Surveys with the youth. It DOESN'T WORK

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A look at what youths have going on in their ingenious minds, while undergoing mind-numbingly boring surveys. See what drives us.


<ul><li> 1. Quality Control Surveys:Well say ANYTHINGfor the<br />An interview, with US: The other side<br />Trendstracker Asia<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Let me tell you a little story..<br />But sssh. Lets just keep this BETWEEN US, okay?<br />Trendstracker Asia<br /> 3. Yesterday, me and a couple of friends went for a focus group for a CERTAIN COMPANY..<br />..For QUALITY CONTROL<br />Trendstracker Asia<br /> 4. They asked us all sorts of QUESTIONS..<br />What was the key-influencer in your decision?<br />So, where did you buy the camera?<br />Are you satisfied with your laptop?<br />Were you influenced by our advertisements?<br />Trendstracker Asia<br /> 5. It went on FOREVER..<br />Okay, it was more like ten minutes, but it FELT LIKE FOREVER.<br />Trendstracker Asia<br /> 6. So if it was SO BORING, why did we do it in the first place?<br />Yeah boys, you know where Im going with this..<br />Trendstracker Asia<br /> 7. It was all about the MONEY, DUHH!<br />They were paying us 20 bucks. We wouldve said ANYTHING THEY WANTED TO HEAR<br />Trendstracker Asia<br /> 8. And you know what the best part was..?<br />Throughout the entire survey, we pretty much LIED ABOUT EVERYTHING.<br />Trendstracker Asia<br /> 9. See, this is the thing that brands just arent GETTING THROUGH THEIR HEADS..<br />Well say anything for a couple of bucks. WE JUST DONT GIVE A DAMN.<br />Trendstracker Asia<br /> 10. Trendstracker Asia<br />Faye, 20. Petaling Jaya.<br />I didnt even know what the survey was about half the time. All I know is that we all had different questions about cameras, or laptops, or something. I just did it for the 20. Hell, we all did it for the 20.<br /> 11. Hell, to be COMPLETELY honest..<br />We even LET THEM TELL US WHAT OUR ANSWERS SHOULD BE.<br />Trendstracker Asia<br /> 12. Trendstracker Asia<br />Fad, 20. Petaling Jaya.<br />Hell, halfway through the entire thing, the guy just told me that he was tired, and asked me whether it was okay if he filled out some of the forms on my behalf. Hell yeah. Whatever man, whatever gets me my 20 quicker. Sweet deal.<br /> 13. The simple TRUTH is..<br />You will NEVER GET HONEST ANSWERS FROM US, especially through your CONVENTIONAL FOCUS GROUPS.<br />Trendstracker Asia<br /> 14. Why?<br />Because the only people well ever GET REAL with, are our FRIENDS.<br />Trendstracker Asia<br /> 15. Wake up and smell the coffee. When it comes to the youth, your CONVENTIONAL methods are DEAD.<br />Trendstracker Asia<br /> 16. The time for change is now, so GET WITH THE TIMES.<br />Dont keep up. Stay AHEAD OF THE GAME.<br />Trendstracker Asia<br /></p>