Facilitating Online Communities

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Used as the part of the Facilitation Now Online Conference Feb 2010 suggestingthe anologue of the party host and its similarities to facilitation Online Communities Of Practice


  • 1. Facilitating OnlineCommunities Its a bit like being a party host!

2. Birthdays Engagements Parties happenWeddings Farewells 3. HelpBest Practice Communities happenFind KnowledgeInnovation 4. They both need aReason to be andA clear focus 5. Focus on the Purpose Need Set Goals 6. know whats related 7. Communities need planning 8. Location Location Location 9. Environment to the members Purpose to Environment 10. Start SmallandBuild to th e Needs 11. Keep it CLEAN 12. Communities need Join in! facilitators 13. Communities Need Rules Membership criteriaCommunity guidelines 14. Invite membersBring the networkand the friends 15. Communities needa Social Side 16. Profiles IntroductionFun 17. Communities takeTime To Develop 18. Focus on the Who is thereWhat they need and Feedback 19. Use a variety of partic i pation 20. If you want the party to be a success, make sure you have a wonderful host.... Thats You: The Facilitator