Oracle India Mop Delegation Visit to Colorado 051611

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Oracle's Bradley Williams presentation.

Text of Oracle India Mop Delegation Visit to Colorado 051611

  • 1. Key Utility Industry TrendsExploring the Information Driven UtilityBradley R. Williams, PE - VP Industry Strategy Oracle Utilitiese-mail: bradley.williams@oracle.comMinistry of Power Delegation Visit to ColoradoMay 16, 2011Page 1

2. The following is intended to outline our generalproduct direction. It is intended for informationpurposes only, and may not be incorporated intoany contract. It is not a commitment to deliver anymaterial, code, or functionality, and should not berelied upon in making purchasing decision. Thedevelopment, release, and timing of any featuresor functionality described for Oracles productsremains at the sole discretion of Oracle. 2011 Oracle Corporation Proprietary and ConfidentialPage 2 3. Trends That Are Transforming The Utility Industry1. Smart Grid Investment2. Intermittent Renewables and Electricity Storage3. Aging Assets4. Smart Grid Device Management5. Business Intelligence and AnalyticsIntroducing Oracles Smart Utility Platform 2011 Oracle Corporation Proprietary and ConfidentialPage 3 4. 1. Smart Grid investments continue but withgreater public and regulatory scrutiny Must demonstrate customer value Regulatory Investment pay-back On-going customer benefits and societal benefits Information to engage customers and keep them engagedCustomer Impact of Choice and Smart Grid Expectations Expectation of improved performance I have options now New entrants into consumer energy Google,Changing Microsoft, etc.Business Speed of decision making Media focus Customer program managementOperational Grid impactsIssues Media Hype Higher bills, EMF, who do you trust? 2011 Oracle Corporation Proprietary and Confidential Page 4 5. Leverage Smart Grid Information To Drive BusinessPerformance The more you expose people to the data the more value they can derive How do you manage more than 700x increase in data? How do you manage the newExpected Growth of a Tier 1 Utilitys Data Volume smart devices to ensure securityNew devices in the home and timelines of updates, with new 800 TBenabled by the smart meter applications and analytics requirements? 600 TB RTU Upgrade OMS Upgrade PCTs Come On-line How do you build applications that 400 TB Mobile Data Goes LiveYou are here. AMI Deployment enable immediate customer 200 TB Distribution ManagementRolloutbenefit in a future that is yet to beGIS System DeploymentTimeSubstation Automation System defined? Advanced Distribution Automation Workforce Management Project 2011 Oracle Corporation Proprietary and Confidential Page 5 6. 2. Intermittent Renewables and Electricity Storage !Maintaining Safe, Secure, Reliable Supply Protecting todays resources for the next generation Moving to distributed generation and micro grids while satisfying rising demand requires new systems and process to ensure supply is safe and secure Incorporation of intermittent power sources will need more accurate forecasting, more robust sensing equipment and more real time monitoring Management of smart equipment requires new processes to ensure accuracy and reliability in the field with the need to move towards distributed system management 2011 Oracle Corporation Proprietary and ConfidentialPage 6 7. 3. Aging Assets To control costs, many Utilities have deferred asset replacementand maintenance programs Because of the growth booms prior to the 1970s, many utilitiesare operating utility assets nearly at or beyond their designeduseful lives. MaintainOR Fail 2011 Oracle Corporation Proprietary and Confidential Page 7 8. 4. Smart Grid Device Management ! Convergence of IT, OT, & Consumer Energy Technologies drives the need to establish Smart Device Asset Management Regulatory compliance may be requiredSmart Grid is bringing IT and OT closer togetherSmart Grid systems increasingly use modern IT platforms, security, and protocols (IP) Traditional Utility Operations Technology (OT)systems have been outside of the scope of IT andthe CIO The lack of a successful IT/OT governance impedesperformance SG device lifecycle management typically does notexist beyond project implementation NIST guidelines & NERC-CIP regulation 2011 Oracle Corporation Proprietary and ConfidentialPage 8 9. 