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  • The GL-Class

  • he strength of serenity. This is how you can make a more powerful and the consumption-aware 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic transmission

    We wanted to create a car that sets style and benchmarks. An experience in which mobility becomes true motoring pleasure. Even in traffi

    ituations where its difficult to see the wood from the trees you have the necessary foresight. The exterior of the new GL-Class captivate

    with its breathtaking presence: the beholders glance is drawn as if magnetically to the dynamic lines of the design. And can only be taken of

    t again with enormous strength as standard details underline the character: the standard-specification full power adjustment for the fron

    eats takes the occupants to a top position as if by magic. You remain attentive if specification Crosswind Assist you even stay one step ahea

    f the elements. Thanks to the most extensive safety equipment in its segment you not only feel protected with the striking bi-xenon

    eadlamps over the athletic flanks to the powerful tail end. In a class of its own. Absolute supremacy. This is how the new GL-Clas

    ame into being. You remain attentive if specification Crosswind Assist you even stay one step ahead of the elements

  • GL-Class


    At a glance | from page 05 Insight | from page 21

    Its at home on the street. In its element in o-road terrain. Theres hardly another Mercedes-Benz that is so versatile and at the same time so superb in the disciplines of dynamism, ride comfort and handling safety, plus individuality. Thanks to a series of pioneering assistance systems, and stylish equipment and appointments which set trends. The new GL-Class is manufactured to the highest standard of automotive exclusivity. And has set itself the standard

    of living up to your highest standards. The result is the overall composition of relaxed locomotion and a visibly eortlessly superior ambition to lead: when a perfect day can be measured in kilometres driven. When size also means responsibility. When the forces of nature lose their horror, only then hasthe aim of the new GL-Class been achieved. Allow yourself to be moved by the power of supremacy.

    The illustrations may show accessories and optional extras which are not part of standard specification

    Featured models:

    GL 350 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY 4MATIC | iridium silver metallic |

    cover and from page 2

    AMG Exterior Sports package, AMG 19-inch 5-twin-spoke light-alloy wheels, black/anthracite, beige, gray leather appointments, ash brown wood trim


  • Facts

    Individuality and inspiration: standard equipment, upholstery and trim, wheels, genuine accessories.Equipment and appointments | from page 48

    The facts at your ngertips: dimensions, paintwork, load compartment managementand technical data.Facts & colours | from page 64

    Star service: Mercedes-Benzs commitment toits customers goes much beyond than just oering the nest automobiles. With the largest service network in the luxury car category,it ensures that both, the vehicle and the owner, are looked after with great care. The luxurious experience of driving a Mercedes-Benz is

    Eortless superiority without limits but with responsibility: BlueEFFICIENCY diesel engine, transmissions, AIRMATIC suspension, Chassis and suspension.Drive system & chassis | from page 26

    Holistic approach: the integral safety concept from Mercedes-Benz for the Safe driving, In the event of danger and In an accident phases.Safety | from page 36

    Generous amount of room and free space totally relaxed: seats, climate control, three rows of seats, load compartment management, light plus multimedia.Comfort | from page 40

    converted into a fullling ownership experiencewith a range of exclusive services and special programmes. With the STAR EASE programme,Mercedes-Benz now takes care of the owners vehicle in its third year also. This three-year warranty benet comes with no extra cost or mileage limitations. Being a Mercedes-Benzowner has its own privileges. The Road Side Assistance programme provides round-the-clockresponse to emergencies and breakdowns.

    Service | from page 68


  • A trailblazer.That is way ahead of milestones

    Living up to the highest standards is one thing striving for perfection goes far beyond it. We wanted to create a car which blazes new trailsand sets standards. It was all about answering the question of how one denes luxury, technology and safety today. This is how the new GL-Class came into being. In a class of its own.

    Vehicle illustrated are for display purposes only and do not represent vehicle specications/features. The specications/features in the actual product may dier from the ones shown in the pictures. Whilst every eort is made to provide accurate current information, however, Mercedes-Benz India Private Limited will not accept responsibility for any errors in this brochure. Please contact your nearest Mercedes-Benz dealer to ensure that the vehicle delivered is in accordance with your expectations.

    04 05At a glance

  • 06 07

    All the time spent in the new GL-Class is like a symphony of carefully composed impressions, electrifying right down to your ngertips. Thanks to the cars unique noise insulation you can savour all the nuances of every driving moment. An experience in which mobility becomes true motoring pleasure.

    Perfectionist. For whom the listening experience starts with the tyres

    Vehicle illustrated are for display purposes only and do not represent vehicle specications/features. The specications/features in the actual product may dier from the ones shown in the pictures. Whilst every eort is made to provide accurate current information, however, Mercedes-Benz India Private Limited will not accept responsibility for any errors in this brochure. Please contact your nearest Mercedes-Benz dealer to ensure that the vehicle delivered is in accordance with your expectations.

  • 08 09

    Renement with ambition to lead: high-torque engine,plus eortlessly superior handling. The moment in which you touch the accelerator pedal of the new GL-Class represents contact with a new way of experiencing driving dynamics: you experience automotive elevation.

    Leading figure. Who moves in exemplary fashion on any terrain

    Vehicle illustrated are for display purposes only and do not represent vehicle specications/features. The specications/features in the actual product may dier from the ones shown in the pictures. Whilst every eort is made to provide accurate current information, however, Mercedes-Benz India Private Limited will not accept responsibility for any errors in this brochure. Please contact your nearest Mercedes-Benz dealer to ensure that the vehicle delivered is in accordance with your expectations.

  • 10 11

    Even in trac situations where its dicultto see the wood from the trees you have the necessary foresight. You remain attentiveif your concentration should drop. And withthe standard-specication Crosswind Assistyou even stay one step ahead of the elements. Thanks to the most extensive safety equipment in its segment you not only feel protectedand secure in the new GL-Class; it alsoexudes serenity as standard. I Page 32, 3639

    Bodyguard.Whose greatest strength is his sensitivity

    Vehicle illustrated are for display purposes only and do not represent vehicle specications/features. The specications/features in the actual product may dier from the ones shown in the pictures. Whilst every eort is made to provide accurate current information, however, Mercedes-Benz India Private Limited will not accept responsibility for any errors in this brochure. Please contact your nearest Mercedes-Benz dealer to ensure that the vehicle delivered is in accordance with your expectations.

