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2012 Mercedes-Benz E-Class brochure provided by Silver Star Montreal in Montreal, QC. Find the 2012 Mercedes-Benz E-Class for sale in Quebec. Call us about our current sales and incentives at 1 (888) 856-0285. http://www.silverstar.ca

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  • 1. Silver Star Montreal 7800, boulevard DecarieThe 2012 E - Class Coupe and Cabriolet Montreal, QC H4P 2H4 1 (888) 856-0285 http://www.silverstar.ca

2. In the tradition of perfection.Steeped in years of Mercedes-Benz history, the appeal ofthe legendary E-Class is instantly apparent. The sleeklines of its striking design lend to its powerful presence,perfectly adapted from the Mercedes-Benz idiom.A testimony to this tradition, the E-Class deliversan emotional, dynamic driving experience withformidable agility.With sophisticated engines and an extensive lineupof sport and comfort oriented equipment, the E-Classwill leave you wanting nothing more than a longer trip.Between the Coupe or the open-topped Cabriolet,rest assured the E-Class will offer a driving experiencethat stimulates all your senses.The E-Class Coupe and CabrioletDESIGN2ENTERTAINMENT & COMMUNICATION 8BlueEFFICIENCY 10AGILITY 12SAFETY16COLOURS & MATERIALS 18EQUIPMENT LISTING24ACCESSORIES & TECHNICAL DATA26OWNERSHIP, WEBSITE & TEST DRIVE 28 3. E 550 Cabriolet. 4. E 550 Coupe. 5. DESIGN 3The look of effortless superiority.The design of the E-Class Coupe is unmistakable from the double-louvre radiatorgrille with integrated Mercedes-Benz star at the front, to the dual chrometailpipes at the rear. The front section adorned with its brand new straight-bardesign LED daytime running lights brims with character. A powerful shoulder-line spells sheer dynamism, while the sporty rear shows off an aggressive diffuser,striking LED-design taillights and an all-new standard LED lit licence plate.The continuous line of retractable side windows without a B-pillar effusesa matchless elegance. The luxurious panoramic glass sunroof extends fromthe windshield to the rear, offering a breathtaking view, making the E-Class Coupethe picture of power even before it hits the road.The E-Class Coupe is more than just a comfortable cruiser. Multicontourfront seats1, sport steering wheel and AMG 18" twin 6-spoke alloy wheelsdeliver a driving experience far from ordinary.1 OptionalaspartoftheAMGSportPackageontheE350CoupeandCabriolet. 6. 4 DESIGNComfort, convenience and sportiness converge.From the moment you step in the E-Class Cabriolet, automatic front seatbelt Serene comfort.feeders and 10-way power adjustable heated front seats with 3-position memory Excellent soft-top sealing and aerodynamic design give the E-Class Cabrioletoptimize your comfort. The Nappa leather dashboard a standard on thea low level of interior noise. An electro hydraulic mechanism folds the roof in550 models entices you with its COMAND media interface, now on the centre a way that leaves an optimum load compartment during open-top motoring.console. A new 12-button, multi-function 3-spoke steering wheel andlush leather or Nappa leather interior with wood trim provides an eleganceFeel at home on the road.youll truly feel.The sporty front and rear seats combine ergonomic comfort with safety. 10-wayadjustable front seats with standard NECK-PRO head restraints are shapedto give the driver and front passenger optimum support, even when the drivingAlluring athleticism. style is particularly dynamic.The true measure of any design is how long it can endure without appearing dated. Optional Climate Comfort front seats feature 3-stage active heating and ventilation.On that count, the E-Class Cabriolet will surely hold its allure for years to come. Multicontour front seats4 feature integrated inflatable air chambers for lumbarExpressive contours and muscular lines flow seamlessly to form a perfectlysupport and side bolsters, plus a chamber for extending the drivers seat cushionbalanced combination of elegance and athleticism. Its evident in every detaillength to ensure the seats are perfectly adjusted for your maximum comfort.and every angle. The crowning touch is the classic fabric roof, woven with thefinest craftsmanship and materials. As fashions come and go, the E-Class CabrioletThe standard trunk pass-through rear seats allows longer items such as skis,is a timeless design, an expression of style that surpasses trends. It is available to be carried with ease.in four different colours, has been ingeniously designed both visually andtechnically, and is immune to inclement weather conditions. By easily raisingand holding the soft top switch the roof can be opened and closed while thevehicle is travelling at up to 40 km/h or, from outside at close range, via theinfrared function on the key fob. 7. E 550 Cabriolet. 8. E 550 Cabriolet interior. 