If It Doesn't Perform, It Can't Be Green _ 2013

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Keynote presentation 1/8/13 to USGBC Nevada chapter in Las Vegas, "If it Doesn't Perform, It Can't be Green".

Text of If It Doesn't Perform, It Can't Be Green _ 2013

  • 1.If It Doesnt PerformIt Cant Be Green!Jerry YudelsonYudelson Associates

2. Take-AwaysTake-Aways Lower CO2 Emissions Report Actual Use Use Best Practices 3. Testable Propositions (7) New York, NY 4. Green Building . . . Reduces Carbon 5. Green Buildings = Carbon Solution 6. Does Green Building Pay Off? 7. Business Case Proven 8. Green Building Growing Rapidly 9. Business Case: Green Building FINANCIAL/ECONOMICREPUTATIONAL energy/water savings recruit/retain talent higher rents/occupancy increase stock value +net operating income marketing higher resale value public relations tax benefits investors/donors value retentionENVIRONMENTAL sustainabilitySOCIAL stormwater mgmt. health gains renewable energy employee morale risk mitigation improved productivity 10. Potential Impact Of Rapid Greening 11. Green Building By The Numbers 12. Energy Performance Reports Needed 13. Performance Reporting InformsOne Shelley St. Sydney, Australia 14. Some Green BuildingsUnder-Performing . . .OHSU Center For Health & HealingPortland, OR 15. Energy Savings in LEED Buildings 16. Whats The Issue?Manitoba Hydro PlaceWinnipeg, Canada 17. Performance Counts! 18. Total CarbonEmissions CountBank of America TowerNew York City 19. Europe: Measure Total Carbon EmissionsForum ChriesbachDbendorf, Switzerland 20. Measuring Carbon 21. Lessons From Lean Manufacturing 22. Zero-Net-Energy BuildingsNREL Research Support Facility I Golden, CO 23. Worlds Greenest Buildings: ResearchOne Bligh Sydney, Australia 24. How Much Energy Should Buildings Use? Solon Corporate HQ, BerlinZero-Net-Energy Building 25. Where Do We Need To Get To? 26. North American Buildings: LEED Platinum 27. Manitoba Hydro Place LEED PlatinumWinnipeg, Canada 28. Manitoba Hydro PlaceLEED Platinum 29. NREL RSF IGolden, COLEED Platinum 30. Mission Critical (3) Highly Desirable (15)Stretch (8)NREL Project Objectives 31. 2000 Tower OaksRockville, MD 32. 2000 Tower Oaks 33. Kroon Hall Yale University 34. Kroon Hall 35. Ohlone College Newark, CA 36. Visible Enthalpy Wheel Rooftop PV SystemOhlone College Center For Health Sciences & Technology 37. Twelve WestDouble LEED PlatinumPortland, OR 38. Twelve West 39. Where Do We Go From Here? 40. The Future Is Green, But . . . 41. If It Doesnt Perform . . . 42. . . . It Cant Be Green! 43. THANK YOU! 44. Lets Stay In Touch! 45. GreenBuildConsult.com@jerryyudelson