  • 12 13

    The exterior of the new GL-Class captivates withits breathtaking presence: the beholders glanceis drawn as if magnetically to the dynamic linesof the design. The eyes sweep appreciatively fromthe radiator brimming with character and featuring the striking bi-xenon headlamps over the athletic anks to the powerful tail end. And can only be taken o it again with enormous strength of will.

    Shining light.That radiates effortless superiority in every situation

    Vehicle illustrated are for display purposes only and do not represent vehicle specications/features. The specications/features in the actual product may dier from the ones shown in the pictures. Whilst every eort is made to provide accurate current information, however, Mercedes-Benz India Private Limited will not accept responsibility for any errors in this brochure. Please contact your nearest Mercedes-Benz dealer to ensure that the vehicle delivered is in accordance with your expectations.

  • 14 15

    Icon.Who exceeds expectations with lasting impressions

  • 16 17

    Responsible party.Who even exercises moderation when going for the max

    Making an impression instead of producing emissions: the drive system in the new GL-Class blends thrilling dynamics with sustainable thinking. This is how you can make a more powerful impression with frugal engines, improved aerodynamics and the consumption-aware 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic transmission. Because in this case locomotion in the superlative requires no exaggeration whatsoever.Page 27

  • 18 19

    Personality.Whose entirety delights with its detail

    Motoring pleasure increases exponentially when nothing is left to be desired. Standard-specification luxury, coupled with numerous individualised equipment options, sets new benchmarks. The extremely convenient access, the pleasantly high seat position and the luxury automatic climate control THERMOTRONIC ensure comfort and wellbeing from start to finish. Your sense for the special things in life will thank you for it.

    Page 41

  • 20 21Insight

    Wave-calmer.Terrifying eyes, angry body language,bad manners and someone who tames him

    Imagine someone hits a mountain face at a speed of 300 and nds it great. He is dragged through a dry river bed and he calls it a massage. Racing through a canyon in hellish temperatures is pure relaxation for him. The wilder the better! An inexplicable phenomenon? On the contrary!The point is: he simply loves causing turmoil! Strictly speaking one can even go so far as to say that this is his sole purpose in life: he tears newspapers from peoples hands, turns their umbrellas inside out so they look like satellite dishes, and in a particularly bad temper he is even known to pull the roof o a house.

    That hes such a wild boy could be down to the fact that both of his parents placed immense pressure on him right from the start. Imagine an overground clash of the titans: two high-ranking powers turn on each other with all their might, in the course of which our friend is catapulted out of the cradle. This happens with such momentum that he sometimes sweeps through the streets at more than 120 km/h!

    Be honest: are you not glad that the Crosswind Assist in the new GL-Class keeps this beast o your back?

  • he facts. Nm at rpm. Trim. Dimensions. Following an accident. Paintwork. In the event of an accident. Emission class. Top speed. cc. l/100 km

    value. Stat. Multimedia systems. kW at rpm. In the event of danger. Assistance systems. Seats. C/km. Wheels. Services. Nm at rpm. Trim

    mensions. Following an accident. Paintwork. Technical data. Rated output. In the event of an accident. Emission clas

    p speed.nes. Transmission. Comfort. Following an accident. Interior. Total displacement. Light. Total displacement. Optional extras. Sa

    iving. Upholstery. Trim. Airbags. Acceleration. cd value. Chassis. Fuel. Fuel consumption. Technical. Trim. Sustainability. Service

    celeration. Exterior. Upholstery. Trim. g/km. Seats. Climate control. Equipment packages. AIRMATIC. Optional extras. PRE-SAFE system

    fe driving. Diesel engines. Transmission. Comfort. Light. Interior. Following an accident. Total trol. ATTENTION ASSIST. Equipment package

    tal displacement. Optional extras. Safe driving. Upholstery. Acceleration. The facts. Nm at rpm. Trim. Dimensions. Following an acciden

    intwork. In the event of an accident. Emission class. Top speed. cc. l/100 km. cd value. Stat. Multimedia systems. kW at rpm. In the event

  • 24

    Drive system & chassis


    27 GL-Class BlueEFFICIENCY

    28 Diesel engine


    30 Transmission



    32 Chassis & suspension

    Crosswind Assist


    The all-wheel drive system 4MATIC

    Downhill Speed Regulation DSR

    36 Integral safety concept


    PRE-SAFE system

    45 Multimedia systems

    COMAND Online

    46 Assistance systems

    Parking package

    with 360 camera

    Active Parking Assist,

    including PARKTRONIC

    40 Seats

    Fully power-adjustable seats

    Memory package

    41 Climate control


    THERMOTRONIC in the rear

    42 Load compartment management

    Through-loading feature

    EASY-ENTRY system

    EASY-PACK tailgate

    44 Light

    Intelligent Light System

    Tail lights in LED fibre-optics

    Safety Comfort

  • 25

    48 Standard equipment

    50 Genuine accessories

    62 Upholstery and trim

    63 Paintwork

    Equipment and appointments

    68 Service

    70 Dealer Network

    Service & Dealer Network

    64 Dimensions

    65 Load compartment management

    66 Technical data

    Facts & colours



  • 1 5







    Drive system & chassis 27

    GL-Class BlueEFFICIENCY Pure comfort with a clean conscience: the marked reduction in fuel consumption and emissions demonstrates that environmental compatibility and SUV driving are mutually reconcilable.

    Through a whole series of measures implemented

    on the vehicle, engine and drive system, it has been

    possible to reduce the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of the new GL-Class in the case of the

    GL 350 CDI 4MATIC, for example, by 15% compared

    with the predecessor model. Not only was this

    achieved without any compromises where

    performance and comfort are concerned; on the

    contrary: it was even possible to increase the output

    and torque by up to 22% over the predecessor model.

    1 Refrigerant compressor only activated when actually needed.

    2 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic transmission optimised to reduce fuel consumption.

    3 Ancillaries with energy-saving control (fuel pump and electro-mechanical Direct-Steer system).

    4 Optimised aerodynamics (i.a. underbody panelling, roof spoiler, exterior mirror housing, wheel spoiler) with one of the best gures in the segment (GL 350 CDI 4MATIC with a cd value of 0.35).

