Ansoff matrix for coca-cola , Blackberry and Apple company

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Ansoff Matrix



Product penetration

Market development



Existing Existing product and service New

Coca cola

Product development: Coca-Cola create new product such as Fanta and sell it to their present market to increase sales

Product penetration: Diet Coke has been a highly successful product for the Coca Cola company

Market development: Coca-Cola expands its Vanilla flavored version in UK market after succeeded in the US market.

Diversification: Coca-cola create 1.5 liter bottle to target households that only contained 1-2 people


Product development: Re-innovateBlackberrydevice design, introduce phones that are suitable for Android Platform.

Product penetration: Increase sales of Z and Q series phones among youth and corporates, and increase service after selling their product.

Market development: Increase sales of Curve series phones by re- introducing them in new markets

Diversification: introduce new tablets and Mobile App for new market. launchBlackberryapps for android / i-os phones, enter into consumer electronics items such as Bluetooth devices, handsfree etc.


Product development: Apple create new products for the existing customers. Such as iPod. This was the first entertainment tool from Apple for their customers to use it all the time for hearing their favorite music.

Product penetration: Apple give an advertisements or sales promotion to attract their customers to buy an iPhone for all the members of their family.

Market development: Apple introduce Apple Watch, which is an entirely new product line for the firm. Through Apple Watch, the company develops its reach in the smart watch market.

Diversification: In 2007 Apple introduced the iPhone, which was the first mobile phone from Apple. With the specific product, it entered immediately to the new market which was totally new to them