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2012 Ford F150 Review by Strada November 2012

2012 Ford F150

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Our review of the 2012 Ford F150 Super Crew Harley-Davidson edition

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  • 2012 Ford F150ReviewbyStrada November 2012

The Harley-Davidson version of theF150 iseasily distinguished with the graphics, 22 inch wheels.Appealing Style Although the box is only 5.5 feet.Still a Pick Up The rear step is useful toget in and out of the box.Rear Step The interior is wellfinished, the seats are comfortable, while beingheated and cooled.The sunroof brightens the interior.Immense interior The rear seat has hugeamounts of leg room.Ample Leg Room The off road indicator is a cool feature.Off Road Indicator Cool wheels!22 Inch Wheels Although its a truck thedrive is smooth, thepower is more thanadequate, the 6 speedautomatic is well mated to the engine. The size inspires confidence.The Drive