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Sri Lanka expansion plan Phillips Healthcare


<ul><li> 1. CONFIDENTIAL 1 DRAFT Business Case Sri Lanka Tapping an ocean of opportunities </li></ul> <p> 2. Executive Summary A Aspiration Grow aggressively from 16 Cr OIT in 2012 to 50 Cr OIT in 2015 with 50% CAGR To Establish Philips Health Care as market leader in IS , Ixr , USG , Ventilation &amp; Respiratory Care To be preferred partner for Hospital groups for their upcoming new projects B Where to play Govt. Tenders Govt. Soft Aid Projects ( JAICA , Austrian &amp; ASHRA ) Private Hospital Projects Tier I &amp; Tier cities with Value Ultrasound and Monitoring devices C How to win To gain customer trust and confidence by setting up direct Philips Healthcare legal entity By having complete Coverage of the island through direct and indirect sales team By Winning mind share of Radiologist and Cardiologist in SL by partnering with them in developing their skills &amp; knowledge By establishing the Clinical superiority of Philips Products through seminars &amp; Roadshows By offering Complete solution to Hospital Promoters by way of Innovative Products , Structured Financing and also offering technical &amp; Soft skills training to their team 3. Key Demographics Area : 65610 sq. kms Languages :Sinhalese, English, Tamil Population (2010 est.) :21,513,990 GDP (PPP) - 2010 : $106.5 billion HDI - 2010 : 0.658 (91st ) Per capita Income : $5,220 Density/sq. km.: 308.4 Growth rate: 0.9% Birth rate: 15.8/1000 Infant mortality rate: 18.1/1000; 4. Healthcare Market in Sri Lanka Healthcare Spends Govt Non Govt Figs in Rs Crores/ 0000000s Government sponsored healthcare delivery models play a significant role in current scenario but its far from adequate</p>