    5 Current consumption indicator promotes fuel-ecient driving.

    6 ECO start/stop function switches the engine o when at a standstill.

    7 Alternator management with kinetic-energy recuperation.

    8 Kerb weight lower than that of the predecessor model despite the extended host of equipment.

  • 28

    Diesel engine Not only does the BlueEFFICIENCY diesel engine in the new GL-Class impress with its refined pulling power; this applies justas much to the emission and consumption figures which have been further optimised.

    V6 engine. Thanks to third-generation common-rail technology, the uprated and consumption-optimised

    V6 diesel engine in the GL 350 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY

    4MATIC develops 190 kW (258 hp). Precise and fast

    piezo injectors, a high injection pressure of up to

    1600 bar and a turbocharger with a variable nozzle

    turbine generate a huge maximum torque of 619 Nm

    all in all, this means eortlessly superior pulling

    power in all driving situations, with less environmental

    burden and lower fuel consumption. In gures this

    translates as follows: the output is up to 22% greater

    than that of the comparable engine in the

    predecessor model, whilst the consumption falls

    by up to 15%. This drive system also runs so quietly

    that it meets discerning standards.

    The standard-specication ECO start/stop function

    automatically ensures that the engine is temporarily

    switched o when the vehicle is standing at trac

    lights or in a jam, which makes an important

    contribution towards reducing consumption.

    In addition, so that the driver can also check their

    The GL 350 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY 4MATIC achieves its maximum torque of 619 Nm as early as between 1600 and 2400 rpm

    driving style with regard to eciency and adjust

    it if necessary, the ECO display shows them

    a consumption graph of their journey in the

    speedometer section of the instrument cluster.

    Optimised alternator management ensures

    consistent use of the engines coasting phases

    as well as the braking process in order to recuperate

    kinetic energy. And that is not all: intelligently

    controlled ancillaries and optimised aero-dynamics

    also help to boost the cars eciency sustainably.

    Engine speed (rpm) Output (kW)Torque (Nm)












    1500 3000 4500

    619 Nm

    190 kW


  • Drive system & chassis 29

    V6 diesel engine

  • 30

    TransmissionThe improved 7G-TRONIC PLUS is optimally matched to every engine. It always adapts to the current driving situation plus the individual driving style. Plus it can be controlled intuitively and ergonomically via the DIRECT SELECT lever.

    7G-TRONIC PLUS. The new GL-Class is ttedas standard with the enhanced 7G-TRONIC PLUS

    7-speed automatic transmission and the DIRECT

    SELECT lever on the steering column. Seven forward

    gears ensure optimum revs at all times, thus

    reducing fuel consumption. In city trac especially,

    the 7-speed automatic transmission brings about

    a reduced fuel consumption thanks to the ECO

    DIRECT SELECT lever on the steering wheel: the driver can intervene manually in the gear selection process via the shift paddles on the steering wheel

    start/stop function which stops the engine

    automatically when the vehicle comes to a halt.

    The further improved electrohydraulic control unit,

    together with optimised engine and transmission

    software, results in more dynamic gear changes and

    even greater shift quality. Whats more, the vehicle

    responds more directly to changes at the

    accelerator pedal.

    DIRECT SELECT. Ergonomically designed and intuitive to operate, the DIRECT SELECT lever on the steering

    column allows the driver to set the automatic

    transmission positions P, N, R and D simply by giving

    it a light tap. The function commands are

    transmitted wholly electronically. Additional

    steering-wheel gearshift paddles also facilitate manual

    pre-selection of the seven gears, so drivers can

    decide whether they want to change gear themselves

    using the steering-wheel gearshift paddles or whether

    they prefer this to be taken care of automatically.

  • Drive system & chassis 31

    7G-TRONIC PLUS: over 18 million Mercedes-Benz automatic transmissions have been produced in a period spanning more than 50 years

  • 32

    Chassis & suspensionThe basis for an extraordinary driving experience: working in concert with the 4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive, the chassis and suspension enable the best possible traction and make for enhanced driving stability both on poor roads and in o-road use.

    Crosswind Assist. The new GL-Class is the rst

    model in its segment to boast a standard-specication

    Crosswind Assist, which recognises in good time

    the eects of brief strong gusts of wind and

    can automatically reduce them through course-

    correcting brake actuations on the side of the

    vehicle facing into the wind. In order to do this the

    electronic brake control system ADAPTIVE BRAKE

    uses the data from the sensors in the Electronic

    Stability Program ESP, the sensor system in the

    AIRMATIC air suspension and the steering control

    unit EPS.

    Enhances the drivers feeling of safety, above all when overtaking a truck or when crossing a bridge: the Crosswind Assist

  • Drive system & chassis 33

    The integral all-round level control ensures that the vehicle remains at the same height irrespective of the load River beds and stony grounds are easily covered even with a fording depth of 500 mm

    AIRMATIC. Thanks to the Adaptive Damping

    System ADS, the AIRMATIC air suspension adjusts

    precisely to the road surface, driving style and

    load status. This means that both the ride comfort

    and the driving dynamics are improved in on-road

    and o-road operation. The integral all-round

    self-levelling function enables the vehicle body

    to be maintained at a constant level regardless

    of the load status. The driver can switch between a

    comfort-oriented tuning or a sporty one. If necessary

    the vehicle also switches over to stier settings of its

    own accord. When running at high speed, the body is

    automatically lowered by 15 mm to optimise driving

    stability, aerodynamics and fuel consumption.

    Below 70 km/h the vehicles body is raised to

    its normal level again. O the beaten track the

    air suspension with additional vehicle-level

    adjustment also boosts the o-road capability;

    if required a touch of a button is all it takes to

    increase the ground clearance by up to 75 mm.

  • 34

    Chassis & suspensionThe chassis and suspension of the new GL-Class ensure equally ne ride comfort and driving dynamics. Together with the4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive, they enable the best possible traction and make for enhanced driving stability both onpoor roads and during o-road driving.

