Keys to a Successful business

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  • 1. Keys to a Successful business
    GO AND GET IT -By Anthony Denevi

2. Create a plan
Know your goals.
3. Foundation
Know that you need to start from the bottom and build your way up
4. Build a 3 year plan
where you want to be, also help base it on customer comments
5. Uncover New Opportunities
Create business growth
6. Know your strengths and weaknesses
7. Present your business
showing exactly what it represents
8. Set your company apart
stick out and be different
9. Be passionate
Have the desire to succeed
10. Don't get upset over mistakes
learn from them
11. Try out all your theories
and ideas
12. Get your name out there
Internet, TV, Shirts, etc
13. Stay Up To Date
14. Know what your going up against
Analyze your competition and yourself
15. Stand Out
Show you are different from the rest
16. Believe
Have ambition to succeed