Get Ready, Set, Engage! Using Social Media to Connect with Your Members

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Social media can be leveraged to help chapters connect with their members--all around such common goals as increasing awareness, gaining members, or highlighting chapter events.

Text of Get Ready, Set, Engage! Using Social Media to Connect with Your Members

  • 1. Get Ready, Set,EngageUsing Social Media toConnect with YourMembers

2. Join our conversation:#AIAGR-SocMediaWeve started a conversationand will continue it after thepanel. Chimeor tweetin! 3. What Is Social Media?Presenter: Sybil Walker BarnesAIA National 4. What is social media? An umbrella term that defines the various activities that integrate technology, social interaction, and the construction of words, pictures, videos, and audio. - Wikipedia 5. Put another way, its the millionsof conversations taking placeonline every day, all day. 6. Whats the big deal? New technologies are changing consumer (member) behavior. Shifted from a one-way conversation No longer communicating in a tunnel where only one person benefits Now everyone is a publisher 7. What sites comprise social media? 8. Why should my component careabout social media?Reason #1:Because 3 out of 4 Americans use socialmedia(Forrester, The Growth of Social Technology Adoption, 2008)Reason #2:Because visiting social sites is the fourthmost popular online activity(Nielsen, Global Faces and Networked Places, 2009) 9. Why should my component careabout social media?Reason #3:Because time spent on social sites is growingat three times the overall Internet rate(Nielsen, Global Faces and Networked Places, 2009)Reason #4:Because social media is like word of mouthon steroids 10. LinkedIn Case StudyBoston Society of Architects Presenter: Karin Broadhurst 11. What is it? Professional networking (rather than social) Business oriented An online resume 12. Why use it? Create a contact network(yours plus access to your contacts contacts) Find jobs, people, and business opportunities Cultivate a talent pool 13. How is the BSA using LinkedIn?LinkedIn Groups and Subgroups: like the oldBSA network, but online (& international) Post news and discussion questions Send group messages Share files 14. Groups: Things to Consider Who can join?(members? industry folks? everyone?) Monitoring posts Who manages it?(staff? volunteer members?) 15. Facebook Case Study AIA | DC Presenter: Jennifer Motruk-Loy 16. What is it?Imagine LinkedIn as you in a suit, networking,professional.Facebook is you in business casual, or weekend casualdress, chatting and sharing things you have in commonwith others.Twitter is you in track shoes, trying to keep up or justkeep ahead... 17. How does Facebook work? Its a social networking web site where users can add friends and send themmessages and update their personal profiles to notify friends about themselves. Additionally, users can join networks organized by city, workplace, school, andregion. Users can join and create up to 200 groups (formatted as pages) as membersaccording to their interests or areas of expertise. The Group will appear in thesearch results of Facebook if the group is on public view. Users can choose to become a fan of pages according to their interests toconnect and interact with other strangers that can become connections. 18. Washington chapter AIA case studyAIA | DC established a Facebook page in summer2008 to garner more recognition and raiseawareness of the Chapters activities and topromote membership, educational opportunities,and special events.We also created DesignDC 2009 for a conferencebut will consolidate both this year.On Facebook, both groups are classified as:a Group > specifically an OrganizationCurrently, with 446 members, which continuesto grow daily. 19. Group: Organization Members Info Discussions Photos Events Video 20. Admins Officers Members (profiles) Events Settings 21. AIA|DC use and successful applications of Facebook toolsFor visibility and cross-marketing of programs, events Calls for entry to competitions Registration for classes and events Showcasing award-winning projects in a virtual galleryFor generating dialogue between members Introducing members to each other Meeting new members or colleagues in other regions Generating an informal Job BankReaching out to younger generation constituents Mobile communications / link to web site blogs and Twitter 22. What has Facebook done for AIA | DC? Weve garnered a spot on this discussion panel! Weve connected with constituent members that we dont otherwise interact with on a regular basis Weve spread the word on DesignDC and have elevated recognitionof AIA | DC in search results It has made us seriously review and revise our strategic marketingplanning for 2010 and beyond! 