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  • 1. Making Online Communities Worklliaitre l'ii. ".'D}D%EiJOnline Communications Ofcerkdibben@educationau. edu. auEdNA Online,education. au limited." )3 '. i-~. wi_. ;l-; lmr. ;iiill. allI

2. About Edi~lAThe EdNA Online gateway provides interfaces for all Australian education and training sectors. The aggregation of national services known as EdNA Online is the only education and training repository in Australia supported and funded nationally by all education and training sectors and systems. Alliances have been established with comparable international bodies for exchange of resources.These include the US Gateway to Educational Materials (GEM) and the MERLOT project. .,yr 'rlI. !'. ?l, .;lilItl_. ;1il! l.. |! l 3. D: I'rhvFouoIoo'la| Il'h| :v-. -no E also an e3l= ---a nzl.Fcr. -rad 8:0 1% Han INA Onllncucrcn Nth-(rs u 5 VI Isl lakdl"- I-ov-rn:and thatM M _ sources and services. _og_g_t_raining _ ll -Ir:hn : rr< Gav E nlmen.14i. :.: r;-mI'_ar.1.d Jnerschool Education 3.. -.. -. 7 ti : Q th Higher Education . ;:'. ,.: :m: ..:9Edudjuir Puilal l. l:er Cab: :iIl. .>o: : ; n-c HTI/ L ): |'VKI:i 10 you own crane or... ..-lo. .'u-ineciiuauihuuuioliiieslitii [-| (3 mi 4. OutcomesOutcomesUnderstanding of the nature of online communities. iunderstanding of how to find out about and join online communities in education and training. -Appreciation of issues related to creating,maintaining and stimulating an online community. .,yr -. i-~. wi, .;i-; lmt. ;:lii. .2lii 5. What are Online Communities?A group of people usually,like minded people come together online to participate,debate and share information. Online communities will use a range of online tools from discussionforums,chat,discussion email lists,Information Management Systems (WebCT) etc. The website for an online community can serve several purposes:Provision of information about the community and how to participate;-Hosting of the tools of communication and conferencing;and Knowledge management for the community providing ways to organise relevant information contributed by the community and history of the community. .,yr -. i-~. wi, .;i-; lmi. ;:lii. .2lii 6. TASK 'iGetting to know more about our community here today, )7 'i'5'i'.1'-'i_7-Iii r ri_. ;i-; l_I. i.. t-. i_-. i 7. Communities of PracticeCommunities of practice are groups of people who share information,insight,experience,and tools about an area of common interest (Wenger,1998).The three elements of Community of Practice include: Domain of knowledge creates common ground and a sense of common knowledge in the community; Community Interaction and relationships based on mutual respect and trust;andPractice a set of frameworks,ideas,tools,information,styles,stories etc.the community members share. .,yr -. i-~. wi, .;i-; lmi. ;:lii. .2lii 8. Why Go Online? Communicate remotelyExtend communication,networks with like mind groups * To learn and shareProvide support structure for mentoring Provide records and archives A Online training or professional development A Access to expertise andFlexibility.,yr -. i-~. wi, .;i-; lmi. ;:lii. .2lii 9. Building an Online Community Concept and Identifying Critical Factors? What are the critical features that make an online community successful and effective? Explore the 3 links below and look for things they do to effectively create an online community,then complete the sentence above. 4. http: //www. preemie-| .org/5. http: //www. edfac. unime| au/ reserve/ online-ed/ 6. http: //forum. edna. edu. au/ wcit2002/ (to login use KDibben I dibben this will give you admin access).,yr -. i-~. wi, .;i-; lmi. ;:lii. .2lii 10. Critical Factors to the Success of Communities Without critical factors,communities tend to flounder or fail.Here are some critical factors: 1. Focus on topics important to the community. 3. Find a well-respected community member to coordinate/ facilitate the community. 4. Make sure people have time and encourage participation. 5. Get key thought leaders involved. .,yr -. i-~. wi, .;i-; lmi. ;:lii. .2lii 11. Critical Factors to the Success of Communities 5. Build personal relationships among community members. 