    The electronic traction system 4ETS automatically transfers the drive torque to the wheels with the best traction

    The all-wheel drive system 4MATIC. The permanent all-wheel drive system 4MATIC

    ensures dynamic handling both on-road and o-road

    and thus increases the driving stability. Power

    distribution on the front and rear axle is at a ratio

    of 50 : 50. As the 4MATIC is always active, it hardly

    requires any reaction time in order to intervene in

    unfavourable weather conditions such as in the wet,

    ice or snow and distribute the available torque to all

    four wheels. The Electronic Stability Program ESP

    and the electronic traction system 4ETS with integral

    ABS and ASR functions provide additional support

    for the eect of the all-wheel drive system.

    4ETS brakes spinning wheels in a targeted manner

    and thus feeds the drive torque to the wheels with

    good traction.

  • Drive system & chassis 35

    At the touch of a button: eortlessly superior handling in any terrain

    Downhill Speed Regulation DSR.When the vehicle is negotiating steep downhill

    gradients, Downhill Speed Regulation allows the

    driver to set a speed of between 2 and 18 km/h

    which is maintained, within the bounds of physical

    possibility, through automatic control of the engine

    and transmission as well as the application of

    braking force. In this way DSR makes for more

    relaxed descents and enhances active safety

    during o-road driving.

  • 36

    Integral safety conceptThe vision of accident-free driving impels us. With our integral safety concept we are coming closer to achieving this goal this is a holistic approach which can increase safety in every situation.

    As the inventor of the car we feel that we have

    special responsibility for road safety. This is why we

    are the rst car manufacturer to have developed an

    integral safety concept which seamlessly blends

    measures to enhance active and passive safety.

    The holistic approach is subdivided into four phases

    and oers safety solutions for every situation. It

    includes systems for safe driving which help to avoid

    risks by warning you and coming to your aid in good

    time. Our unique PRE-SAFE system kicks in, in the

    event of danger and activates preventive measures

    for occupant protection. If a collision should still

    occur in spite of all the preventive measures, further

    technologies ensure protection as needed.

    A selection of these technologies for the

    Safe driving, In the event of danger,

    and In an accident phases is presented

    on the pages which follow.

    Safe driving: ATTENTION ASSIST.This innovative system for detecting drowsiness

    is useful on long trips in particular. In the speed

    range between 80 and 180 km/h sensors analyse

    driving behaviour and can detect deviations from

    a previously determined, individual driver prole.

    The ATTENTION ASSIST warns the driver as soon

    as signs of inattention or drowsiness increase.

  • Safety 37

    If it detects signs of increasing drowsiness and inattention on the part of the driver, ATTENTION ASSIST recommends taking a break

  • 38

    In the event of danger: PRE-SAFE system. The PRE-SAFE anticipatory occupant protection

    system can detect critical driving situations as they

    start to arise and initiate preventive measures to

    protect the occupants. The front seat belts can be

    reversibly tensioned, while open side windows or

    the sliding sunroof can be closed, depending

    on the driving situation. These measures allow

    the seat belts and airbags to be deployed as

    eectively as possible should an accident occur.

    Whats more, the optionally available Memory

    function including fully electric seat adjustment at

    the front can also see to it that the front passenger

    seat is moved into a favourable position.

    PRE-SAFE can recognise critical driving situations and initiate preventive measures to protect the occupants

  • Safety 39

    In an accident: airbags. The new GL-Class is equipped as standard with nine airbags. The two

    adaptive front airbags deploy in either one or two

    stages, depending on the severity of the impact.

    Furthermore, the new GL-Class has sidebags

    (combined thorax-/ pelvisbags) in the front seat

    backrests for the driver and front passenger as well

    as two large windowbags extending over all three

    rows of seats. The kneebag can further reduce

    the forces exerted on the driver during an accident.

    Rear sidebags (for the second row of seats)

    are available as a standard option.

    Standard equipment includes windowbags, airbags and sidebags for the front-seat occupants as well as a driver kneebag

  • 40

    With careful material selection and workmanship the seats contribute towards the high-class appeal of the interior

    SeatsThe exclusively styled seats and the high-quality interior of the new GL-Class meet the most discerning standards and in all three rows of seats they oer the best prerequisites for benchmark-setting comfort on long journeys.

    Fully power-adjustable seats. The seating in the new GL-Class oers up to seven occupants a high

    level of comfort on long journeys, best-possible

    ergonomics and optimum lateral support plus

    generous amounts of room. Both of the front seats

    are fully power-adjustable as standard and are also

    provided with intuitive seat adjustment switches

    which are positioned ergonomically in the door trim.

    On request multicontour seats are also available at

    the front, as is optional seat heating for the rst two

    rows of seats (standard for V8 models in each case),

    while climatised front seats can be ordered

    in combination with leather or designo leather

    upholstery. The climatised seat system comprises

    three-stage seat heating and active multi-stage

    ventilation to cool the seat surfaces.

    Memory package (standard). The Memory package can store a total of three settings for the position of

    the front seats, the head restraint height, the steering

    column and the exterior mirrors. They can be called

    up again at any time with just a press of a button.

  • Comfort 41

    The THERMOTRONIC automatic climate control system operates extremely eectively without producing draughts. It is easy to use, fast to respond and quiet

    Climate controlA pleasant interior climate is paramount when it comes to ensuring a high level of driver-fitness safety on long journeys. The climate control system for the new GL-Class is therefore exceptionally versatile and can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of all the occupants.

    THERMOTRONIC. The driver, front passenger and rear passengers are able set the temperatures

    for their respective areas of the vehicle

    independently. A separate control unit with

    a display, air outlets in the B-pillar, air vents in

    the centre console and a booster blower ensure

    the ideal temperature in the rear.

    THERMOTRONIC in the rear. The air conditioning in the rear facilitates a further improvement in

    climate control for the two seat rows in the rear via

    a separate heating and cooling system plus four

    additional air outlets.

  • 42

    Load compartment managementIn the new GL-Class up to seven people can be comfortably seated thanks to the standard-specication third row of seats.In addition to this the new GL-Class oers all the prerequisites for the largest load compartment in the segment due to its generously sized interior.

