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Presented by:-Sagar anand mobile banking

Mobile banking (also known as M-Banking, SMS Banking) is a term used for performing balance checks, account transactions, payments, credit applications and other banking transactions through a mobile device such as amobile phoneor Personal Digital Assistant (PDA).Current Mobile Banking Applications:SMS BankingWAP BankingSTK (Sim Toolkit) Banking


Online services started in New York in 1981 when four of the citys major banks (Citibank,Chase Manhattan,Chemicaland Manufacturers Hanover) offered home banking services using thevideotex system.

May 1995: Wells Fargo the first bank in the world offer customer access to their accounts over the internet.

The earliest mobile banking services were offered over SMS.

With the introduction of the 1st primitive smart phones with WAP support enabling the use of the mobile web in 1999, the first European banks started to offer mobile banking.


Benefits for Banks

Benefits for Small to Medium Businesses

Benefits for Customers


Large customer coverageReducing the costs of operationsPromoting their services and products internationallyIncreasing the customer satisfaction and providing a personalized relationship with customers

Benefits for Banks

To run its operations more effectively

Lower cost than traditional financial management mechanisms

Benefits for Small to Medium Businesses

ConvenienceCostSpeedCompetitivenessCommunicationEnvironmentalOthers (offering one-stop-shop solutions)

Benefits for Customers

SecurityFraudulent Bank websites IgnoranceIlliteracyPoor and/or lack of technological infrastructure and reliable power supplyPreference to paper money, as opposed to virtual cash in transactions

Disadvantages of mobile banking

Reserve Bank of India had set up the Mobile Payments Forum Of India (MPFI), a Working Group on Mobile Banking to examine different aspects of Mobile Banking (M-banking). The Group had focused on three major areas of M-banking, i.e., Technology and security issues, Business issues and Regulatory and supervisory issues.

Mobile Banking in India

State Bank of India FreedoM, SMS Banking, Union Bank of India SMS Banking, UMobile PNB SMS Banking ,App based ICICI iMobile, SMS Banking, M-PESA, mRupee HDFC SMS Banking, App BasedAXIS Bank Phone Banking, Internet Banking on Mobile, SMS banking.

Mobile Banking Services Offered by some of the indian bank

Axis bank mobile app

Mobikwik App

In this busy world computer and mobiles are playing vital role. Every good thing has some bad corners. Likewise Electronic and Mobile banking also have many benefits and some drawbacks. Its all based on the user. If we use electronic and mobile banking properly then it is very useful for the people. It is helpful to improve the economy of the country.conclusion