6. Develop an active passionate core group. 7. Create forums for thinking together as well as systems for sharing information. 8. Make it easy to contribute and access the communitys knowledge and practices. 9. Create real dialogue about cutting edge issues and information. .,yr -. i-~. wi, .;i-; lmi. ;:lii. .2lii 12. Tools DiscussionOnline Web Forums v Email Discussion Lists v Community WebsiteWhat would you use?Why? Problem:I am thinking of starting a new community group which is made up of different members across Australia.The members have varying skills from beginner to advance.What would you suggest is the best tools to use for this community group?Why? .f ). t 'rlI. '9'. .'l_. ;liliti_. ;lil! l,. l! l 13. Online Community Member SkillsWhat are the pieces a person needs to put together to empower him or herself to become a contributing member to an online community? Skills - certain skills any participant to an online community will need.These mostly involve the basics of using Email,some specifics about tapping into Discussion Lists,and maybe details about how to work with the community's Web siteCulture - Every group of people that come together and form a community share certain values and interests.Logistics eg.The school has only one email account and it is shared by many staffAction Lurk or take action.,yr -. i-~. wi, .;i-; lmt. ;:lii. .2lii 14. 4QGilly Salmons 5 Step Emoderator ivfodelDill-3 ODMHIISui-0-M1 no ruycnd ng Pnvi-ling IN:until:clcsel : -nuances Knowlcaoc conlirucllcn izoillzno Jtoca ,9 cO'I(nJ.Q?IHVQFITIQNCF PXCr'| ]1D[ Q I Jlllll H3 IK IUDMKIIW 15 ofleuning rut-oriak:-'. I91:ACCCSS I'll motivation l'l" ~:0TI'J ma : ni. -pug ngRn -iaiipwsbn and accssshg| __] E-Mocera'. rc [: ] Tcchrltu s. o:onr 'rlI. ',! '.. 'l_. ;liliti_. ;lil! l,. l! lhttp: //www. atlmod. co m/ e-moderating/ 15. Things to Consider ivioderatorlFacilitatorThere is no one size fits all situation approach for developing online communities.Some core principles apply and an online community developer/ facilitator/ moderator needs a range of skills and understanding of the available technologies,their pros and cons,as well as interpersonal skills. i All users will need to register. I Need an Ice-breaker initial postings insights into the forum community and the opportunity to have users introduce themselves. ' Different users have different abilities and understanding of the tools need support and understanding of time commitments. V Stipulate a timeframe for the community . . Is it for a month,on-going. V Use different strategies/ methodologies to encourage and stimulate conversation such as: Six thinking hats what do you know,how do you feel,what is wrong withwhat are the benets etc. , questioning skills,games,debates,articles and websites. *A-. ..z, __$ummarise the main points.____-.,yr -. i-~. wi, .;i-; lmt. ;:lii. .2lii 16. ScenaoTake 5 minutes to think about the scenario you have been given. What approach /response would you give if you were the facilitator/ moderator of this community? Any other comments .,)3 -. i-~. wi, .;1-; imi. ;:lgt.2Isi 17. Template for Developing an Online CommunityName of Online Community?Purpose of the Online Community?How many participants? Target audience? How groups are formed and reformed?Community structure? E-lapsed time needed?E-moderators time? E-moderator actions? Participant time needed?Participant actions? Creating interaction?. ? by gal-low Evaluated? -, ---.,)3 -. i-~. wi, .;1-; lmi. ;:lgi.2isi 18. Email GamesSince April 1999, Dr Sivasailam Thiagi Thiagarajan and Marie Jasinski have designed,facilitated and evaluated over 20 reusable email game templates. They have used these games with over 1,500 practitioners mostly within the vocational and corporate training sectors in Australia and the USA but also are very applicable for the higher education and schooling sector.Email games are easy to adopt and adapt. In an email game,a facilitator and a group of participantsaddress a key issue by sending and receiving emailmessages during several rounds of play spread over days or vi-: e.el,