Is Your Brand Ready to Engage Latinos Online?

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Presented at Hispanicize 2012

Text of Is Your Brand Ready to Engage Latinos Online?

  • 1. Is Your Brand Readyto Engage Latinos Online?MODERATOR PANELISTSKarla Fernandez ParkerWally SabriaK. Fernandez & Associates The Axis AgencyManny SantosPR Newswire / MultiVuLaura SpencerDisney Destinations1

2. Is Your Brand Ready?PRESENTED BY WALLY SABRIA@wallysabria 3. Yo Tweet en EspaolIsnt that enough?3 4. It is important to identify and understand thecore beliefs, life experiences and passionpoints of your U.S. Hispanic target segment,That can allow brands to establish the mostcompelling rational and emotional benefits thatcan tie the brand to a key cultural insight.Understanding their needs& passion points@wallysabria4 5. Key Ingredientsfor Social Engagement CONTEXTCONTENT CONVERSATION COMMUNITYCreate the right cultural Develop a variety ofEstablish a steady Manage, monitor andcontext that canmulti-media content stream of conversation grow the community tonaturally connect the from the most simple to and engagement withcreate fertile ground forbrand with its audience the more complexthe communitysales message opportunities and create critical mass@wallysabria5 6. Key Ingredientsfor Social Engagement EDITORIAL PLANNING COMMUNITYGROWING to best leverage on/off- MANAGEMENT continuing to attract our line activities &maintaining a fresh and audience through earnedpromotionviable brand comm. & paid support CONTEXTCONTENT CONVERSATIONCOMMUNITY MONITORING& measuring what isworking and what is not &respond accordingly@wallysabria6 7. CONTEXT Tapping into your target segments passion points as levers for engagement and interaction FAMILYEDUCATION FASHIONEstablishingCultural relevance7 8. Engagement FilteringCONTEXTWhile cultural filtering is critical to maintaining cultural context andrelevance, your brand needs to ensure all posts/stories published within itsdedicated Hispanic social community meet additional engagement criteriato breed maximum consumer interaction. Is it timely? Timely news/issues FAMILY Is there a specific CTA? Cultural Holidays Does it hint at whats behind the link? EDUCATION Brand Programs/Initiatives Does it deliver positive social currency to theFASHION Product Promotions consumer when shared? Brand/Corporate- Does it ask a specific question (that is not tooSponsored Events broad or too specific)? Does it celebrate self-expression? Can it spark debate?@wallysabria Does it ignite cultural pride?8 9. CONTEXT Develop a thorough brand voice guide to ensure:Humanizing the brandwith an authentic Hispanic Consistency with the point-of-voice Utilizing the familiar vs. the formalvoice that is believable and Not to use colloquialisms or words that might have differentapproachable meanings across various countries of origin The role the brand plays in both its tone and its function properly coincides with her needs, value/belief system Continually come across as a trusted voice with her best intentions in mindEstablishing a uniquePoint-of-voice9 10. CONTENT Content as Storytelling Creating a wide variety of content videos, Crafing content of allgraphics, info-graphics, pictures, shapes and sizes to tell Curating user-generated content and re- engaging stories wherebroadcasting it give most engaged users the brand can be an valuable social currency active participant rather Co-producing content with online media, than the hero bloggers and online influencers to share resources Integrating Digital promotions, giveaways and online couponing offers to continually boost excitement@wallysabria10 11. CONVERSATION Driving ongoing Conversation Develop serendipitous posts based on timely Igniting conversation news, trends, happenings starters beyond pre- Leverage FB polls for wall-based scheduled content packagesengagement to create variety and beyond the walls of the Tapping into key Hispanic holidays for in- FB communityculture celebration Syndicating content beyond FB to third-party sites, blogs and related fan pages Activating online advocates for cross- page/blog promotion@wallysabria11 12. COMMUNITYUtilize Facebook Analyticstogether with other third-party tools to gain valuableinsights Ongoing Monitoring & Measurement Continually monitor and measure the communities performance against key performance indicators. Utilize those insights to adapt future content and promotional investments to maximize performance12 13. Your brand has a unique opportunity Connect on a cultural level Deliver authenticity with a demographic that is exploding and is by creating original content and ongoing the source of the biggest percentage of the conversation that is relevant to our nations growth over the next two decades consumer and celebrates her heritage and her purpose Connect on an emotional level by humanizing the brand and developingCommunicate a true commitment long-standing relationships with the Latino to the market by investing in its potential and consumerproving that your brand cares for the community and is in it for the long haul@wallysabria13 14. @wallysabria