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  • 1. TRANSNET SOC LTD AND TRANSNET PORT TERMINALS - Visit by delegation from H E Mr. Andr Kimbuta, Governor of Kinshasa, DRC and his delegation 6 August 2013

2. PAGEPAGE TRANSNET SOC LTD TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 TRANSNET DIVISIONS MARKET DEMAND STRATEGY PORT DEVELOPMENT 3. PAGEPAGE TRANSNET STATE OWNED COMPANY LTD - OPERATIONAL DIVISIONS 16 Cargo Terminals operating across 7 SA ports Revenue 7 bn Assets R13.5 bn 6 324 employees Supporting 2 8 Commercial ports along 2943km of coastline Revenue R8.4bn Assets R56 bn 3558 employees 20 500 km of railway track 182 million tons of freight General freight & 2 heavy haul export lines Revenue 22.2 bn Assets R54.7 bn 24 177 employees Support TFR for rolling stock and TPT for lifting equipment maintenance Revenue 9.8 bn Assets R8.6 bn 13 020 employees 18 billion litres of petroleum products and gas through 3 000 km of pipelines, mainly to Gauteng Revenue 1.3 bn Assets R20.1 bn 600 employees R300 billion of capital investments over next 6 years CSI in Education, Health, Sport, Arts & Agriculture Property Management Capital Projects Transnet Foundation Property Transnet Pipelines (TPL) Transnet Engineering (TE) Transnet Freight Rail (TFR) Transnet Port Terminals (TPT) Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) PipelinesRailPorts 4. PAGE Mrs Nonkululeko Sishi Group Executive: Human Resources Mr. Mark Gregg-Macdonald Group Executive: Planning and Monitoring Mr. Anoj Singh Chief Financial Officer TRANSNET SOC LTD - STRATEGIC GOVERNANCE FRAMEWORK Mr. Khomotso Phihlela Group Executive: Commercial Ms. Nkuli Mabandla Group Executive: Legal Services + Chief Executives Operating Divisions Mr. Brian Molefe Group Chief Executive Mr Tau Morwe Mr Karl Socikwa Mr Siyabonga Gama Mr Richard Valihu Ms Sharla Pillay Mr Charl Mller Ms Raisibe Lepule 3 5. PAGE 4 TRANSNETS VISION. DELIVERING FREIGHT RELIABLY Transnet will meet customer demand for reliable freight transport and handling services through: Fully integrating and maximising the use of our unique set of assets Continuously driving cost efficiencies A demonstrated concern for sustainability in everything we do 4 6. PAGEPAGE63% 30% STAKEHOLDER ENVIRONMENT 5 Success ultimately depends on a broader South African partnership and support S.A. citizens will reap benefits Government departments Regulators Investors Key customers Labour unions Transnet Suppliers Greater collaboration thereby creating and enabling environment for successful execution of MDS Continued support and access to cost effective funding to meet requirements Alignment and collaboration on growth and expansion plans and conversion to Take or Pay contracts Labour stability to support execution and competitiveness of SA freight logistics system Partner with Transnet to deliver capital spend and achieve localisation and empowerment objectives Alignment on tariff methodology and regulatory policy to create regulatory certainty Employees Increase in labour productivity to deliver on volume growth and MDS targets Performance 7. PAGEPAGE FINANCIAL AND OPERATIONAL PROFILE Would rate in the Top 25 of the biggest SA listed firms ito turnover, if Transnet SOC Ltd was listed Contributing 1.5% to SA GDP Turnover $ 7.2 bn Used to develop infrastrucure and reduce the cost of doing business by increasing capacity and enhancing productivity EBITDA $ 3 bn In Top 10 of SAs biggest firms ito assets Requires substantial maintenance to continue operating efficiently Assets $ 24.2 bn Equates to 75% of the Asset Base Capital Investments* $ 40 bn Transnet ensures the development of skills through training and development 56,354 (excluding contractors) Employment 63,725 All stats based on 2012/13 Corporate Plan unless otherwise stated *Planned investments over the next 7 years 6 8. PAGEPAGE Transnets Integrated Network is Underpinned by a Limited Number of Key Corridors 7. Saldanha Bulk (Export iron ore), Breakbulk 6. Cape Town Containers, Breakbulk 4. Ngqura Containers 3. East London Containers, Breakbulk, Agri-Bulk, Automotives 1. Richards Bay Bulk (Export coal, magnetite, Chrome) Breakbulk 2. Durban Containers, Breakbulk, Agri-Bulk, Automotives 5. Port Elizabeth Containers, Breakbulk, Bulk, AutomotivesWESTERN CAPE PORTS EASTERN CAPE PORTS KZN PORTS 20,500 Km Rail Network 182 Million Tons of Cargo pa 4.3 Million Containers pa 18 Billion litres of fuel, oil TRANSNET OPERATES AN INTEGRATED PORT, RAIL AND PIPELINE NETWORK 9. PAGE 8 COMPLIMENTARY PORT SYSTEM delivering freight reliably Bulk Iron Ore Containers - Refrigerated Bulk Coal & Minerals Containers - Gateway Cars - Mercedes Containers - Transhipment Bulk Manganese 10. PAGEPAGE 9 SOUTH AFRICAs ROLE IN BRICS 11. PAGE SOUTHERN HUB FOR WORLD SHIPPING ROUTES The position of South Africas ports system enables it to access to South- South trade, Far East trade, Europe & USA, East & West Africa regional trade 10 Shortest