    An intelligent spatial concept and an array of good

    ideas on the subject of interior design: when there

    are seven people in the car the luggage compartment

    still oers a load capacity of 295 litres when the

    vehicle is loaded up to the upper edge of the rear

    seat backrest (390 litres when it is loaded up to

    the roof). When there are ve occupants in the

    vehicle and the third row of seats is folded down

    there are 680 litres when the vehicle is loaded up to

    the upper edge of the rear seat backrest, and 1320

    litres up to the roof. In order to make full use of all

    the space available in the new GL-Class, just a few

    simple steps are necessary. A level load

    compartment is created when the seat backrests

    and cushions in the second row are folded forwards

    and divided in a ratio of 40 : 60. Behind the tailgate

    a stowage space measuring up to 2300 litres with

    a virtually level load compartment oor opens up

    when the rear seats are completely folded down.

    A maximum load compartment length of around two

    metres brings with it many opportunities when it

    comes to transporting dierent items. The exible

    use of the load compartment is made easier thanks

    to six load-securing points on the load compartment

    The new GL-Class has the largest load compartment in its segmentRoom for 4, plus 2 metres of load compartment behind the front passenger seat

    The load compartment of the new GL-Class can be extendedas required

  • Comfort 43

    oor, a folding bag hook on the right-hand side of

    the load compartment plus coat hooks in the rear

    door and on the grab handles in the rear. Optimum

    accessibility is ensured by the tailgate, which has

    headroom of 1.95 metres when opened here it

    also facilitates extensive freedom of movement

    when loading the vehicle. The standard - specication

    EASY-PACK load compartment cover protects the

    contents of the luggage compartment from intense

    sunlight and prying eyes. On request a lockable

    laptop compartment is available beneath the load

    compartment oor.

    EASY-ENTRY system.The EASY-ENTRY system makes it easy to climb into

    the third row of seats from both sides. The backrests

    and seats in the second row of seats can be divided

    separately in a ratio of 40 : 60 and folded down with

    little eort. The release handles for unlatching the

    backrests and bench seats are located on the side

    of the respective outer seat in the second row

    of seats. On request the optionally available

    EASY-ENTRY system makes climbing into the third

    seat row from both sides even easier at the mere

    touch of a button. Its switches are positioned on the

    top of the seat backrests: by operating the switches

    the head restraints can be retracted, the backrests

    are in turn folded down, and the bench seat then

    folds forwards.

    Electrically operated EASY-PACK tailgate. The EASY-PACK tailgate can easily be opened and

    closed automatically at the press of a button and

    thus facilitates convenient loading and unloading of

    the load compartment. The tailgate can either be

    opened via a switch in the drivers door or via the

    button on the ignition key. The drive system has an

    obstruction sensor thanks to an automatic reversing

    function; if required the opening angle can be limited

    in any position at any time, which is very practical in

    the garage, for instance. The automatic closing

    procedure can be activated via the switch on the

    inside of the tailgate, via the radio remote control

    keys and via the switch in the drivers door. As the

    tailgate no longer has to be touched in order for it

    to open and close, this reduces the risk of soiling

    hands and clothes when loading and unloading the

    luggage compartment. Manual opening and closing

    is possible via the release handle on the tailgate.

  • 44

    LightSeeing and being seen in the dark is not only a question of safety; it is also about style and design at least where thenew GL-Class is concerned.

    Intelligent Light System. This adaptive headlamp system can adjust itself automatically to the current light and driving conditions. It features bi-xenon

    headlamps with ve functions: country mode, motorway mode, enhanced fog

    lamps, cornering light function and active light function. Furthermore, Adaptive

    Highbeam Assist ensures that the optimum headlamp range is always available

    without dazzling the oncoming trac or vehicles in front.

    Tail lights in LED fibre-optic technology. The tail lights in LED bre-optic

    technology underline the striking exterior of the vehicle in that they highlight

    the characteristic prole of the rear assembly. They are characterised by high

    security against failure, high energy eciency and a long service life. The tail

    lamp and side marker lamp feature an LED bre-optic technology design, whilst

    the direction indicator lamp is in LED technology and the brake lamp, reversing

    lights and rear fog lamp have a conventional bulb.

    Adaptive Highbeam Assist automatically always provides the best possible headlamp range, thereby improving visibility for the driver

    The lights in LED bre-optic technology dominate the tail-end view of the new GL-Class

  • Comfort 45

    Multimedia systemsThe new GL-Class is equipped with COMAND online multimedia system.

    COMAND Online. COMAND Online is equipped with a hard-disc navigation system featuring

    a map function and an internet browser.

    It has a colour display with a 17.8 cm (7-inch)

    screen and provides ergonomically placed central

    controller for all telematics components.

    Entertainment is provided by the DVD drive and

    MUSIC REGISTER with 10 GB hard disc. Limited

    handsets can be paired and hence allows internet

    browsing while vehicle is stationary. USB and

    Bluetooth interfaces are provided as standard,

    as is an SD memory slot. The LINGUATRONIC

    voice-operated control system allows you to operate

    the system by voice entry. Media Interface and

    6 DVD changer is provided as standard for

    unlimited entertainment.

    The multimedia system with HDD navigation has a high-resolution colour display with a 17.8 cm screen diagonal

  • 46

    Assistance systemsInnovative, optional assistance systems can support the motorist in various driving situations, enhancing the feeling of comfort and security in new GL-Class.

    The 360 camera provides a birds-eye view of the new GL-Class in its immediate surroundings

    Parking package with 360 camera. The Parking package includes the 360 camera,

    for monitoring all four sides of the vehicle, as well

    as Active Parking Assist including PARKTRONIC.

    The 360 camera feature comprises a close-range

    camera system with four networked cameras and

    a control unit which can display a birds-eye view

    of the vehicle and its surroundings. One camera

    is mounted in the radiator grille at the front, there

    is one in each exterior mirror and a further one in

    the centre of the tailgate. The virtual vantage point

    covers an area extending approximately 3 metres

    to the front and rear of the vehicle as well as

    the areas to the sides. Visible obstacles below the

    window line are displayed, and a controlled approach

    to the kerb is thus made possible. The representation

    shown on the central display also provides visual

    support during o-road driving. Additional guide

    lines are superimposed in the display to support

    the driver when reverse is selected.

