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*Important* ~To View all Links please download Slide Show (it is a PowerPoint 2007) ~For The Movies on click download then when it prompts for download click Open With and use Windows Media Player ~Also On the Popular Drifters Slide: Click on / To Display [ Photo / Drifter Biography ], [First Name / Picture of their car ], [Last Name / Video of them Drifting.]

Text of Drifting

  • Drifting
    By: Justin Schumerth
  • Common Terms
    Oversteer: is when the lateral angle of the rear tires is greater then that of the front tires
    Under-steer: is when the Tires (usually the front tires) on the car lose grip and the car tends to be unresponsive to steering
    FR,FF,MR etc.: refers to Engine and Drivetrain
    FR: is Front Engine & Rear Wheel Drive
    FF: is Front Engine / Front Wheel Drive
    MR/Mid-Ship: is Mid Engine / Rear Wheel Drive
    4WD: allows all four tires of a car to be used all four tires share the same speed and power also due to a differential at the center rather than both axels.
    AWD: AWD is like true 4WD were all four tires are operating at the same time but are able to move at different speeds from the rest due to a differential at the center rather than both axels.
  • Oversteer
  • Understeer
  • What is it?
    Drifting started in Japan, over 30 years ago
    Drifting is were a driver purposely put the car into a Oversteer.
    Drifting is controlled by Throttle and Counter-Steer (If your technique is good you can control a drift by near throttle only (using the cars balance to drift))
    Drifting started on the Touge of Japan (Mountain Passes) by just some people trying to find the fastest way down the mountain
    Drifting is now an extremely popular motorsport and is also used in Rally Racing combined with power slides.
  • The Touge
  • FR / RWD
  • 240SX (Nissan 240SX)
    Popular FR Drift Cars
  • S15 (Nissan Silvia S15)
  • ~FR/ RWD~
  • FF / FWD
  • EK9 (Honda Civic Type R)
    Popular FF Drift Cars
  • DC2 (Acura Integra Type-R)
  • ~FF Drift~
  • AWD / 4WD
  • CT9A (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo)
    Popular 4WD Drift Cars
  • GDB (Subaru Impreza WRX STi)
  • MR / RWD
  • SW20 (Toyota MR2)
    Popular MR Drift Cars
  • NA2 (Acura/ Honda NSX)
  • ~AE86~
  • D1 Grand Prix is the Largest Drifting Motorsports expo in the world
    Street Legal Class (w/ Nomuken)
  • Outside Clipping point
    Inside Clipping point
  • Keiichi Tsuchiya
    Toshi Hayama
    Popular Drifters
  • H.I.N
    Hot Import Nights
    One of USAs Premier and Largest Sport Compact Auto Shows
    Cars, Music, Food, Drifting, Girls, Vendors, Competitions, Partying.
    Its All About Having Fun!
  • 240SX
    AE86 vs. EK9
    Touge Drifting
    Chasing the Touge DVD
    Street Drifting In Japan
    Nomuken & Ueo
    Semi Drifting
    Smart Car
  • Web Links
    D1 GP
    Hot Import Nights
    Toshi Hayama Interview
    Formula D Judging
    Drift Cars
    Drifting techniques
    Drifting Explained
    Toshi Hayama MySpace
    Super Street
    JDM Option
    Modified Mag
    Top Secret Performance

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