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2012 slk-class Mercedes-Benz Benzel Busch product information

Text of 2012 slk-class Mercedes-Benz Benzel Busch

  • 2012 SLK-Class

  • 125! years of innovationIn 1886, Carl Benz was awarded the patent for inventing the first car,

    while just 60 miles away, Gottlieb Daimler developed his own version.

    Between them they also invented the motorcycle and truck, and won

    the first auto race. For 125 years, a passion for innovation has driven

    Mercedes-Benz to continually reinvent the automobile creating an

    ongoing legacy of firsts that keep redefining the standard for all cars.

    Among them, the 4-wheel independent suspension 80 years ago. Fuel

    injection in the 1950s. The Electronic Stability Program in the 1990s.

    And now, the first variable-transparency retractable hardtop. Today,

    the Three-Pointed Star remains far more than a shining symbol of

    Mercedes-Benz innovation. Its a guiding beacon for all automobiles.

  • SLK 350 shown with Mars Red paint, and optional Premium 1 and Sport Packages.

    a car can transport you. or transform you. All cars are designed to move their occupants, but how many can motivate their driver, shift the seasons, or alter

    the course of an entire category of automobile? A sports car has never been about merely getting somewhere, but

    rather going there, intimately bonding its driver to the road below and sky above along the way. Nearly 60 years

    ago, Mercedes-Benz introduced a new kind of convertible the coupe/roadster. With both a detachable hardtop

    and folding soft top, it ushered in a driving season that no longer ended with the fading summer sun. Four

    decades later, the first SLK reimagined that concept with its signature retractable hardtop, and its repeatedly

    transformed whats expected of a roadster ever since. For 2012, an entirely new SLK-Class leaps ahead in every

    measure of a sports car from power to poise to passion in a way that will move you like never before.


  • SLK 350 shown with Mars Red paint, and optional KEYLESS -GO, Panorama roof, and Lighting, Premium 1 and Sport Packages. Please see endnotes at back of brochure.

    The new 2012 SLK-Class wastes no time getting down to business. Its retractable hardtop

    disappears in under 20 seconds, so you can take in the sunshine more swiftly than ever. The

    advanced all-new 302-hp V-6 of the SLK 350 responds even more quickly. Its innovative rapid-

    multispark ignition fires up to four times in a millisecond. New high-pressure Direct Injection

    microscopically tunes the fuel spray in as little as 0.1 millisecond. As the gauges reach for

    the sky, it turns every molecule of fuel and air into the pure elements of performance: 0 to 60

    in just 5.4 seconds,1 along with cleaner emissions and higher efficiency. And as the lowered

    suspension clings to the earth, you feel both a complete connection and total release.

    let it all out. take it all in.

  • Staggered wheels. For tenacious tire grip under hard acceleration without sacrificing crisp steering feedback, the rear wheels of every SLK 350 are 1" wider than the fronts. Choose from three standard or optional 18" 5-spoke designs, including racing -inspired AMG wheels in the available Sport Package, all fitted with high-performance tires.3

    SLK 350 Coupe/Roadster. The invigoration of a new 302-hp Direct Injection V-6 is matched by a 7-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters, a sport-tuned suspension and 18" alloy wheels. It races to 60 mph in just 5.4 seconds,1 yet returns 29 highway mpg.2

    Fingertip shifting. Elaborately re-engineered for 2012, the 7-speed automatic transmission delivers smoother shifts and more efficient response. Adaptive logic keeps pace with your driving style, while paddle shifters let you control gear changes without taking a hand from the thick 3-spoke steering wheel.

    Advanced steering. A further refinement of its speed-sensing power steering, the innovative Direct-steer system varies the steering ratio based on how far you turn the wheel. It quickens response in corners, yet offers precise on-center feel, inspiring straight-line stability, and easier maneuvering at low speeds.

  • If you want to see the future of automotive safety, look at Mercedes-Benz today. Youll not just see where its going, but where it

    came from: The first crumple zone 60 years ago. A patent for the air bag in the 1970s. And a list of active safety systems that found

    their way into most every car, like the Antilock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and emergency-sensing

    Brake Assist. The engineering depth of the 2012 SLK-Class not only helps it to perform better in a collision, it helps it perform better,

    period. Its exceptionally rigid body is welded from stronger, lighter materials like ultra-high-strength steel, aluminum and magnesium.

