Drifting Evolution

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  • My brother and I have always seen drifting in videos and hear about it on a daily basis within our car group.

  • So my brother would often be curious about drifting.

  • We both owned a Mazda Miata, which happens to be a very good car to drift in.

  • Since brother was fascinated with drifting, every weekend he would beg me to go drifting with him.

  • I occasionally do Autocross events so drifting was the opposite of what you want to do, but after some convincing I was on board.

  • We would both go around drifting around any turn that we thought looked good.

  • At first we were not very good and were constantly spinning out or crashing into the grass, but after a couple of weeks of practice we were finally able to pull off a complete drift around a turn.

  • While the true origin of drifting may not be exactly known, we know that Japan was one of the first areas to use this technique.

  • One of the first people to create and use this technique was Kunimitsu Takahashi.

  • This technique led him to several championships and a following that loved the smoke trail that he left.

  • The first official events dedicated specifically for drifting was started by Keiichi Tsuchiya.

  • He learned about drifting by watching Takahashi and practiced in mountain roads, which gained him a reputation in the racing scene.

  • Drifting is a technique where the driver purposely oversteers while breaking traction in the rear tires usually going into a corner.

  • The driver maintains control for the entire drift from entering a corner all the way to exit.

  • While the car is drifting around a corner the front tires are usually being pointed in the opposite direction of the turn known as counter-steering.

  • Without this counter-steering the front of the car will just spin into the turn very quickly and you will spin out.

  • Drifting is growing to become a popular motorsport.

  • Drivers competing in cars that are usually rear wheel drive, drift around the course to earn points based on multiple factors.

  • Drivers are paired off and compete in a tandem pass.

  • A tandem pass is where the two cars drift alternating lead along a short course with a goal of trying to make the best drift as possible while trying to overtake the lead car.

  • Extra passes may be permitted if the judges just cannot decide on a victor or if the crowd Boos the judges decision.

  • In conclusion drivers are more educated about what drifting is.