5. Business Intelligence and Analytics Maturity of Information infrastructure and technologyInformation Apathy:PredictiveBig investments not muchuse DescriptiveInformation Anarchy Analytic Obsession Spreadsheets Silos of applications and expertise Reports Maturity in use andanalysis of informationSource: Gartner 2011 Oracle Corporation Proprietary and ConfidentialPage 9 10. BI Advanced Spatial Outage Analytics Reliability Metrics (SAIDI, SAIFI, MAIFI, etc.) Drill into variance to determinehigh-level drivers Further drill into why Specific devices and causes Prioritize resolution of identified issues Further drill into maintenance history of devices and mean time to fail Predict reliability impact on customer satisfaction compared to regulatory mandates 2011 Oracle Corporation Proprietary and Confidential Page 10 11. Data Mining Across the Enterprise Greatest value of data comes by looking at patterns, trends, andcorrelations across multiple data sourcesOMS Network ModelCustomer ServiceOMS Network ModelMeter DataCustomerMgnt Service Meter Data Asset Mgmt ManagementAsset Mgnt 2011 Oracle Corporation Proprietary and Confidential Page 11 12. The Road Ahead . . . We believe its about managing andleveraging information to drive safe, reliable,and cost-effective utility performance A Smart Utility Platform that will leverage autilitys current investments will be key! 2011 Oracle Corporation Proprietary and ConfidentialPage 12 13. The Architecture for the Transformational Utility Enabling newCustomer Communications: Portals and Apps consumer models with Self Service and BI Analysis: Business Intelligence & Analytics Core Utility Functions Interoperable Customer Meter Grid applications on a smart platform Smart Grid Gateway leveraging open standards technology for integration Integration: Applications, Intelligence, Technology, Hardware running on the worlds bestFoundation: Servers, Storage, Database & Security hardware 2011 Oracle Corporation Proprietary and ConfidentialPage 13 14. Solutions for Todays Transformational UtilityCore Utility Functions of the Smart Utility Platform REQUIREMENT ORACLE CAPABILITY THE ORACLE DIFFERENCEHave meter data and communicationsIntegrated, best-of-breed platform fromconnected to back office applicationsSmart Metermeter to web with minimal datastoring the data for use across theSolutionsduplication and the ability to respond toenterpriseeventsBest-in-class interoperable applicationsHave a single view of the customer Customerfor customer management to handlewith the right information Solutionsnew program requirementsBest-in-class outage management asHave an overarching authority for the well as the building blocks for the Smart Gridnetwork to seamlessly carry out innovations for advanced distribution Solutionsoutage and distribution functions management to realize the self healinggridHave systems that support the The solution to bring together all parts ofmanagement of new programs inDemand Sidethe demand side management valuedemand response, energy efficiency Management Solutions chain. To allow utilities to innovate in theand grid side resources programs they offerHave systems that take advantage of Systems designed for the new utility,the new data to optimize asset Work Managementwhich manage smart assets, deploy fieldmaintenance, to ensure reliability ofSolutionscrews intelligently and continue tosupplyinnovate 2011 Oracle Corporation Proprietary and ConfidentialPage 14 15. Maximizing the Value of the Smart Meter PlatformMeter Interactions Mobile OMS/DMSCallAsset DemandBillingCollectionsWorkforceSCADACenterManagement Management Response Identification Billing Inquires Prepay Disconnect Service State Failure/fault Curtailment Notification Meter Reads ReconnectVerificationnotification Load control Curtailment Connect Meter Status Inventory device Restoration Disconnect Configuration notification RevenueConfirmation Protection Management Stateverification 2011 Oracle Corporation Proprietary and ConfidentialPage 15 16. Why Oracles Smart Meter Solution is DifferentConfiguration, saving 30% on implementationFlexible estimation costs Meeting emerging needs Negative consumption, aggregation of channels96 million intervals and generating Scalable 20 million+ bill determinants in under an hourSingle repository for Identify, quantify and eliminate 99% ofconsumption unaccounted for energySave 70% on integration costs, on data storageBuilt for interoperabilityand analytics 2011 Oracle Corporation Proprietary and Confidential Page 16 17. Oracles Smart Grid Operational SolutionsInteroperable, Innovative, Intelligent Oracle Utilities Network Management. Advanced Distribution Management and Outage Management dispatching trucks to ensure the restoration period is as short as possible, assisting the utility to manage its key indicators. Leverages real-time field sensors & controls to optimize grid operations for reliability, efficiency, capacity constraints, losses, voltage profile, etc. Oracle Business Intelligence. Network Management. track program achievements, usage trends, revenue protection activities, status, configuration and device confirmation in near real time. Oracle Utilities Mobile Workforce management. Optimizes field work scheduling and dispatching. Leverages mobile devices for field data capture to insure data quality information management. Oracle Utilities Work and Asset Management. Asset register for all field assets. Optimizes costs and schedules for asset maintenance and replacement programs. Long Cycle construction work management. Smart Device asset life-cycle management. 2011 Oracle Corporation Proprietary and ConfidentialPage 17 18. Advanced Distribu