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2012 Mercedes-Benz C-Class brochure provided by Silver Star Montreal in Montreal, QC. Find the 2012 Mercedes-Benz C-Class for sale in Quebec. Call us about our current sales and incentives at 1 (888) 856-0285. http://www.silverstar.ca


  • Silver Star Montreal 7800, boulevard Decarie Montreal, QC H4P 2H4The all-new 2012 C - Class Sedan 1 (888) 856-0285 http://www.silverstar.ca
  • C 350 4MATIC Sedan.
  • Performance witha standing ovation.The all-new 2012 C-Class Sedan embodiesrefinement with an edge. With plentyof performance power, its as exciting todrive as it is to sit inside; high qualitymaterials and strict attention to detail isapparent the moment you step in. Andwith safety enhancements like the standardATTENTION ASSIST and the optionalPassive Lane Keeping Assist and Blind SpotAssist, the all-new 2012 C-Class has provenitself the most refined sport sedan yet.The C-Class SedanDESIGN 2ENTERTAINMENT & COMMUNICATION 84MATIC 10AGILITY 12SAFETY 14AMG 16COLOURS & MATERIALS 18EQUIPMENT LISTING 24ACCESSORIES & TECHNICAL DATA 26OWNERSHIP,WEBSITE & TEST DRIVE 28
  • 2 DESIGN Perfect form. Attention to detail is central to Mercedes-Benz; and it is evident within the 2012 C-Class Sedan. With its AMG styled exterior, active bi-xenon headlamps with LED turn signal indicators, striking new LED tail lamps, a newly contoured front end with LED daytime running lights, and rear bumper with a newly designed diffuser its an expression of refined athleticism, and a true work of art.
  • C 350 4MATIC Sedan.
  • Refined around the edges. Once you settle into the C-Class Sedan, youll never want to leave. The serene comfort of the interior combined with a full colour instrument display, new gearshift knob, and newly designed steering wheel with a flat bottom1 awaits your enjoyment. A large swath of wood sweeps across the dash and boasts pure luxury, creating a balanced harmony like no other. Though, a simple turn of the key quickly reminds you of the vehicles athletic nature. 1 FlatbottomsteeringwheelonlyavailableontheC3004MATICandC350models.
  • DESIGN 5C 350 4MATIC Sedan interior.
  • 6 DESIGN C 350 4MATIC Sedan.
  • Shifting the gears of perception. Over 125 years of innovation has been kind to the C-Class Sedan. It boasts new engines, including the 201 hp direct-injection 4-cylinder turbo in the C 250 and the 302 hp direct- injection V6 in the C 350 and C 350 4MATIC both exhibiting improved fuel economy and increasing horsepower. An all-new full colour instrument cluster puts complete control at your fingertips. The COMAND Navigation unit with 7" display ensures you always know where youre going, while the CD/DVD player with an SD card slot will keep you and your passengers entertained along the way.
  • C 350 4MATIC Sedan interior.
  • ENTERTAINMENT&COMMUNICATION 9Get the show on the road. Though just driving the C-Class Sedan is thrilling in itself, a number of other features provide you with entertainment while on the road. The MP3-compatible CD/DVD player features USB, iPod, and auxiliary inputs providing the confidence of versatility and adaptability. Additionally, the optional Media interface syncs with your iPod to let you browse artist album artwork in similar fashion to your iPod itself. Added Bluetooth compatibility, with audio streaming capability, completes this innovative and trend setting entertainment and communication system.
  • 10 4MATIC Owns the road as easily as it does attention. With our award-winning 4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive system delivering optimal traction regardless of road conditions, the C-Class sedan knows no boundaries. 4MATIC incorporates the 4-wheel Electronic Traction System (4ETS), monitoring each wheel for slippage, and ensures that power is transferred to the wheels with grip. 4MATIC will keep you going, even if only one wheel has traction. The C 350 4MATIC delivers the outstanding control of all-wheel drive without sacrificing true sport driving enjoyment. Sharp steering and the balanced feel of a rear-wheel drive vehicle are retained, making the C 350 4MATIC a joy to drive in any season.
  • C 350 4MATIC Sedan.