Trade Route between Shangai and Santos is via South Africa 11,270nm = 22 days @ 21 knots via Panama Canal13,130nm = 26 days + transit fee via Suez Canal 13,590nm = 27 days + transit fee 12. PAGEPAGE 11 10 NEW 18,000 TEU SHIPS ORDERED BY MAERSK - To be delivered over next 3 years 13. PAGEPAGE 12 EVOLUTION OF SHIP SIZES Source: Geography of Transport Systems 14. PAGE 13 NGQURA ROLE AS A HUB PORT FOR TRANSSHIPMENT TRAFFIC IS TO ENABLE REGIONAL INTEGRATION Monrovia (Liberia) Lome (Togo) Port Louis (Mauritius) Toamasina (Madagascar) Takoradi (Ghana) San Pedro (Cte d'Ivoire) Lagos (Nigeria) Cotonou (Benin) Walvis Bay (Namibia) Tema (Ghana) Abidjan (Cte d'Ivoire) Cape Town (SA) Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) Tanga (Tanzania) Mombasa (Kenya) Nacala (Mozambique) Beira (Mozambique) Maputo (Mozambique) Richards Bay (SA) Durban (SA) East London (SA) Ngqura (SA) Libreville (Gabon) Pointe Noire Matadi (Congo) Douala (Cameroon) Source: Team analysis Port Elizabeth (SA) Lobito (Angola) Luanda (Angola) 15. PAGE 14 TRANSNET DIVISIONS 16. PAGE 15 Transnet Freight Rail is the largest division of Transnet. It is a world class heavy haul freight rail company that specialises in the transportation of freight. Transnet Freight Rail has approximately 28 000 employees, who are spread throughout the country. The company maintains an extensive rail network across South Africa that connects with other rail networks in the sub-Saharan region, with its rail infrastructure representing about 80% of Africa's total. The company is proud of its reputation for technological leadership beyond Africa as well as with-in Africa, where it is active in some 17 countries. Transnet Freight Rail has positioned itself to become a profitable and sustainable freight railway business, assisting in driving the competitiveness of the South African economy. The company is made up of the following six business units: Agriculture and Bulk Liquids Coal Business Unit Container and Automotive Business Unit Iron Ore and Manganese Business Unit Mineral Mining and Chrome Business Unit Steel and Cement Business Unit TRANSNET FREIGHT RAIL 17. PAGE 16 Transnet Pipelines, the custodian of the countrys strategic pipeline assets, is currently servicing two key industries liquid fuel and gas by transporting petrol, crude oil, diesel and gas products over varying distances. The business, formerly known as Petronet established in 1965, is integral to the well-being of the South African economy. It is Transnet Pipelines policy to monitor the integrity of its pipeline network continually. Transnet Pipelines is acknowledged as one of the leaders in the development of pipeline survey technology in South Africa. The business handles an annual average throughput of some 18 billion litres of liquid fuel and more than 450 million cubic metres of gases. The liquid products include crude oil as well as diesel, leaded and unleaded petrol and aviation turbine fuels. TRANSNET PIPELINES 18. PAGE 17 Transnet engineering, an operating division of Transnet SOC Ltd, is the backbone of South Africas railway industry. TE boasts with eight product-focused businesses, 150 depots, seven factories and 15, 000 employees countrywide. The organisation is dedicated to in-service maintenance, repair, upgrade, conversion and manufacturing of rolling stock. TE manufactures freight wagons, mainline and suburban coaches, diesel and electric locomotives as well as wheels, rotating machines, rolling stock equipment, castings auxiliary equipment and services. In the past financial year TE has done nearly ZAR1 bn in business in Africa. While focus is mainly on the South African market, investment in research and development to service the specific requirements of Africa and the rest of the world has led to an ever-expanding range of rolling stock products and a comprehensive list of satisfied customers. This has further enhanced the organisations international reputation. The proximity of the coastal plants to major ports facilitates the movement of products to and from overseas markets. TRANSNET ENGINEERING 19. PAGE OVERVIEW 18 Transnet National Ports Authority provides port infrastructure and marine services at the eight commercial seaports on the 2,954km South African coastline. The national ports authority is responsible for the safe, effective and efficient economic functioning of the national port system, which it manages in a landlord capacity. The national ports authority operates within a legislative and regulatory environment created by the National Ports Act (Act No. 12 of 2005). The national ports authoritys service offering is targeted at mainly port users which include terminal operators, shipping lines, ship agents, cargo owners and clearing & forwarding agents. The distance around the port of Durban is 21 km. Rail tracks in the port total 302 km. The port has 58 berths which are operated by more than 20 terminals. Over 4,500 commercial vessels ca