  • Comfort 47

    Active Parking Assist, including PARKTRONIC. The Active Parking Assist automatically looks for

    a suitable parking space and also parks the vehicle

    automatically at the touch of a button, with the

    driver only required to operate the accelerator and

    brakes after stopping, accepting the proposed

    parking space and selecting reverse. The systems

    ten ultrasonic sensors measure the distance to the

    vehicles to the front and rear. A control unit processes

    the signals from the sensors and calculates the

    optimum way to manoeuvre into the space.

    The system completes the automatic parking procedure in a maximum of five moves

  • Rod-shaped LED daytime running lamps Mechanical EASY-ENTRY system on the left and right for the 3rd seat row

    Switch for electrically adjusting the front seatsUpholstery in ARTICO man-made leather

    The 360 camera provides a birds-eye view of the new GL-Class in its immediate surroundings

    THERMOTRONIC automatic climate controlwith 2 climate zones


    Standard equipment | Selection

    Electric panoramic sliding glass sunroof Media Interface

  • Equipment & appointments 49

    Standard equipment | Selection

    COMAND Online Multimedia system with Navigation

    Aluminium-look running boards with rubber studs The Crosswind Assist: enhances the drivers feeling of safety, above all when overtaking a truck or when crossing a bridge

  • Genuine Accessories


    Illuminated Star Using bre-optics and LED technology the central star on the radiator grill of your Mercedes illuminates when you lock or unlock the car with

    your remote or when you open a door or the boot lid. *Only functions when

    engine is switched o.

    Few cars combine outstanding, elegant design and impressive performance as convincingly as the GL-Class. The range of genuine accessories from Mercedes-Benz help accentuate those design and performance characteristics.

    Illuminated Star

  • 51

    Rear Seat Entertainment system A vehicle built for long journeys, the GL-Class knows no limits there are no limits to the good mood to be

    had in the rear, thanks to the Rear Seat Entertainment System for

    passengers of all ages. This elegant DVD system allows the rear passengers

    to watch DVDs, look at their favorite pictures and even play video games

    on two superb 17.8 cm screens with TFT technology, without disturbing

    the driver or restricting the rear eld of vision. Rear-seat passengers

    have the option of watching a dierent video on each screen, allowing

    each to select their own individual entertainment. The AV-IN connection

    and USB and SD card interfaces allow other storage media to be used too.

    Supplied with two sets of infrared headphones and remote control.

    A separately available video cable allows users to watch videos or view

    images from external sources.

    Rear Seat Entertainment system with a range of multimedia connections, 2 sets of infrared headphones and a remote control the Rear Seat Entertainment System oers everything you need for in-car entertainment.

    Equipment & appointments

  • Styling


    High-sheen chromed door handle recesses Fin attachments

    High-sheen chromed door handle recesses Round o your vehicles chrome nish and protect

    the paintwork from scratches.

    Fin attachments Eye-catching high-sheen chromed trim. 6-piece set for the air intakes in the bonnet.

    AMG door pin In high-quality stainless steel.

    AMG door pin

    Genuine Accessories

  • 53Equipment & appointments

    AMG floor mats

    AMG floor mats Short loop pile design, set of 4-piece, black, with

    embroidered AMG lettering.

    Mud flaps Protects the underbody and the sides of the vehicle from

    loose chippings and dirt. Available in

    pairs for front or rear axle. Primed.

    Can be painted in body colour by

    the Dealership.

    Mud flaps

    CLASSIC Rep floor mats Durable, extremely hardwearing needle felt

    mats, featuring metal badge with

    Mercedes-Benz lettering. Available in

    various colours to match your interior.

    CLASSIC All-season floor mats CLASSIC Rep floor mats

    CLASSIC All-season floor mats Robust, washable synthetic mats,

    designed for heavy use. Curved line

    design. With distinctive Mercedes-Benz

    star logo. Available in black.

    Genuine AccessoriesProtection and Care

  • 7-spoke wheel Finish: himalayas grey, high-sheenWheel: 8.5 J x 19 ET 62 | Tyre: 275/55 R19A166 401 2902 7X21


    Light-alloy wheels Mercedes-Benz light-alloy wheels not only boost your vehicles looks,

    they also oer the ultimate in safety. All wheels are

    precision-tailored to your vehicle in terms of load

    prole and dimensions. Before your light-alloy

    wheels are allowed to accompany you safely on

    your travels, they are subjected to an extensive

    development and testing programme. Each wheel

    design has to pass a variety of endurance tests,

    based on exacting Mercedes-Benz guidelines,

    all of which exceed statutory requirements.

    These include special test routines which simulate

    real challenges on the road and material tests

    in cutting-edge x-ray facilities. Only once all of the

    tests have been passed may the wheels be included

    in the range of genuine Mercedes-Benz light-alloy

    wheels. Add an individual touch to your vehicle

    with a tested and approved genuine Mercedes-Benz

    light-alloy wheel and head for the open road

    Genuine AccessoriesLight-Alloy Wheels

    5-twin-spoke wheel Finish: titanium silverWheel: 8.5 J x 20 ET 62 | Tyre: 275/50 R20A166 401 1402 9765

  • 55Equipment & appointmentsMercedes-Benz light-alloy wheels are supplied without tyres, hub caps, valve caps or wheel bolts. To help prevent theft, we recommend the use of Mercedes-Benz rim locks.

    AMG 5-twin-spoke wheel Finish: titanium grey, high-sheen Wheel: 10 J x 21 ET 46 | Tyre: 295/40 R21 A166 401 1400 7X21

    5-twin-spoke wheel Finish: titanium silverWheel: 8.5 J x 19 ET 62 | Tyre: 275/55 R19A166 401 1302 9765

    Hub Caps Mercedes-Benz hub caps provides a stylish finish for light Alloy wheels. It is not Just attractive but practical too as the caps keep the hubs clean. There are plenty of options available to choose from various designs available to suit Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

    AMG 5-spoke wheel Finish: titanium grey, high-sheenWheel: 10 J x 21 ET 46 | Tyre: 295/40 R21A166 401 2602 7X21

    Valve caps, black Chrome valve caps with a Mercedes-Benz star logo embossed on head add a refined stylish finishing touch to all Mercedes-Benz light alloy wheels

  • Genuine Accessories


    Stowage crate

    Stowage crate A secure hold for items which are prone to tip over or

    slide around, e.g. shopping bags.

