How to create video for the Your Family:Your Adventure marketing campaign

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Creating video

Creating video for social mediaThe camera is not important!

How can a small business get video content?Use your mobile phone!Successful social media video content is less about slick productions and more about engaging content, what do we mean...

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Some useful tips for videoingAlways hold your phone/camera landscapeMake the most of AppsUse some gear like a tripod, gorilla grip, iOgrapher Case or microphoneUse stills in a slideshowsTry time lapse video:

Hyperlapse App:

EditingTry Cameo for iPad / iPhoneTIP Combine short clips rather than one long one

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Editing cont... iMovie Mac and iPad / iPhone Movie Maker - Windows YouTube Editor:

DistributionMax 3 minutes per videoUpload natively as often as possibleUpload to as many marketing channels as possible

Distribution cont...Tag people / businessesUse #HashtagsWrite titles & descriptions carefully on YouTube and Vimeo as these are indexed by search engines