23. How do you know if its right for your component? Is your component small or large? Will you potentially grow to havemore than 5,000 Facebook fans or members? Do you need a new way to communicate to and engage with yourconstituents? Is your web site static? Do you want to incorporate interactivemedia in an easy way? Is there someone who can dedicate the time and consistency toupdate and maintain the page? 24. Facebook best practices for AIA components Visit and join other groups to learn about the functionality and bestapplications for your component Display a clear representation of your brand / chapter Use multiple administrators to keep information current and relevant Link to other social media / traditional online communications via web sitefeed, blogs, Twitter, etc. Showcase upcoming events; take RSVPs and link to event sites Post component event documentation via photos or videos Generate discussions and forums for sharing best practices, new information on business developments Survey group members for suggestions, committee participation or for leadership involvement 25. Facebook best practices for AIA components > more Include a Facebook link to join the Group on the home page ofyour web site Link your web site blog to your Facebook page and to yourTwitter account so youre updating in one place and aggregatinginformation for your members Always include event links / links for more information andshorten via Allow Facebook to contact you via email when a new memberjoins send a thank you and ask them to get involved Keep up on the Facebook discussion boards and general bestpractices to make the most of this social networking andmembership-building tool 26. Twitter Case StudyAIA New York ChapterPresenter: Emily Nemens 27. What is it? Microblogging site launched in 2006 Millions of users around globe 28. What is it? Microblogging site launched in 2006 Millions of users around globe 29. Its also Fast, efficient, communication Each tweet is 140 characters the same as a text message but much savvier than mass texting An informational, social, and professional network You have followers and can follow others 30. and it offers: Utility + social media = Long lasting web presence Plumbing for the internet, Why Twitter will endure, NYT, 1/1/2010 03carr.html?scp=5&sq=twitter&st=cse Free, sophisticated marketing tool for the right user Anyone can learn how to make the most of twitter: 31. Who is using Twitter? Politicians Celebrities Businesses and architects? 32. How does it work? The Basics: Sign up for an account Start sending out short messages Invite friends through other means Email, social media, newsletters, Twitter mentions Start a conversation 33. How does it work? The Basics Sign up for an account Start send out short messages Find people you want to follow, and hope thatpeople start to follow you. 34. Sample Tweet 35. Started tweeting spring 2009 Send out messages CenterforArch tweets about events, competitions, and news Following colleagues, components, members,and publications As of Jan 2010, we had 1406 followers, and were listed on 109 lists (new feature in 2009) 36. How AIANY is using Twitter. Beyond the basics: Retweeting and Mentions RT quotes someone else, @name is a link to account Send messages to specific people 140 word personal messages, start tweet with @name 37. How AIANY is using Twitter. Beyond the basics: Hashtags: #AIAGR-SocMedia Instant search that links tweets into a chain/conversation Analytics will shorten your web address, tracks clicks 38. Why AIANY is using Twitter: Utility ease of communication Social media Resource sharing leads to relationships, loyalty Two-way relationship replaces standard,one-way marketing and its FREE Expanding network, improving member (follower) value 39. For every component! Big Components broadcast news about events Can be delegated to communications staff Publications Break stories between publishing dates, generate traffic to news site, editorialize on other publications news 40. and small Personal accounts share expert opinions As leaders in the field, people want to know what youre thinkingabout, reading, and designing 41. Things to consider: Decide which is right for you and yourcomponent No right answer for all AIA chapters, but as professionals, there is one wrong way: too personal. Be a good representative! Commit to consistency Dont overtweet or go missing for months you want to be a reliable source 42. Good luck tweeting! 43. Roadmap for Your ComponentPresenter: Erin Hoffer, AIA, LEED AP 44. Social Media Road Map Defining Objectives Recapping On-ramps Measuring Success 45. Defining Objectives Making knowledge accessible? Increasing member engagement? Increasing member competency? Increasing career opportunities through networking? Influencing member interest, action? Other ideas? 46. Social Media Policy Issues Transparency Standards Content Readiness and Review Process Content Appropriateness (Audience Considerations) Emphasis on Relevance, Value Managing Feedback and Response 47. Measurement Issues Technology Resources budget and capacity Mapping to objectives Research framing question 48. Measuring Success - Twitter Event Registrants Driven by Content? Event Attendees