    Adjustable partitioning elements allow

    crate to be divided into max. four

    sections. Optimum functionality only

    in conjunction with shallow boot tub.

    Shallow boot tub Made from impact-resistant, non-slip

    polypropylene. Suitable for transporting

    foodstus. Structured surface holds

    separately available stowage crate in

    place. Vehicles load-securing rings

    remain accessible. Provide with

    connection for concertina load

    sill protector.

    Concertina load sill protectorProtects the rear of the vehicle from

    scratches when youre loading the

    vehicle and prevents dirt from the car

    from getting onto your clothes.

    Practical design can be connected to

    shallow boot tub or reversible mat.

    Deep boot tub Deep edge all round. Made from exible,

    impact-resistant HD-PE plastic.

    Suitable for transporting foodstus.

    Shallow boot tub Concertina load sill protector Deep boot tub

    Cargo & Care

  • 57Equipment & appointments

    Shopping crate

    Shopping crate Anthracite. Collapsible. When not in use can be

    folded and stowed away in the boot

    compartment. Features Mercedes-Benz

    logo and lettering.

    Reversible mat One high-quality velour side and one non-slip side.

    With connection for concertina load

    sill protector.

    Roof Box Range of Mercedes-Benz roof boxes available with aerodynamic

    design, tailored to your Mercedes-Benz.

    Extremely durable material. Designed

    for quick, simple attachment to your

    basic carrier bars for roof rails. Boxes

    open on both sides for particularly

    easy loading and unloading. Lockable

    on both sides.

    Reversible mat Roof Box

  • 58


    Coolbox Not only cools but warms too. Cools to up to 20C below ambient

    temperature to max. -2C. Can

    be switched to warming function.

    Robust, highly insulated hard case

    with fabric cover, outside pockets and

    padded shoulder strap. Capacity: 24

    litres. Can be connected to 12 V socket

    in vehicle or to 230 V power source

    via separately available rectifier.

    Rectifier Allows the coolbox to be connected to a 230 V socket at home.

    Coat hanger Minimize creasing with this stylish and practical coat hanger

    made from chromed metal. Easy to fit

    to the front head restraints.

    Tyre pressure gauge Allows you to carry out a quick tyre pressure check

    on the road or at home. Keeping tyres

    at the optimum pressure saves fuel

    and reduces tyre wear. Suitable for all

    motor vehicle tyre valves and for cycle

    valves. Supplied with leather pouch.

    Rectifier Coat hanger Tyre pressure gauge

    Genuine AccessoriesOther Accessories

  • 59Equipment & appointments

    BABY-SAFE plus II child seat

    BABY-SAFE plus II child seat Deep, mouldedseat design oers extra side-impact protection

    for optimum safety. Special padding, designed

    to protect particularly vulnerable body areas

    of children up to around 15 months (up to 13 kg).

    DUO plus child seat Optimum safety for children between the ages of around 8 months and 4 years

    (9 to 18 kg). Fitted as standard with top tether,

    an additional belt for securing the head section,

    a height-adjustable shoulder belt, ventilation

    channels and ISOFIX attachment.

    KIDFIX child seat Booster seat for optimum side-impact protection, with height adjustable

    backrest. The KIDFIX seat is secured using the

    3-point seat belt and ISOFIT attachment points.

    For children between the ages of around 3.5 and 12

    (15 to 36 kg).

    DUO plus child seat KIDFIX child seat

    Mercedes-Benz child seats oer optimum protection in the event of an accident. Child seats are tested and inspected to exacting Mercedes-Benz specication.

    Mercedes-Benz Child Safety

    Genuine Accessories

  • 60

    Genuine accessories

    The basic carrier bars for roof rails and the roof box open up the route to an array of transport and leisure solutions Quickly tted, the chromed n embellishers create a striking eect

    Generous, versatile and practical there can hardly

    be another vehicle oering such scope for an active

    lifestyle. This generous basis can be used even

    more intensively and individually with the genuine

    accessories. For example with the Alustyle

    Easy-Fix II basic carrier bars for roof rails as a

    coordinated addition to the standard-specication

    chrome-look roof rails. Together they oer secure

    support for the combined ski and snowboard rack

    and for the versatile Mercedes-Benz roof boxes,

    which make additional stowage space available.

    Thanks to an adapted aerodynamic design they

    blend harmoniously into the overall appearance.

    The iPad rear integration Plus docking station

    enables the Apple iPad to be integrated easily into

    the rear of the new GL-Class too.

    All of the entertainment options stored on the tablet

    computer remain available while the vehicle is on

    the move; the battery can be charged at the same

    time. Available for iPad, iPad 2 and iPad 3.

    A Mercedes-Benz can be a travel companion, an oce or a living space. The Mercedes-Benz range of genuine accessories is precisely matched to the new GL-Class to enable it to perform this wide variety of roles to the full.

  • Equipment & appointments 61

    The iPad rear integration Plus docking station makes all the functions of the iPad available in the new GL-Class

  • 62

    Upholstery and trim





    101 Artico Black

    105 Artico Almond Beige


    H09 Brown open-pore ash wood



  • Equipment & appointments 63


    792 Palladium silver


    197 Obsidian black

    149 Polar white



    197 Obsidian black

    792 Palladium silver


    149 Polar white

  • 64


    The luggage capacity is 680 litres to a maximum of 2300 litres and the payload 795 kg respectively. All measurements in millimetres. The dimensions shown are mean values and apply to standard-specification, unladen vehicles.

  • Facts & colours 65

    Load compartment management

    Excellent variability the new GL-Class already has

    the individual solution for virtually every challenge

    on board. In the case of the standard-specification

    7-seater, the load area can be enlarged in stages

    by simply folding forward the rear seats, meaning

    that the transport capacity required in each

    individual case can be flexibly adjusted. In extreme

    cases this can turn the new GL-Class into a

    particularly generously sized 2-seater with a load

    compartment length of over two metres, a load

    compartment width of more than one metre

    (between the wheel arches) and a maximum load

    compartment capacity of 2300 litres when the

    vehicle is loaded to the roof. But that is by no means

    all: the largest possible cuboid as a comparison unit

    may have a volume of 1252 litres, which translates

    as 1830 x 900 x 760 millimetres. If required, this

    means that the new GL-Class acquires an area that

    can even be used for bulky items and that is of

    a size one would normally expect to find in a delivery

    van rather than in a luxury SUV.