9. DESIGN 7Undisturbed luxury.Open-top driving has never been more refined. The AIRCAP system combinesan extendable, power operated wind deflector mounted atop the windshieldframe, with an electronically adjustable draught-stop positioned between the rearhead restraints. Meanwhile, AIRCAP diverts the flow of air over the passengercompartment and delivers a virtually draft-free interior all at the touch of abutton. The ingenious AIRSCARF system1 extends the open-air driving seasonis by sending heated air from vents mounted in the head rests to the shouldersand neck areas of the driver and front passenger. Whatever your mood,the E-Class Cabriolet will readily oblige with a fully electric fabric roof thatopens and closes automatically. Best of all, these features are easily accessiblevia the new full-colour display instrument cluster on the centre console.AIRCAPtechnologyensuresacomfortabledraft-freeinterior.1 OptionalaspartofthePremiumPackageontheE350andE550Cabriolet. 10. 8 ENTERTAINMENT & COMMUNICATIONYou will be entertained.The E-Class Coupe and Cabriolet take entertainment as seriouslyas they do comfort.All the cockpit controls are visible at a single glance thanks to themultifunctional COMAND 7" colour LCD display screen in the centre console.Navigation, audio and telephone are combined into one intuitive design withthe new COMAND APS1 media interface system, equipped with an integratedhard-disc drive (HDD) navigation and 6-disc DVD changer. Even better,all key functions can now be called up using the LINGUATRONIC voice controlfunction with whole-word recognition capability.The premium harman/kardon LOGIC7 surround sound system1, featuring12 loudspeakers, 450 watts of power and a 9-channel Digital SoundProcessing (DSP) amplifier lets you hear your favourite music with stunning clarityand depth. Youll enjoy the Media Interface1, which gives you 3 differentconnection cables one for your iPod, a USB input for memory sticks andthe auxiliary audio input.SIRIUS Satellite Radio2 comes integrated into your vehicles audio system.With 120 channels of coast-to-coast reception coverage including music,sports, news, talk, and comedy, SIRIUS lets you listen to what you want,whenever you want.1AvailableaspartofthePremiumPackageontheE350CoupeandCabriolet.StandardontheE550Coupeand Cabriolet. 2 2011 SIRIUS Satellite Radio Inc. SIRIUS, the SIRIUS dog logo and related marks aretrademarksofSIRIUSSatelliteRadioInc.Complimentary6monthsofserviceincluded.Monthlysubscriptionrequiredforservicethereafter. 11. E 550 Coupe interior. 12. E 550 Cabriolet. 13. blueEFFICIENCy 11Increased adrenaline. Reduced emissions.Performance meets fuel economy. Luxury meets responsibility. At Mercedes-Benz,we dont believe in compromise. This is no exception: our BlueEFFICIENCYplatform ensures that when we develop a new model, environmental responsibilityplays a major role. We do this at all levels of our vehicle development andproduction and therefore take a comprehensive approach to all the potentialfactors relating to drive systems, lightweight construction, energy managementand fuels. This all-round approach also includes aspects such as the total harmfulemissions, choice of materials, development, production, use and servicing, rightup to eventual vehicle recycling and disposal. The worlds awareness is increasingas emissions, fuel consumption and fuel prices become topics that affect us all.For Mercedes-Benz it is both a corporate goal and an obligation to shape the futureof mobility in a responsible and sustainable manner.4.6Lbi-turboV8. 14. 12 AGIlITyAn accelerated performance.We went to extraordinary lengths to produce the special driving experienceoffered by the E-Class. Both the E 350 Coupe and Cabriolet have a 3.5 L directinjection V6 engine that produces 302 hp and 273 lb-ft of torque, giving youplenty of power to get the most out of everyday driving. Performance goesa step further on the E 550 Coupe and Cabriolet with their 4.6 L Bi-TurboV8 engine with 402 hp and 443 lb-ft of torque. The result: a sublime drivingexperience, whatever the situation.Optimum power and performance.The revised programming of the E-Class Coupe and Cabriolets 7G-TRONIC7-speed automatic transmission provides the optimum engine speed for allshifts. Steering wheel shift paddles also allow the driver to manually changegears with ease. The result is an unmatched driving experience you wouldonly expect in a Mercedes-Benz. 15. E 550 Coupe. 16. E 550 Cabriolet. 17. AGIlITy 15Always in command.Staying relaxed at the wheel means having complete control over your vehicle.We kept this in mind when designing the E-Class Coupe and Cabriolet. Thestandard AGILITY CONTROL suspension automatically adjusts the dampersat each wheel according to the given situation, giving you a noticeablysmoother and bump-free ride than conventional dampers, particularly onpoor road surfaces.The standard Dynamic Handling Package with speed-sensitive steering providesa unique degree of agility and handling dynamics, enabling you to switchbetween Comfort and Sport drive modes at the mere touch of a button. Thispackage also gives you a significant enhancement in ride comfort, thanks tocontinuously variable damping.Along with sophisticated braking systems, a wind-optimized shape with countlessbodywork details, and improved sound insulation, the pure pleasure you getfrom driving an E-Class Cou