How to get your car repaired

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  1. 1. How to Get your Car Repaired If you have never been in a car accident before, which we hope you have not, you may not be prepared for the aftermath. Here is everything you need to know about getting your car fixed after an accident, assuming that the accident was not your fault.Drivable Cars If your car is still drivable be sure to contact the other partys insurance company for an estimate of the damages. They will choose to either have someone come by to look at your car or have you come to them. After they give you their estimate you will want a second estimate from an actual car repair shop of your choice. If the estimates match you can have your car repaired on the insurance companys dime, but if they do not have the repair shop manager call the insurance company on your behalf to ensure that all of the damages are paid for by them. If the insurance company does not provide the service of giving you an estimate they will ask you to take your car to several different repair shops and then issue you a check for the cost of the cheapest repair shop.Could Later Be Drivable On the other hand, if your car is no longer drivable but could be if fixed, you will go through the same process in order to receive the check for the repairs. It is important to be aware that if your car has been towed to a repair shop or salvage yard most places will charge you a hefty daily storage fee that the insurance company will not pay for you. So move your car as quickly as possible.Totaled Cars If your car is totaled and will never be drivable again, do not expect to get a fair amount of money from the insurance company. They will compare the costs of your car had it been sold before the accident between the cost of repairing your car, including rental charges and salvage value. They will then pay you whichever is cheaper. If a car costs more to repair than it was worth in the first place is called a total loss hence the term. At this point you have the choice to either keep your totaled car or sign it over to the insurance company and allow them to dispose of it as they will. Unless you are an expert at cars and want to keep the salvageable parts, most people are recommended to have it disposed of by the insurance company. Hopefully your car has not been totaled and is able to be fixed in a trusted auto body repair shop in Dallas. Otherwise you may be forced to take the money
  2. 2. the insurance company gave you and figure out the best replacement car for your money. You may never be able to replace the memories in your old car, but it may prevent you from getting into any more collisions in the future. Photo Credit: mzacha, reisereise