    From top left to bottom right the illustrations show the load compartment length and width of the new GL-Class in each case, when used as a 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, 6- and 7-seater. All data in millimetres.

  • 66

    Technical data

    GL 350 CDI

    Arrangement/No of cylinders V/6

    Transmission 7G-TRONIC Plus automatic transmission

    Total displacement (cc) 2987

    Rated Output (kW/hp @ rpm) 190/258@3600

    Rated Torque (Nm @ rpm) 619 @ 1600-2400

    Acceleration (0-100, km/h, s) 7.9

    Top speed (km/h) 220

    Fuel Diesel

    Tank Capacity (l)/incl reserve, approx 100/12

    Turning circle diameter (m) 12.4

    Kerb weight (kg) 2535

    Permissible gross vehicle weight (kg) 3250

    L x W x H (mm) 5120 x 1934 x 1850

    Wheelbase (mm) 3075

    Tyre size, front/rear 275/55 R19

  • Facts & colours 67

  • Service

    Experience complete peace of mind

    when you drive the Star

    STAR CARE programme oers peace of mind drive

    for you during warranty period and beyond. While our

    cars are covered for warrantable repairs up to

    3 years without any mileage limitations, as standard,

    you can also buy STAR CARE Plus programme,

    oering 4th year extended warranty. Additionally,

    The luxurious experience of driving a Mercedes-Benz is converted into a fulfilling ownership experiencewith a range of exclusive services and special programmes.

    Cost of Ownership

    There has been a paradigm shift in the buying

    preferences of Indian consumers over the years,

    even for the luxury products. The purchase decision

    not only dwells around cost of acquisition but also

    the total Cost of Ownership (COO). Amongst the

    key components of COO in cars are the routine

    service jobs and the unplanned repair expenses post

    the warranty period. We are now oering highly

    aordable Service Packages and Extended Warranty

    Programmes which are the most competitive

    packages in its class. All in all, we provide you with

    a controlled Cost of Ownership while you benet

    from the legendary Mercedes-Benz service quality.

    Extended Warranty that guarantees complete peace of mind


  • Conditions apply.

    the programme enhances the resale value of your car.

    STAR EASE Service Package gives you the freedom

    to relax behind the wheel and puts your mind at

    ease with its range of unique benets such as

    dened cost of maintenance and priority handling.

    STAR EASE Comprehensive package covers

    essential jobs related to periodic service

    (viz. oil, lters, consumables, etc.) along with

    coverage for brake pads, brake discs, wiper blades

    and wheel alignment & balancing, for a contracted

    period. For further details on products and pricing,

    please contact your nearest Mercedes-Benz dealer.

    On-Road Assistance Programme As part of our

    ongoing commitment to you, Mercedes-Benz

    On-Road Assistance is designed to enhance your

    overall Mercedes-Benz ownership experience by

    providing you with 24 hour On-Road Assistance.

    Mercedes-Benz is the only Luxury car manufacturer

    to oer round-the-clock On-Road Assistance for

    3 years from purchase of vehicle as a standard

    oering. Peace of mind motoring guaranteed.

    The maintenance of your Star is just as peaceful as driving it Always at your service


  • Dealer Network



    DELHI: T & T Motors:

    Mohan Co-operative, Mathura Road:

    011-26821005/6, 011-66574300;

    Rajouri Garden: 011-66574400-01,


    Gurgaon: 01244263060-62;

    Jaipur: 0141-4300000-01.

    NOIDA: Silver Arrows:



    Joshi Autozone:

    Jalandhar: 0181-5004444;

    Ludhiana: 0161-5055000;

    Chandigarh: 0172-5050500.

    KARNAL: Berkeley Motors:


    LUCKNOW: Smart Hoops:


    KOLKATA: Benchmark Interkrafts:


    BHUBANESWAR: Tristar Motors:



    MUMBAI: Auto Hangar:

    Prabhadevi: 022-66123820;

    Andheri: 022-66123824;

    Metro Motors Auto Hangar division

    (Hughes Road): 022-66123827;

    Shaman Wheels: O BKC:


    Navi Mumbai: 022-27849999,


    NAGPUR: Auto Hangar:


    PUNE: B. U. Bhandari:


    Pune City Showroom:


    NASHIK: Indisch Motoren:


    GOA: Counto Motors:

    0832-2415122, 0-8805778805.

    Benchmark Cars:

    AHMEDABAD: 079-66185555;

    SURAT: 0261-6695555;

    VADODARA: 0265-6192525;

    INDORE: 0731-6675555;

    RAJKOT: 0281- 6699000.

    RAIPUR: Auto Hangar:

    0-8108123517, 0-9223540191.


    CHENNAI: Trans Car:


    BANGALORE: Sundaram Motors:


    Akshaya Motors: 080-22966300.

    COIMBATORE: Sundaram Motors:


    COCHIN: Rajasree Motors:


    TRIVANDRUM: Rajasree Motors:



  • HYDERABAD: Mahavir Motors:


    VIJAYAWADA: Mahavir Motors:

    0866-2082559, 0-9885303004.


    DELHI: Patel Auto Services:

    Rajendra Place: 011-47626262,




    AURANGABAD: B. U. Bhandari:


    KOLHAPUR: B. U. Bhandari:

    0230-3290466, 0-9423041015.


    MADURAI: Sundaram Motors:

    0452-2320433, 9940198449.

    MANGALORE: Sundaram Motors:

    0824-2275779, 0-9900236305.

    CALICUT: Rajasree Motors:

    0495-2767155, 0-9539075613.

    71Dealer Network

    Head Oce, Regional Oce


    Authorised Service Station

    Authorised Service Centre




    NagpurRaipur Bhubaneshwar







    Delhi & Gurgaon





    Kolhapur Vijayawada










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    Please note: The information given in this brochure should be regarded as accurate at the time of going to print. The illustrations may show items of optional equipment which are not part of the standard specication. Colours may dier from those shown in the brochure, owing to printing. The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to design, specication and colours without prior notice.Month of going to press: January, 2014. Mercedes-Benz cars: series (X 166) meets Bharat Stage IV equivalent emission norms.

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