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Learn everything about throwing knives and their uses

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  • 1.Throwing Knives Types, Manner ofThrowing Knives & Instructions forThrowing Knives

2. In order to stay safe Fun around the play Consider Your Knife Carefully 3. Size oF Knife The ideal size of knives in this game goes between 12- 16 inches as they are not too big or too small to handle 4. Fine Blade of Throwing Knife First bullet point here Second bullet point here Third bullet point here 5. How to Control the Spin of Knife Go to the professional to learn the most important technique. A good spin can be enjoyed by throwing the heavy part of the knife first to the target. 6. Edge of Knife Use sharp edge knives but only after getting perfection in throwing knives 7. Gripping of Throwing Knives The best way to get the grip is to hold the knife in a very firm manner, lift your thumb off the grip and finally place your finger on both sides of the blade 8. Manner of Throwing Knives Know theTechniques Finger Grips are Necessary Owe strong upper body that includes your arms, chest, shoulder and hands 9. Types of Throwing Knives Stainless steel knives Throwing daggers Knives Mini throwing knives White pearl Knives 10. Stainless Steel Throwing Knives 8 inches in size Sharp edges Thrown for more than 15 feet distance 11. Throwing Daggers 4 inches in size Heavy blades Triangular in shape Sharpen blade 12. Mini Throwing Knives 2-3 inches in size Symmetric designs Made out of Carbon Used by Professionals 13. Whhite Pearl Throwing Knives 3.5-9 inches in size Butterfly shaped designs Made out of Carbon 14. Few instructions to follow Hold the knife from tip side. Glide the metal blade with palm. Do not use a sharp edge knife. Always stand up with your shoulders, making a step forward. Do not forget to liberate the knife during contact. 15. A final Note Use different types of knives while practicing Once you will get a mastery with one knife, you can try another one