Mercedes benz E class

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Mercedes Benz E-Class

Mercedes Benz E-Class

Used-carsMercedes-Benz model planners in Stuttgart have turned their attention to the E-Class-giving the range a complete new and modernised make-over to a more modern-day style. According to Dr Dieter Zetsche, chairman of the board at Mercedes, the new-generation E-Class is a car to raise the bar for automotive gourmets. The new E-Class is available with either of two different front styles. Elegance models have a more restrained, conventional design with a prominent Mercedes grille and the familiar three-pointed star badge riding on top of the bonnet. Its the old-school choice.Alternatively, Avantgarde models are more present-day and wear a large Mercedes star emblem with a black background, in the centre of the grille.There are both four-door sedans and five-door estates in the range with a choice of 2.0 or 3.0 litre petrol and 2.2 or 3.0 litre diesel engines (including a diesel-electric hybrid version.) The top-of-the-range model is the E63 AMG, which has a powerful V8 petrol engine and four-wheel-drive.Across the range, the E-Class has a firm and sporty handling ability and hugs the road on the bends firmly. This is a biggish car with four large doors (five in the estate version) and access into both the front and rear is done with ease. The boot is slightly less practical from a loading point of view.All round vision out of the E-Class is excellent, and the large rear window gives a better view than is sometimes the case in this class of car.The E Class is beautifully appointed with the dashboard design well-planned and elegant, and the quality of materials used is top class. Seating is excellent for both driver and passengers. The seat cushioning accommodates the body shape with adjustments to suit your body-size and height.

Safety Equipment includes:Eleven new or improved driver assistance systems designed to help avoid or at least minimise any collisions. Seven airbags as standard, there is a drowsiness detection system to warn when the driver seems to be flagging and losing concentration.The bonnet has a pyro-technic pop-up action to protect any unfortunate pedestrian who collides with the car. A safety system available that automatically applies the brakes if another vehicle is detected entering the E-Classs path.The E-Class is a well-equipped car. All versions have fuel-saving stop-start technology, distinctive LED headlamps, DAB radio, satellite navigation, dual-zone climate control, heated seats and front and rear parking sensors. One can specify a split screen monitor that lets the driver see the satnav from one angle, while his passenger can watch a film from another angle, with no risk of distraction for the person at the wheel.In ConclusionThe Mercedes E-Class is a superb and desirable car, strong on performance, comfort and image.