Build the Business or Build the Brand?

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Should you build your business? Or your brand? Which comes first? Is it possible to do one without the other? More on this and the key tenets of building a brand for your business in this deck created for sharing with the participants of the Entrepreneur Dialogue hosted by Franchise India

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  • 1. Building Iconic Brands

2. About Paul Writer Paul Writers vision is to raise the bar for marketing in India byproviding a community platform for marketers to develop and sharebest practices Paul Writer was founded in 2010 by Jessie Paul, author of No MoneyMarketing (2009, Tata McGraw-Hill) and former CMO of Wipro whohas also held senior marketing positions in Infosys and iGATE Through its website, e-newsletter, marketing magazine and socialmedia presence, Paul Writer has a reach of 30,000+ marketers andsenior executives 1000+ senior executives have attended a Paul Writer conference inthe past 24 months To recognize excellence in marketing, Paul Writer hosts awardprograms such as Hall of Fame, Futurist CMO Awards, Real EstateMarketing, M.IT.R - 100 (Marketing and IT Recognition - 100),Chennai Hot 50 Brands 3. Revenue or Brand?MARKETSHAREPROFITSHAREMINDSHARE 4. Revenue or Brand?MINDSHAREMARKETSHAREPROFITSHARE 5. 3 Simple Questions Whom am I? Why buy me? Why not buy someone else? 6. Marketing TrendsCustomer centricity!Anytime, anywhere!Media Fragmentation!Social Commerce!Cross-functional customer eco-systemImage: 7. When Marketing RocksMarketing is not sales - it is about satisfying a need, to enable aproduct to sell itself!Marketing is story telling, to create anticipation of the consumptionmoment, and then prolong the delight!Marketings role is to create customer advocates, further enabling theproduct to sell itself!Marketing is the science of pricing, of behavioral economics, ofconsumer research and product design!Marketing acts as the voice of the customer, and drives customercentricity 8. FAQQ: What % of my budget should be marketing?A: As much as possible. Funded startups spend over 100% of revenue.Established product firms between 10% and 25%.Q: When is the right time to do marketing?A: Before it is too late. Now.Q: Im operating on a shoestring. What can I do?A: Focus on great content and its distribution. Invest time instead ofmoney. 9. Marketing Plan Elements1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9AWARENESS MEDIARELATIONSINFLUENCERRELATIONSCUSTOMERMININGTHOUGHTLEADERSHIP COLLATERAL PROSPECTMINING DIGITAL PARTNERMARKETING 10. Thank You!Jessie 98451 33198!!Paul Writer Strategic Services Pvt Ltd102, Trump Tower, 5/2 Eagle Street, Langford Town, Bangalore - 560 025T: 080 4096