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1. Faster, better, cheaper just with aclick 2. eCommerce transactionsPre-transactionMarketing, including page design,activities advertising (both online and off line), search registration, communication queries such as email.TransactionPayment systems, certification systems,activities billing, online ordering, online banking, security systems.Post-transaction Customer relationship management,activities communication issues such as informing customers of new products/releases, warranties/guarantees. 2 of 6 3. Online Supermarket Support Services 3 of 6 4. Faster, better, cheaper just with aclick Faster: Changing a couple of web pages just with a few clicks instead of walking around the corridors Searching the product you want just with keywords instead of being lost in the corridors and selves Not losing time in going to SM and coming back at your place Purchasing all the products that you really - need not less, not more! 4 of 6 5. Faster, better, cheaper just with aclick Better Being registered as a user many benefits arise such as Product preferences Brand preferences Special offers for products based on the clients preferences and thecustomers purchasing history Special discounts can notify the user based on his/her preferences orin general Quick order button; repeat a previous order without spending time onsearching the same products on a previous order. (very useful for dailyneeded products like bread, milk, cheese, etc.) Inform clients via e-mail for daily discounts and offers 5 of 6 6. Faster, better, cheaper just with aclick Cheaper: Decreased cost Not so many employees running the supermarket No need of maintaining a hall for public/customers6 of 6