Sri Lanka Ramayana places - Ashok Vatika in Sri Lanka

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Visit Sri Lanka for the purpose of sighting Ramayana places, i.e. Ram Setu, Ashok Vatika, Ravan Palace and many more present in Sri Lanka with the humorous devotee of Dhamtrip.


  • Visit the Incredible places that are described in the holy epic Ramayana

    present in Sri Lanka.

  • To attack on Ravana, Lord Ram need the path to go to Sri Lanka and hence formed the Ram Setu with the help of Nala & Neel, that can be shown at the described place in Ramayana. So gets going on to visit it.

  • The place where Goddess SITA lived after kidnapped by evil Ravana.

  • Visit the Ravana palace in Sri Lanka. How it looks the present days.

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