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White River

White RiverBy Jack Bezant and Sarah Olivier

CastDouglas Booth-BrotherEmily VanCamp-SisterMorgan Freeman-Head of the AgencyTerence Stamp-Villain

Plot/NarrativeThe US Government has created a secret agency dedicated to training orphaned children to become assassins.They are faced with several challenging situations whilst on this mission and ultimately have to resort to instinct as well as their world class training.Ultimately they foil the plan but there is a slight twist to the plot at the endThey are an inseparable team and are the best in the agency. When they complete all of their training they are tasked with the biggest assignment-to foil a master plan devised by a ruthless villain.The plot follows Ethan and Alyssa Scott, a brother and sister whos parents died in car crash when they were young. They were recruited into the agency soon after this. The government code name for this agency isWhite River.

Suitability to Our AudienceWe were given the target audience of teen boys.We decided to target out film to 13-17 year old boys.Our film will appeal to our audience because it contains: violence, explosions, good vs. evil and a pretty woman. All of these elements appeal to a teenage boy because they attend the cinema to watch fights, explosions and expensive cars; all of which are featured in our film.

Enigma CodesOne enigma code in our film is the movies title itself. The name is very ominous and vague which makes the reader wonder what is White River? The title plays into the plots theme of this secret agency in the government as it is elusive and inconspicuous.

Genre Conventions ActionViolenceExplosions and chasesGood vs. EvilDeath of loved onesWeapons- knives, guns etc.Mission waiting to be completedOur FilmFights and confrontationHigh speed chases and several explosionsBrother and Sister vs. VillainDeath of their parentsTrained using guns and knves etc.They have to complete a mission and save their country.

Marketing We plan to market our film around the concept of Ethan and Alyssa training to become assassins and battling a villain together. We aim to use a small trailer campaign to attract the bulk of our audience. As well as this, we aim to use social media to attract our young target audience.We will use applications such as Twitter and Snapchat to attract our youth. We will set up accounts which will update our audience on release dates and show small teaser clips before it is released. We hope that this can attract a mass audience of 13-17 year olds.

Institution The film production company that are the most likely to produce our film would be 20th Century Fox. This is due to the fact that they have produced several huge movies in the past couple of years. As well as this, the types of films they produce are very similar to ours so we would fit nicely into their company.Not only this but our film will probably need a relatively large budget in order to fulfil our vision, so a big production company would be the more viable economic path.

What Makes Our Film Unique?Our film is different to other spy-action films because the two main characters are a brother and sister. This type of sibling relationship is rarely seen in action films because one man or woman usually dominates the usual type of character. Also the aspect of showing their training throughout the agency is usually not featured in films. As well as this, their training is completed together which is also different. They are a team rather than individuals.