  • 12 AGILITY It never misses a beat. 16"7twin-spokewheels1. 17"AMG5twin-spokewheels (all-seasonperformancetires)5. At the heart of the C-Class Sedan is one of two powerful is not. The Dynamic Handling Package a standard on new engines. Powering the C 250 is the new direct- the C 350 completely transforms the vehicles driving injection 4 cylinder turbo, with an impressive 201 dynamics with a simple push of a button. Switching from horsepower and 228 lb-ft of torque. The C 350 adds comfort to sport mode, drivers will notice a throttle even more power with the new direct-injection V6 that responds more eagerly, quicker gear changes, with 302 horsepower and 273 lb-ft of torque, swiftly more direct steering and increased chassis firmness for accelerating from 0-100 km/h in just 6 seconds. superior agility and handling. 17"5twin-spokewheels2. 18"AMG5twin-spokewheels (performancetires)6. Keeping track of your bearings. What comes between you and the road. The C-Class Sedans AGILITY CONTROL handles the The C-Class Sedan wheel program is designed with the delicate balance between sport and refinement. Its same philosophy as the rest of this inspired vehicle. selective damping system features dampers at each Style, substance and safety are the cornerstones of wheel, which constantly adjust between harder and Mercedes-Benz, and none of them were spared while softer absorption depending on the road conditions. The developing these impressive wheels. result is a noticeably smoother ride, even when the road 17"5twin-spokewheels3. 18"AMG5twin-spokewheels (all-seasonperformancetires)7. 18"AMG7-spokewheels4. 19"AMGmulti-spokewheels8. 1StandardontheC250andC2504MATIC.Notavailableonallothermodels. 2StandardontheC3004MATIC.Notavailableonallothermodels. 3AvailableasapartoftheSportPackageontheC250andC2504MATIC.Notavailableonallothermodels. 4StandardontheC350 andC3504MATIC.Notavailableonallothermodels. 5AvailableasastandaloneoptionontheC3004MATIC.Notavailableonallothermodels. 6StandardontheC63AMG.Notavailableonallothermodels. 7AvailableasastandaloneoptionontheC350andC3504MATIC.Not availableonallothermodels. 8AvialableasastandaloneoptionontheC63AMG.Notavailableonallothermodels.
  • AGILITY 13The7G-TRONICautomatictransmission;oneofover18millionautomatictransmissionsproducedinaperiodspanningmorethan50years.
  • 14 SAFETY Safety should never be left to chance. The integral safety concept from Mercedes-Benz is the steering wheel. When reversing with little room the guiding force behind a series of linked technologies to spare, PARKTRONIC with Parking Guidance can that come into play in the critical moments before, assist by providing visual and audible signals to alert during and after an accident. On the C-Class Sedan, the the driver when theyre approaching obstacles. In the available Driving Assistance Package provides an even event of a collision, the TeleAid1 emergency calling greater pre-empt against danger. Passive Blind Spot system automatically engages with the assistance Assist provides a visual warning if a vehicle is detected of a live representative who can provide the critical in the drivers blind spot, via a light-up caution triangle assistance required. housed in the wing mirror. An audible warning is then provided if the driver tries to change lanes. Passive Lane Keeping Assist identifies when the driver is drifting out of a lane unintentionally. The driver is warned by means of a visual alert and by a vibration in 1Subscriptionisrequiredforservicetobeactive.TeleAidoperatesonlywherecellularandGlobalPositioningSystemcoverageisavailable. NECK-PROheadrestraints.
  • SAFETY 15Theenergy-absorbingcrumplezonesinthefrontandrearsections,anextremelyrobustsafetypassengercell,andthedoorswithspecialreinforcingelementsformaneffectivedefensivebarrierinanemergency.
  • 16 AMG C 63 AMG in Iridium Silver.
  • Evoking the spirit of racing tradition. From its 18" AMG 5 twin-spoke wheels to its new flat top and bottom steering wheel, every inch of the all-new Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG has been carefully crafted for performance. Lightning fast acceleration and virtually seamless downshifting come compliments of the new AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 7-Speed automatic transmissions efficiencies. The AMG Performance Package adds 30 additional horsepower for a total of 481 hp and top speed of 280 km/h.1 And with limited-slip differential and tire pressure monitoring, drivers can exploit its power with confidence. Incredible performance converges with modern design on its AMG trunk lid spoiler in carbon fibre and AMG carbon fibre mirror covers, proving confidence and character run deep within the C 63 AMG. 19"AMGmultispokewheels. AMGtrunklidspoilerincarbonfibre. 1Intendedfortrackuseonly.Pleaseobeyallspeedlaws.
  • 18 COLOURS&MATERIALS Dressed for the occasion. The finishing touches can mean the difference between a work of art and a true masterpiece. Whichever AlmondBeige/CashmereBeige colour you opt for, youve made the right choice. LEATHER (TONE ON BLACK)2 AlmondBeige/MochaBrown AlmondBeige/MochaBrown...