ Tip
  • 2. DENTAL ASSISTING an ultrasonic instrument with a tip for supplying high-frequency vibrations used to remove plaque and calculus from teeth and bits of inflamed tissue from the walls of the gingival crevice.
  • 3. 2. Piezoelectric - vibration is linear- two sides of tip are active DENTAL ASSISTING 1. Magnetostrictive - pattern of vibration is elliptical- all sides of the tip are active
  • 4. Hand piece Cable Water Speed Control Power Switch Ultrasonic Inserts/ Tips Power Control / Variable Speed Control DENTAL ASSISTING Hand piece
  • 5. Manual Scaler Ultrasonic Scaler Safety Face Mask, Gloves Face Mask, Gloves, Safety Glasses (for high Frequency Oscillating instrument) Irrigation Medium/ Coolant Antimicrobial Irrigants e.g. Chlorhexidine, Iodine Solution Water Traction More space Less space Less Efficient More Efficient Longer Lesser Calculus Removal on Multi-rooted-teeth a. Efficiency b. Treatment Time DIFFERENCE OF MANUAL SCALER & ULTRASONIC SCALER Difference
  • 7. DENTAL ASSISTING a. Blade or Nib b. Shank c. Handle
  • 8. Sharpening not required Easier to debride inaccessible furcations Less tissue distention Reduce operator fatigue ADVANTAGES
  • 9. Water control Evacuation needed Production of contaminated aerosols Potential occupational hazard (noise/vibration) Requires power supply DISADVANTAGES
  • 11. DENTAL ASSISTING - For tenacious or easily removed extrinsic stain
  • 13. DENTAL ASSISTING -For light to heavy debris removal
  • 14. DENTAL ASSISTING - For light to moderate deposit removal
  • 15. DENTAL ASSISTING - for removal of orthodontic cement
  • 16. DENTAL ASSISTING Light to moderate deposits Heavy deposits Orthodontic cement Light to moderate deposits in periodontal pockets Moderate to heavy deposits in Periodontal pockets
  • 17. Gum Disease Terms
  • 20. DENTAL ASSISTING Debride / Debridement refers to the necessary palque calculus that have accumulated on the teeth. Distention to swell out/ expand from or as of from internal pressure Furcation the anatomical area of a multi-rooted tooth where the roots devide Tenacious hard to remove Traction a pulling force exerted on a skeletal structure (tooth) by means of a special device or apparatus