    Its brakes respond to how you use the throttle and the windshield wipers. And its advanced restraint systems and dual roll bars are

    designed to keep their guard up even when the top is down. The SLK-Class doesnt just look after its occupants. It also looks ahead.

    in the moment. for the future.

    observe.ATTENTION ASSIST. By continually monitoring a wide variety of driving behaviors, this Mercedes -Benz innovation can audibly and visually alert the driver if it detects signs of drowsiness on long trips. More than 70 variables are measured in the first minutes of a drive, to establish a pattern for the individual driver and determine the warning thresholds accordingly.4

    LED lighting. Brilliant white LED Daytime Running Lamps and LED taillamps help make your presence and your actions more immediately apparent to other drivers on the road. For the brake lamps, the light-emitting diodes illuminate more rapidly than conventional bulbs a benefit that can offer added reaction time to a driver behind your SLK-Class.

    Bi-Xenon headlamps. Included in the optional Lighting Package, Bi-Xenon headlamps generate light thats closer in perception to natural daylight than halogen headlamps. Active Curve Illumination swivels the beams as you turn the steering wheel, to improve illumination into corners up to 90% over fixed lamps. Headlamp washers help keep the lamps cleaner in poor weather with a high-pressure spray of fluid.

    support.Adaptive Brakes. An integrated system of braking advances helps to make driving more reassuring and relaxing in a variety of situations. If the driver lifts off the accelerator quickly, Predictive Brake Priming sets the pads closer to the discs for more immediate response when the driver steps on the brakes. In the rain, Automatic Brake Drying periodically applies the brakes just enough to sweep water build-up from the discs. During uphill starts, Hill-Start Assist helps prevent unwanted rollback. And a HOLD feature can make long red lights or stopped traffic a little easier.5

    Dual roll bars. While the brushed aluminum trim of the signature dual roll bars makes a compelling style statement, its what lies beneath that speaks most eloquently in the unlikely event of a rollover. Micro-alloy tubular steel is fiber-reinforced for added strength, and affixed to a highly rigid rear bulkhead.6

    Body structure. Mercedes-Benz body structures have long been renowned as benchmarks of rigidity and advanced crash management. The 2012 SLK-Class raises these lofty standards without adding excessive weight. Advanced materials are more widely used, including high-strength and ultra-high-strength steel for critical reinforcements, magnesium for the hardtop frame, and aluminum for the front fenders and hood.

    protect.Eight air bags. A suite of standard air bags offers advanced protection.7 Driver and passenger knee air bags supplement the dual-stage front air bags. Dual torso-level side-impact air bags are complemented by head-level air bags designed to offer protection even with the hardtop and side windows lowered.

    Seat belts and head restraints. Still perhaps the most important safety feature in any car, the 3-point seat belts of the SLK-Class feature Emergency Tensioning Devices (ETDs) to help remove some slack from the belts in a collision exceeding a preset threshold. Belt-force limiters help reduce the peak loads on a belted occupant during an impact. And NECK-PRO active head restraints instantly move up and slightly forward in certain rear impacts, to help prevent or minimize whiplash-type injuries.

  • SLK 350 shown with optional Palladium Silver metallic paint and Premium 1 Package. Please see endnotes at back of brochure.

  • follows the stars.never rests on its laurels.

  • Retractable hardtop. The centerpiece of the SLK, the power-operated roof vanishes into the trunk in less than 20 seconds. Its heated rear window pivots as the car transforms from coupe to roadster, leaving more than 60% of the 10-cubic-foot trunk available when traveling with the top down. With the optional Premium 1 Package, you can even raise and lower the roof remotely via the SmartKey from outside the car.

    Panorama roof. An optional see-through panel of tinted, high-strength polycarbonate lets you take in a view of the sky even as you enjoy the comfort of a closed coupe. And it power-folds into the trunk as snugly as the standard roof.

    MAGIC SKY CONTROL. An exclusive offering of the new SLK, this innovative evolution of the Panorama roof concept alters the transparency of the roof when electrical current is applied. At its darkest setting, the thermal energy entering the cabin on a sunny day is less than a household light bulb. And even in its fully transparent mode, it effectively blocks both UV and infrared rays, helping keep the cabin cooler.

    Sport Package. A suite of upgrades adds more visible evidence of the SLK 350s performance. Along